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Harnessing Your Local Home Show

Posted 29 March 2018 7:00 AM by Justin Dyke, Channel Marketing Specialist

Two of SolarWorld’s fastest-growing Authorized Installers have mastered home show lead generation, averaging 75 system sales per show. Planning ahead and knowing how to work a show translates directly into leads and sales.

The Big Picture

#1 Staff schedules. Enforce firm shift times for team members to make sure your booth is staffed at all times. This gives staff a balance of booth time versus time for customer follow up and taking in the the show.

#2 Qualify leads and set appointments. Try to set a tentative time while you’re talking with prospective customers in the booth. Send the tentative date to them via text and ask to confirm or suggest a better time. 

#3 Get leads to the next step: Can your prospective customer watch a video?  Visit your showroom?  Have a plan to capitalize on momentum with leads and stick to it.

Qualifying Leads on the Fly

Qualify leads before scheduling follow ups. Ask yourself, are they merely interested or are they ready to buy? Don’t start selling until they are qualified so you can focus on qualified show attendees.

Experts say people are attracted to a booth when others are showing interest. You may need to entertain unqualified leads to generate interest and draw a crowd. Be prepared to disengage with an unqualified person to make sure you talk to other prospects. Work the crowd to find the qualified leads.

Qualify leads at the show whenever possible and find out key details before moving a lead to a prospect.   

  • Are they a homeowner?
  • Are they the decision maker?
  • Do they have an electric bill available?
  • Qualify the home (roof orientation, shading, etc.) with Google to show your expertise
  • Get their cellphone number, email and address for follow ups 
  • Determine a best time to reach them and take notes

The next steps for well-qualified leads are crucial since any competitors at the show will have also identified this prospect. Send a follow-up immediately, with the first response sent while you are at the show and follow up again within 24 hours

Then send a link to additional content, your personal solar consultant webpage or professional profile after the prospect’s response. Try this: Text a personal video, about 20 seconds long, saying thanks and confirming the next step. Shoot it in the booth to create context. You will stand out from the crowd and it won’t be ignored like voice mails and emails.

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Roping in Leads

Roping is an activity with techniques you can master to easily double or triple your number of qualified leads and appointments. Get out of your chair and stand in front of your display at the edge of the aisle.

  • Establish eye contact and make a connection
  • Introduce yourself and get their name
  • Have an initial question, observation or piece of research to engage them:
    • John, why did you come the home show? Do you have project planned?
    • Have you ever considered solar?
    • Did that display catch your eye?
    • Mary, would you like a larger bag to help carry all of that? 
    • Which panel do you think looks better? The all-black or the white and black frame?
    • Could I ask for your feedback on something?
  • Ask qualifying questions and insert your 30 second elevator pitch into the discussion.
  • Walk prospects into the booth or to a display. At a table top show put something in their hands or lead them to your give-away or display.

Other Tips for a Successful Show

Strictly limit personal phones and internet use while on the show floor. You won’t connect with anybody while texting. Setting up reasonable break periods for staff to send follow ups and handle personal matters away from the booth will make the show productive without burning out your team.

Don’t spend time on non-qualified people unless your booth is empty. Engage with people you have qualified and move on from the people who don’t meet your criteria. This means learning to respectfully disengage people by moving them into and out of the booth to maintain crowd flow.  

Lastly, have fun. Nothing is more inviting than a smile with an attentive but relaxed demeanor.