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Building on expertise gained over four decades, SolarWorld leads the solar industry in developing clean, reliable solar power solutions that consistently exceed the expectations of customers and partners. With a long history of successful solar power development projects and satisfied customers worldwide, the SolarWorld Projects & Solutions team is ideally equipped to turn your clean energy vision into a reality. 

From small-scale solar projects that power a single building to large-scale solutions that deliver energy to a community, we have the experience and background to develop durable, proven solutions that operate dependably—even in harsh and demanding environments.

Invest in your organization's future and become part of the renewable energy movement that is transforming the world. Join us in helping build businesses and communities powered sustainably by clean energy from the sun.

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As a team of highly skilled and dedicated solar professionals, we are committed to delivering efficient, effective solar solutions to a wide spectrum of organizations. We have a proven track record of working with corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and utilities—providing expert guidance toward the right solution for each specific solar need.

SolarWorld provides solar solutions to utilities, municipalities, industrial companies and other organizations—from small-to-midsized businesses to global enterprises. We have delivered a tremendous variety of solutions all over the globe, including ground mount, rooftop, carport, tracking and integrated storage solutions. Despite the fact we have one of the strongest solar resumes in the world, we continue to explore innovations and advances to enhance solar technologies and to solve tomorrow’s complex energy challenges.

We deliver:

What makes SolarWorld Development different from our competitors? The answer is simple: you. We don’t try to fit you into a pre-existing model or fixed package. Every project is unique, shaped by your requirements. Starting with a customized solar analysis, we calculate approximately how much solar energy can be produced at your site. We then evaluate all the economic factors and weigh these against your stated objectives for going solar.

SolarWorld Development delivers technical solutions, not complicated financial transactions. Perhaps better than most, we understand the role that financing plays in going solar. Based on your expressed requirements, we will work with you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various solar financing options. Leveraging SolarWorld’s relationships let us structure a solar financing arrangement designed to maximize the value to your project.

When we built the first 1-megawatt grid-tied solar system in 1982, the solar power industry was still in its infancy. In the years since that milestone, we have routinely developed several multi-megawatt projects annually. Beyond the benefits of the precision engineering of each SolarWorld component, we offer a depth of project experience that is unmatched in the solar industry. When you engage with us on a project featuring SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels, you can capitalize on the 40 years of manufacturing experience that we have acquired, building proven solutions that you can confidently rely on. 

Today SolarWorld is building some of the most technically complex projects in the world. From integrating multi-megawatt hours of storage to harnessing the power of SolarWorld’s leading bifacial module technology, SolarWorld consistently delivers market-leading solutions to solve a wide range of energy needs.

Every solar project with SolarWorld represents an opportunity for us to deliver on our promise of Real Value— finding the optimal solution to meet your organization’s special challenges. Whether we are integrating megawatts of storage capacity or calculating optimal energy yield on your project, we’ll address your challenges head on. No stock solutions or scripted answers. Our deep knowledge of solar installations and extensive partnering relationships work in your favor. SolarWorld builds great projects—balancing technical and cost factors—that last decades. Equally important, we also build great relationships by delivering the right solution for your project.

We have learned a lot about deploying solar technology over the past decades and we are ready to put our experience as America’s largest crystalline solar manufacturer to work for you. Our network of local partners is on call, ready to implement solar installations under our project guidance, engineering oversight and management. As a result, we provide cost-effective solutions to you with the highest quality management and fulfillment. When SolarWorld builds your project, we can also take a more proactive position on performance guarantees, going beyond the standard module warranty to help mitigate project performance risk*.

More than 40 years of module manufacturing gives us the experience to offer you highly efficient, exceptionally reliable solar components. And our 30 years of project construction experience positions us to accurately model your system performance and to provide performance and workmanship guarantees to mitigate your risk. We stand behind the solutions we build. You’re getting more than just a contract; you’re gaining the experience, knowledge and balance sheet to fully support your investment.

Comprehensive solutions

Take advantage of our long and proven track record. Our capabilities meet or exceed those of nearly any other solar developer, ensuring that your experience over the course of an engagement will be straightforward, simple and problem-free.

We provide:

You can rest easy knowing that our in-house project and construction management teams will take care of every step in the solar project development process.

SolarWorld's in-house engineering team tackles technology challenges of any complexity to deliver strong technical solutions per your requirements. In jurisdictions where SolarWorld does not have stamping authority, we will coordinate the engineering and permit submittal work.

SolarWorld Projects & Solutions team can act as the prime or sub-developer, adjusting our involvement in the project to meet project specific requirements.

Because SolarWorld is delivering a technical solution, not just a financial one, we will work with you to choose—and help arrange—highly competitive project financing.

We will procure the products that best meet your needs, whether we make them or another vendor does. Our recommendations only include the best solutions for your system to ensure it performs at its maximum potential.

In many situations, a solar system can see improved performance through the use of energy storage to reduce demand charges or provide power during times of reduced sun. We can review the options with you and if your system is the right fit, we can procure and implement storage solutions of all sizes.

Through a collaborative process, SolarWorld's in-house development team can work with you to solve your unique challenges and propose projects and solutions that will achieve your goals in a cost-effective way.

Project portfolio

2016 - University of Richmond - Richmond, Va. - First commercial SolarWorld bifacial application
2016 - Manufacturing Facility - Hillsborough, N.J. - 1.99 MW
2016 - Coto Laurel Solar Farm - Ponce, Puerto Rico - 14.2 MW + multi MWH LiOn storage
2015 - Tampa International Airport (TIA) - Tampa, Fla. - 2 MW
2014 - Conejo Recreation Parks District - Thousand Oaks, Calif. - 530 kW
2013 - Desert Star - 29 Palms, Calif. - 26 MW
2012 - LADWP Adelanto Substation - Adelanto, Calif. - 11.6 MW
2011 - Tulare Waste Water Treatment - Tulare, Calif. - 1.15 MW
2011 - Bakersfield Waste Water Treatment - Bakersfield, Calif. - 1.15 MW
2010 - Apra Harbor Naval Base - Guam - 298 kW
2007 - The Vatican - Vatican City - 222 kW
2006 - Cucamonga Valley Water - Cucamonga, Calif. - 255 kW
2005 - Semitropic Water Storage - Wasco, Calif. - 979 kW
2004 - Desert Water - Palm Springs, Calif. - 355 kW
2003 - UPS - San Bernardino, Calif. - 120 kW
2003 - Fala Marketing - Farmingdale, N.Y. - 1.2 MW
1993 - Kerman Substation PG&E - Fresno, Calif. - 500 kW
1984 - SMUD Rancho Seco - Herald, Calif. - 1 MW
1982 - Lugo Substation - Hesperia, Calif. - 1 MW