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Burke Solar Pavilion and Solar Canopy

| Cincinnati, Ohio

Burke’s 380kW solar electric canopy system in downtown Cincinnati
Burke’s 12.25 kW solar electric employee pavilion (nestled between Burke’s parking canopies
and Interstate 75 on the western edge of Burke’s 7 acre campus)
Burke employees enjoying a productive meeting under their new solar electric pavilion
Burke electric vehicle charging stations under solar electric canopy

Burke Solar Pavilion & Solar Canopy

Cincinnati, OH
Custom pavilion and canopy structure

Completed December 20, 2013
Installed by Dovetail Solar and Wind

System details - Burke parking canopy:

  • 368.73 kW
  • 1,505 solar panels
  • 245 W poly Sunmodule™ solar panels
  • 1 PVPowered 260 kW Inverter and 1 PVPowered 100 kW inverter
  • Custom-designed and fabricated canopy structure

System details - Burke solar pavilion:

  • 12.25 kW
  • 50 solar panels
  • 245 W poly Sunmodule™ solar panels
  • Custom-designed and fabricated pavilion structure

System Overview:

Burke’s solar electric solar parking canopies and solar pavilion allows Burke to generate thousands of kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electric over the life of the system. Burke’s renewable energy investment was constructed using 1,505 American-made SolarWorld 245 watt polycrystalline solar modules mounted on five large raised solar canopies and 50 SolarWorld 245 watt polycrystalline solar modules mounted on a custom designed solar pavilion structure. The solar modules on the parking canopies feed two PVP Powered inverters that convert the DC solar generated electricity to AC electricity for general use on Burke’s campus. Monitoring is by Locus Energy. The electric car charging stations were manufactured by Eaton.

This is the largest solar electric system in downtown Cincinnati and the only solar parking canopy system in downtown Cincinnati when installed.

Unique attributes:

The system features a gently curved design to match the existing aesthetics present on Burke’s LEED Gold seven acre campus in downtown Cincinnati. Not only does this unique solar installation generate approximately 30% of Burke’s electrical generation requirements, but it also shades the employees’ cars year round. Burke employees that own electric cars appreciate the free on-site EV charging stations. Burke employees use the solar pavilion for break times, lunches, company gatherings, and team meetings.

From the customer:

“Our new solar canopy installations have generated employee excitement, given us an edge in recruiting, and impresses clients,” said Mary Beth Mapstone, CPA, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services for Burke. “This is priceless!”

Solar panels and grapes soak up the sun side-by-side

| Paso Robles, California

Ground mounted solar array at the Cass winery
Cass Winery solar panels
Cass Winery

Cass Winery

Paso Robles, CA
Ground mount installation

Completed 2009 
Installed by Pacific Energy Company

System Details:

  • 58 kW
  • 252 solar panels
  • 230 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel

System Overview:

  • Cass Vineyards and Winery is located in the rolling, oak-studded hills between Paso Robles and Creston on California's beautiful Central Coast
  • The winery and tasting room’s energy needs are completely met by this system, sending excess electricity back to the local community
  • The beautiful design integrates the solar system within the rows of grapes

Frigid weather doesn’t stop a Minnesota soybean farm from going solar

| Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Green Farms Ground Mount solar system saves 50% of the farm's electricity, Redwood Falls, MN
Installing solar panels in the snow
Close up of solar installer working in snow
Back side of the Green Farms solar array

Green Farms

Redwood Falls, MN
Ground mount installation

Completed 2011
Installed by Cedar Creek Energy

System Details:

  • 20.8 kW
  • 84 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel 
  • 4 SMA Inverters

System Overview:

  • Contrary to popular belief, solar can be effective in even cold weather climates, as proven by the 3200 kWh produced by this system in January 2011
  • This 2700 acre soybean farm should only use half of the system’s output each year, sending the excess back to the local community

Lancaster County’s largest dairy operation goes solar

| Conestoga, Pennsylvania

Roof mounted solar panels at Star Rock Dairy
Roof mounted solar array at Star Rock Dairy

Star Rock Dairy

Conestoga, PA
Roof mount installation

Completed 2011 
Installed by KC Green Energy

System Details:

  • 200.7 kW
  • 819 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule solar panel

System Overview:

