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  • WVU Solar Team Part 2: Hands-on Training

    Posted 15 October 2013 11:21 AM by ktaylor

    WVU Solar decathlon 2013 - Sharrafti KuzmarHi, my name’s Sharrafti Kuzmar. I first heard about the Solar Decathlon through a friend and was instantly intrigued. Students get to design a net-zero house and then come to California to build it? Sign me up! It was my second semester at West Virginia University (WVU) studying Computer Engineering. I knew joining the project would be a great learning experience and getting to work with a team of dedicated students who want to see a project succeed would be highly rewarding.

  • Avidan Management Commissions Nation’s Largest Rooftop Solar System in New Jersey

    Posted 20 April 2011 9:27 AM by : Ben Santarris, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability

    Rooftop Solar System in New Jersey – Avidan ManagementAs a boy, I may have imagined that in Thomas Edison’s day, some storybook lightning marked his technological breakthroughs. Now 50, I figure that a raw drizzle on an ordinary weekday morning was the more likely response. Maybe a morning just like today’s in Edison, N.J., the namesake of the late great inventor, whose 1,093 patents included ideas for electrical lighting and generation.

    Then as now, most people would be sure to grasp the potential impact of Edison’s perseverance, foresight and courage only in hindsight.

    But as someone who keeps watch for signs that solar energy’s inroads are swelling into avenues, I was glad to join a celebration of bold renewable-energy progress that has unfolded in an unlikely corner of Edison.

  • Hospital of Light Part 3: Bringing it all together

    Posted 25 August 2016 12:00 AM by Jody Murphy, Director Operations & Project Management

    SolarWorld solar system in Haiti installed by Smucker's Energy. Installing the solar system.Rainy days and a snow storm slowed installation progress but by the end of the first trip (10 working days) one of the three main roof arrays were completed along with racking for the second and layout began on the third.

  • Hospital of Light Part 2: Solar is Good Medicine

    Posted 29 July 2016 12:00 AM by Jody Murphy, Director of Operations & Project Management – Smucker’s Energy

    SolarWorld solar system in Haiti installed by Smucker's EnergyFour hours into our journey in Haiti from the airport to the hospital, horns have honked endlessly. Unlike anywhere else I’ve traveled, there is no break from the economic distress, no sections of town that let you forget, even temporarily, that you are in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

  • Off-grid island solar and solving the issue of too much power

    Posted 11 July 2016 12:00 AM by Kyle Bronstein, President of Florida Renewable Energy

    Florida Renewable Energy - Cayo Costa - full house viewThe owners of this island beach house were looking for a quality solar system so they contacted us at Florida Renewable Energy. The solar installation for this home is a complete off-grid system on the remote island of Cayo Costa near the coast of Fort Myers, Florida.

    After running the load calculations for the beach house on the island, we determined that a 60 kWh battery bank would be sufficient to run the entire house without discharging the batteries more than 50%, leaving 30 kWh usable. I could tell that the homeowner was a man who valued quality, so I offered him the best components on the market for this system.

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