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Make the Most of High Consumer Confidence

Posted 4 January 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke, Channel Marketing Specialist

Consumer confidence is at a 17-year-high, positioning solar installers for strong 2018 sales. Numerous indicators point to growth as homeowners continue big-ticket purchases at pre-recession levels. 

In 2018, large purchases (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) will reach their highest point in 40 years. Homeowners are increasing1 household improvement and renovation projects, signaling a strong year for solar sales. Home electronics sales are at their highest level in a decade. This appetite for home improvement is not limited to the interior, solar and its lasting benefits fit alongside our current market trends.  

Homeowners are increasing household projects this year.

This investment willingness creates an opportunity for solar installers to capture early-year customers. Historically, first quarter sales are at their lowest in the solar industry; however, harnessing this consumer confidence can buoy this quarter and set installers up for a profitable year.