Commercial Solar Financing

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Commercial Solar FinancingSolar power system for business

SolarWorld’s commercial project financing can be a great way for your business to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar power, without the burden of a large upfront capital outlay. Together with our partners, SolarWorld offers a number of competitive commercial financing options for all types of businesses and organizations.

Take advantage of the immense financial and environmental benefits of financing commercial solar power systems. 

Discover the various financing options for solar panels for businesses big and small

   Small Commercial Large Commercial Non-Profit   Government
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Commercial solar financing options

Solar financing - capital lease

Capital leasing for solar power spreads costs across 5 - 10 year terms, just like a loan or mortgage, and other advantages as well.

With a capital lease, you can spread your costs for a solar power system across easy to manage installments, just like a loan or mortgage – but with no money up front!

This solar financing option has several appealing advantanges for traditional and non-profit organizations, however, they typically bring the most value to for-profit businesses with taxable income.

Features of solar capital leases:

  • Lease terms can be up to 10 years
  • Lease terms can be up to 10 years, and interest rates are determined by customer credit and project size

Solar financing - Municipal lease

A municipal lease is a great way to realize your renewable energy objectives, offering the LOWEST interest rate of all solar financing options.

SolarWorld has experience helping government and municipal organizations reduce their operating expenses associated with utility bills by going solar. Municipal lease financing typically provides the lowest rate of all financing options, and lease terms of up to 15 years. With a known monthly payment, your organization will be able to improve operating cost budgeting, and after the term of your lease, benefit from free electricity. 

Features of solar municipal leases:
  • Lease terms of up to 15 years
  • Buyout at end of term

Solar financing - operating lease

With an operating lease, your company benefits from a reduced electricity bill, without having to deal with the headache of tax paperwork. All your company has to worry about is paying less money to your utility company. Because the finance company owns the solar system, they take advantage of all the tax incentives– and pass them on to you in the form of lower monthly lease payments.

Features of solar operating leases:

  • Much like an auto lease, an operating lease allows your company to purchase the solar system at Fair Market Value when your lease ends.
  • Operating leases require no initial investment, and have lease terms of up to 12 years.

Solar financing - Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can enable you to have a solar power system while minimizing cash flow impact. Solar Power Purchase Agreements also allow for a fair market buy out at the end of the term.

Like any capital facilities investment, a solar power system can require a significant upfront cash outlay for property owners. But with a PPA, your business, government, or non-profit organization can benefit from solar energy immediately while minimizing cash flow impact.

A Power Purchase Agreement is a long term agreement where your business or organization agrees to purchase all of the electricity generated by a solar system at a contracted rate. The PPA provider installs, maintains, and operates the solar system – you only pay for the power that is generated.

Typical Features of Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs):
  • Power Purchase Agreements require no upfront investment, and typically have a term of 20 years.
  • The PPA provider monetizes all tax benefits and incentives, and incorporates them into a lower electricity rate.