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Closing More Sales with SolarWorld Assurance

Posted 6 March 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke, Channel Marketing Specialist

SolarWorld Assurance Protection Program

Creating value at the kitchen table is an art. Some salespeople use iPads, while others spread out print collateral far and wide. No matter how they do it, the common denominator with every good salesperson is creating and demonstrating value for the prospective customer.

SolarWorld Assurance is a tremendous addition to your kitchen table presentation. Assurance warranty protection combines the quality you expect and the peace of mind your customer deserves without hassles or hidden costs. These plans were created for residential system owners and the policy is owned by your customer. These free warranty policies offer an industry-best 25 years of coverage.

Registering Customers and Generating Referrals

Demonstrating SolarWorld’s quality products and warranty programs gives you the opportunity to sell customers on value and quality instead of price alone.

The third-party backing on all SolarWorld Assurance plans give customers greater confidence in their future solar panels – it assures them that SolarWorld panels are worth the investment and protected no matter what happens. Assurance can be presented as an added value that your company offers their customers, with no action needed by the homeowner.

Once the homeowners signs a contract, mark them as an Assurance recipient in the paperwork so your office support team can register their system post-installation. A copy of your company’s invoice to the customer is required for Assurance registration, so it is best done by project managers during their customer close-out process.

The last, and most crucial step to generating more sales with Assurance, is a simple follow up phone call. Having a project manager call the customer to inform them they’ve been registered and to expect confirmation emails from SolarWorld creates a prime opportunity to enhance your referrals program. The customer has experienced your team’s level of service, their solar system is installed and producing power – it’s the perfect time to ask for referrals and reviews. 

Your customer is primed with good experiences from their solar installation and your phone call reminds them of the extra warranty protection secured without added costs. Capitalize on this moment for your referrals and ask for reviews on Yelp while the iron is hot.