  • Includes panels on multiple buildings throughout the farm
  • Made with entirely American Made components, from the SolarWorld panels to the Ironridge Racking to the Solectria Inverters
  • System designed for easy service: Each cluster of panels is on its own combiner box, with access in between clusters for easy servicing, and each cluster is also monitoring via sub array monitoring
  • Customer climate controlled inverter room built due to high dust/dirt from the high traffic area

Washington winery goes solar

| Yakima, Washington

Solar panels at the Winridge Winery
Ground mounted solar array at Winridge Winery
Close up of the solar panels at Winfidge Winery

Winridge Winery

Yakima, WA
Ground mount installation

Completed 2011
Developed by Gaian Logic Consulting

System Details:

  • 10 kW

4 Megawatt rooftop solar installation providing energy for 17 businesses

| Edison, New Jersey

Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ
Avidan 4 MW solar panel installation in NJ

Avidan Management

Edison, NJ
Rooftop installation

Completed 2011
Installed by Solar Nation

System Details:

  • 4.26 MW
  • 17,745 solar panels
  • 240 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel
  • 8 SMA Inverters

System Overview:

  • The largest rooftop solar installation in America at the time of completion
  • The system will produce over 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, supplying over half the building’s energy needs and preventing 3,750 tons of CO2 emissions
  • The building’s 17 commercial tenants will receive discounted electricity rates, dramatically lowering their operating costs 

The Southeastern United States’ largest rooftop solar installation

| Orlando, Florida

1 MW roof-mount solar panel system at the Orange County Convention Center
Aerial view of the solar array on the Orange County Convention Center
1 MW roof-mount solar panel system at the Orange County Convention Center
Solar panels on the Orange County Convention Center
Orange County Convention Center

Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL
Rooftop installation

Completed 2010
Installed by Johnson Controls

System Details:

Customer Testimonial: 

“I’m pleased to write this product recommendation for SolarWorld SW-175 monocrystalline modules. These modules were installed last year as part of a highly-visible project at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). The project was awarded a $2.5M state grant, involved several state and local government partners, and had a total value in excess of $8M. This project features a one-megawatt rooftop photovoltaic system which is the largest of its type in the Southeast United States.

Johnson Controls, Inc. was awarded a design/build contract by Orange County for a project called the Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration Facility and Climate Change Education Center. Essentially, the scope of the project was to install a one-megawatt PV system, four smaller “demonstration” PV systems, and to build-out an education center. The one-megawatt system used 5,808 SW-175’s and two of the smaller systems used an additional 124 of the same modules.

As you may be aware, SolarWorld modules are recognized in the industry as being high quality and highly reliable. Based on our experience thus far, we certainly agree. OCCC has also been impressed by the electrical output of our one-megawatt system. Energy production during the first 12 months of operation exceeded projections by 18.4%. Further information about the OCCC Solar Project, including live energy production and environmental data can be found at” – Jerry Daigle, Deputy General Manager, OCCC - June 28, 2010

America's largest publicly accessible solar installation

| Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Zoo solar carports
Cars parked under the Cincinnati Zoo solar panels
Aerial view Cincinnati Zoo solar canopies
Family under the slar canopy
Arial view of solar panels at the Cincinnati Zoo
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Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati, OH
Parking lot canopy installation

Completed 4/20/11 
Installed by Melink

System details:

  • 1.6 MW
  • 6,400 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel

System overview:

  • The greenest Zoo in America
  • The solar canopies provide shade for nearly 800 of the 1,000 spots available at the Zoo’s main entrance.
  • The solar panels will provide approximately 20% of the Zoo’s energy needs. That’s enough to:
    • power 200 homes each year
    • power 55,000 energy efficient CFL bulbs for a year
    • power your Wii for 95 million hours

Customer testimonial: 
"We believe that the combination of size and public accessibility, makes this solar array the most impactful array of any in the entire country," said Mark Fisher, Senior Director of Facilities, Planning, and Sustainability at the Cincinnati Zoo. "No where else has an array of this magnitude been placed in such an urban environment, allowing our visitors, and the general public at large, to be able to see first hand what solar photovoltaic energy is all about. The education potential of this advanced energy project is off the charts."

"As the greenest Zoo in America, there is no better place to showcase this technology and to help the public understand that not only is this technology the right thing to do for our energy future, but it makes absolute financial sense as well," said Thane Maynard, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Zoo.

