About SolarWorld

America's solar leader for more than 35 years.
SolarWorld: Welcome to Us

A Pioneer in Solar Energy

SolarWorld is a solar pioneer, one of the world’s largest solar-technology producers and the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer for more than 35 years. In its technology, manufacturing, performance, service and environmental track record, the company is a solar industry leader.

SolarWorld dedicates itself exclusively to the business of solar energy. Plus, it combines all stages of the photovoltaic value chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants, so that it can uphold high quality and environmental standards at every stage. SolarWorld operates factories in the United States and Germany as well as sales offices in all of the world’s solar markets, providing top quality commercial solar power, solar systems for government, as well as solar panels for homes.

At its U.S. headquarters in Hillsboro, Ore., the company operates the equivalent of four production plants on a 103-acre campus, maintaining 500 megawatts worth of photovoltaic cell production capacity. Production from that site supplies demand not only in the United States but also in Canada and Latin America.The company's location in Camarillo, Calif., houses its commercial hub, providing sales, marketing and distribution for all three markets in the Americas since the late 1970s. The site is the longest-running solar operation anywhere within them, too.

SolarWorld manufactures crystalline silicon ingots, wafers, cells and panels for grid-tied and off-grid power generation and a network of authorized SolarWorld installers and distribution, along with engineering, procurement and construction services for utility-scale projects, as well as specialized system components, ranging from Suntrac single-axis trackers to Sunfix utility-scale mounting. The main building blocks are high-performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline Sunmodule solar panels and custom-designed Sunkits solar systems.

Sunkits solar systems enable installation firms to offer reliable, cost-effective systems, featuring tailor-designed rooftop solar arrays and everything installers need to complete a system, delivered directly to end consumers.

By providing installation training, design services, sales leads as well as photovoltaic components, the partner program helps small businesses enter the fast-growing industry. Experienced installers can become SolarWorld Authorized Installers, a select group of high-volume partners whose alignment with SolarWorld entitles them to product discounts, access to SolarWorld Financial Solutions and the highest level of sales and marketing support.