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How to reach your large-scale solar project goals with SolarWorld

Posted 10 March 2016 1:18 PM by SolarWorld

As the 757 rumbled down the runway at the Tampa International Airport (TPA) on a warm and clear February afternoon, dignitaries gathered on top of the long-term parking garage to inaugurate the airport’s new 2 MW solar carport. It was an exciting day for everyone involved. This solar electric system was a major part of the upgrade currently underway at TPA that will double the airport’s capacity and improve visitor experience. The over 6,000 325Wp SolarWorld solar panels perch atop the airport’s south economy parking garage provide shade to 900 parking spaces and will generate enough energy to offset the power required to run the airport’s planned 1.4 mile automated “people mover” train, another part of the upgrade project. 

How to reach your large-scale solar project goals with SolarWorld

What made this solar project exciting is that SolarWorld was brought into the project by Solar Source, a leading Authorized Installer in the Tampa area. Solar Source has a strong relationship with the utility so when they heard about the solar project TECO was planning they brought it to the attention of the SolarWorld Projects and Solutions (SWPS) team. SWPS was able to help with the electrical engineering, major system procurement, and project management. By partnering with SolarWorld, Solar Source was able to improve their chances of bid selection by presenting themselves as the local market experts, backed by the projects team of an international manufacturer.

“Commissioning large scale projects is always exciting; but when it’s at a highly visible location like the Tampa Airport, it takes on a new dimension,” said Brian Lynch, Head of SolarWorld’s Projects and Solutions business. “Visitors to the airport get to see that solar power is working. And SolarWorld and Solar Source know that it’s working because the two companies came together to make that solar project a reality.”

“Working with SolarWorld offers an incredible value,” Rick Gilbert, VP of Sales at Solar Source told us. “From sales efforts through project completion, they were easy to work with, responsive, and added real value to Solar Source.”

What is SolarWorld Projects and Solutions co-development?

SolarWorld’s greatest strength is our network of local partners. The SolarWorld Projects and Solutions (SWPS) co-development model was established to bring our partner's solar project development and execution to the next level, allowing them to competitively structure, finance, and close more deals.

Partnering with SolarWorld Projects and Solutions

SolarWorld Projects and Solutions provides Authorized Installers and aligned development partners access to SWPS professionals on a per-project engagement basis for both the development and execution of large-scale projects. SWPS brings a flexible project support structure that adds value to your in-house capabilities with our solar development (including technical assessment and financial structuring), major systems procurement, engineering, and construction teams. Under a co-development agreement, we’ll work together to present the project as being supported by SolarWorld and, depending on the project structure and client requirements, SolarWorld can provide bonding, insurance, warranty and performance guarantee services.

SolarWorld Projects and Solutions Project Requirements

SolarWorld Projects and Solutions will quickly vet any projects presented to the team for qualification. The general criteria set is whether we believe the project will ultimately be successful in the presented structure and if the group’s engagement will add sufficient value to the project. SWPS generally engages on 1 MW+ opportunities or portfolio projects with strong counterparties. SWPS rarely co-develops in an open competitive solicitation or in locations where project economics don’t allow everyone to benefit from the project.

While we encourage you to involve the SWPS team earlier in the solar development process rather than later, you can engage SWPS at any step in the process.

How to get started with SolarWorld Projects and Solutions

No mountains of paperwork, intake forms, or signing your life away before we even talk. Let’s do that, just talk. Fill out this form with a description of the project, the status of the opportunity, and to what level you’d like to engage SWPS. We’ll review the project information and call you back within three business days. If SWPS can add value to the opportunity we’ll ask you to sign a non-circumvention agreement and a scoping matrix that details the roles and expectations for you and us. Simple as that. And together, we’ll take off.