Largest solar panel installation in Santa Cruz County

| Santa Cruz, California

Solar carport at Plantronics
Solar carport at Plantronics
Solar carport at Plantronics
Underside of the solar carport at Plantronics
Solar panels on the roof of Plantronics

Plantronics Headquarters

Santa Cruz, CA
Rooftop mounts and carports

Completed 2011
Installed by Barry Swenson Solar

System Details:

  • 608 kW
  • 2,482 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panels
  • 5 PV Powered inverters

System Overview:

  • The market leader in unified communications, Plantronics, has installed this 608 kW system at their headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA
  • This new system plus the existing 265 kW rooftop system will combine to provide about 80% of the buildings energy needs
  • The carports are curved to add aesthetic appeal and to maximize the system output

A historical landmark goes solar

| Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

2.4 megawatt rooftop solar system on Pearl Harbor Naval facilities
Pearl Harbor Submarine base with SolarWorld solar panels
Pearl Harbor Submarine base with SolarWorld solar panels
Paquet Hall at Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor - 2.4 megawatt Solar system on Naval Facilities Engineering Command building

Roof mount installation

Completed 2011
Installed by DRI Energy

System Details:

2.4 MW

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

| SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command),

SolarWorld solar panels installed on the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command center
SolarWorld solar panels installed on the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command center
SolarWorld solar panels installed on the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command center
SolarWorld solar panels installed on the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command center

SolarWorld solar panels power advanced space and military communications center

SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command)

Completed 2011
Stronghold Engineering

Roof-mounted installation

System Details:

  • 1.3 MW
  • 5,376 Sunmodule™ solar panels

System Overview:

  • The Navy’s largest contiguous rooftop solar array sits atop SPAWAR’s headquarters facility, a prominent building bounded by Interstate 5 and Pacific Highway in San Diego’s Old Town district.
  • The installation, which will feed power into the San Diego grid, is part of military-wide efforts to conserve energy and reduce reliance on fuels, especially from offshore.
  • In October, the Navy awarded Stronghold, an engineering, procurement and construction contractor based in Riverside, Calif., the Star Award for Safety and an Outstanding Evaluation on the Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System for Stronghold’s work on the SPAWAR system. These honors represent the Navy’s highest recognitions of excellence in construction quality, timeliness and safety. Awarded to only 15 percent of contractors doing business with the Navy, the Star Award is given to companies that demonstrate the most proactive approach to safety during the life of their contracts.

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Solar parking canopy at Palms Marine Camp
Solar panels on parking structure at Palms Marine Camp
Solar powered marine base

Parking canopy installation

Completed 2009
Installed by Wonder Electric

System Details:

  • 470 kW

The largest solar system in a national park

| Yosemite National Park, California

Rooftop solar system on facilities on office building at Yosemite National Park
Solar canopy over parking lot at Yosemite National Park
Arial view of Yosemite National Park's solar system
SolarWorld solar panels on office building at Yosemite National Park
Roof mount solar system at Yosemite National Park

El Portal Administrative Complex

Yosemite National Park, CA
Roof mount, facade, and carport installations

Completed 2011
Installed by Suntrek

System Details:

  • 672 kW

System Overview:

  • The system was installed at the El Portal Administrative Complex in the 1,189-square-mile Yosemite park, marking an advance in self-sufficiency and sustainability for the treasured wilderness reserve in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Comprised of a 500-kilowatt parking canopy offering cover for center employees and visitors, a 100-kilowatt roof-mount system atop a warehouse, and a 72-kilowatt system on a sloped wall of an office building
  • The park estimates the solar installation will supply about 12 percent of the park’s total power consumption

Customer Testimonial:

"The combination of harnessing California's abundant sunlight and technology and labor provided by U.S. workers ideally suits this energy advance for Yosemite National Park. Solar panels from SolarWorld, along with the contributions of a number of other U.S.-based service firms and manufacturing enterprises, will maximize the sustainable impact on this effort to not only take care of the park but stretch the planet's resources." - Superintendent Don Neubacher 

Cucamonga Valley's water utility goes solar

| Cucamonga, California

Ground mounted solar panels at the Cucamonga Valley Water District

Ground mount installation

Completed 2006
Installed by SolarWorld

System Details:

  • 225 kW

Philadelphia's water utility goes solar

| Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ground mount installation

Completed 2011
Installed by Dynamic Solar

System Details:

  • 250 kW

Northern California solar power plant, still running over 25 years later

| Herald, California

Ground mount installation

Completed 1984
Installed by ARCO Solar (now SolarWorld)

System Details:

  • 1 MW