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Adaptable, durable, easy to install

SolarWorld SolarWorld Sunfix solar mounting solutions Mounting Systems

Adaptable, durable, easy installation

The SolarWorld Sunfix® mounting systems for pitched or flat roofs and ground (for all-terrain mounting) are all optimized for simple and efficient installation of SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels. The Sunfix systems offer many value-added improvements enabling trouble free assembly.

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Sunfix Plus

The intelligent pitched roof mounting systemSunfix solar mounting solution for homes

SolarWorld’s Sunfix plus pitched roof mounting system includes everything you need for a simple and efficient PV installation. Engineered for flush mounting applications, every aspect of the system has been carefully designed with the installer in mind. Feature-rich components such as pre-assembled module clamping hardware, custom wire clips, and preset rail lengths all work in unison to create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any residential home.

With full support from SolarWorld’s design team, each system is customized to suit the particular job site. This allows for full optimization of the system, maximizing your return on investment and creating a safe, code-compliant installation.

Product information

  • Anodized aluminum components for extended corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Unique clamping hardware saves time and reduces components
  • Available in silver or black
  • P.E. certified to ASCE 7-05 and IBC 2009
  • Preset rail lengths reduce excess material cut-off
  • No field drilling of rails is required
  • Compatible with approved WEEB grounding devices
  • Custom stainless steel wire clips available for simple wire management
  • Industry leading ICC-ES certified Quick Mount PV roof attachments
  • Compatible with composition, flat tile, S-Tile, and standing seam roof types
  • Enphase compatible mounting hardware
  • 10 year limited warranty

Sunfix solar roof mounting system

Clamping Hardware
Clamping hardware features a pre-assembled channel nut with bolt positioning retainer for easy installation.

Roof attachment
Roof attachment uses industry leading Quick Mount PV (silver or black).

Compatible with approved WEEB grounding devices, saving time on installation

Pre-cut rail lengths minimize material waste on roof

Sunfix Ground

Easy installation on any terrain

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SolarWorld Sunfix ground mount installation video

The Sunfix® Ground Mount system is the ideal solution for installing photovoltaic modules in free-field applications and provides a universal solution for both small-scale and large-scale projects. Due to its ability to offset uneven surface terrains, the system is suitable for a wide variety of requirements and range of tilt angles for the alignment of the solar panels and eliminates the need for grading the terrain prior to installation. Sunfix ground mount adheres to the stringent quality standards that SolarWorld upholds for all of our products.

Product information

  • The entire system consists of a limited number of parts. The design is easily configurable, enabling a fast and simple system installation. Use of anodized aluminum extrusions and stainless steel components provide long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Preset beam lengths reduce excess material cut-off
  • No field drilling required
  • Aesthetically  contours to uneven terrains
  • 5° to 40° tilt angles
  • Rear tilt legs allow for inverter mounting
  • Can be used in regions with high wind and snow loads
  • Quick assembly thanks to a sophisticated design
  • Can be installed in almost all types of terrain
  • Compatible with approved WEEB grounding devices
  • 10 year limited warranty


Customizable supports
Adjustable tilt-leg design adapts with helical earth screws, cast-in-drilled holes, or ballast blocks

Seamless installation
Optional cross-braces add to the structural integrity of the system and enable installation in seismically active regions.

Strong support
Aluminum extruded components allows for low cost and light weight structural supports which enables design flexibility.

Easy connectivity
Stainless steel fasteners and connecting elements eliminate the possibility of corrosion while providing a secure attachment to the structure.

Low-Slope Roof Mount

Low-Sloped RoofSolar mounting system for low-profile or low-slope buildings

SolarWorld Sunmodule® solar panels paired with the PanelClaw Kodiak Bear® mounting system create the Low-Slope Roof Mount system. This is the ideal solution for mounting solar panels on low-sloped commercial rooftops. 

Extensive factory pre-assembly and only three major components lend to a faster installation with fewer parts on the roof. An innovative ballast block is included to simplify design and reduce overall system cost. Cutting edge engineering support is included with every system, to ensure a safe and reliable installation with reduced permitting time.

Product information

  • Three major components, single socket size
  • Multiple inter-row spacing options
  • Standard 10 degree tilt, with 15 or 20 degree options upon request
  • Smooth, tubular design for easy handling and superior roof protection
  • Mechanical attachments available for seismic areas
  • Integrated wire management option
  • Standard 120 mph design wind speed, with 120+ mph upon review
  • Standard 10 year warranty for the mounting system, including ballast

SolarWorld Sunfix Commercial Mount

Wind Deflector

Solar power systems for your home or business Wind Deflector to reduce the loads on your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Chamfered edges for safe handling on roof and wire protection
Solar power systems for your home or business Available in lightweight 5052-H32 aluminum for high corrosion resistance and reduced load on roof

Kodiak Claw Mount

Solar power systems for your home or business Kodiak Claw secures the module properly and bonds the module to the racking structure, eliminating the cost of installing a copper bonding wire
Solar power systems for your home or business Features pre-installed stainless steel screws for quick installation and few parts on the roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Serrated design to increase clamping force to supports


Solar power systems for your home or business Integrated recycled rubber pads protect your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Smooth, tubular design for easy handling and superior roof protection, no sharp edges to cut your roof surface or yourself
Solar power systems for your home or business Single fastener size for a faster, easier installation
Solar power systems for your home or business Individual North and South supports for clean array edges, maximum module density, and enhanced layout flexibility
Solar power systems for your home or business 7-inch clearance between lower module edge and roof surface to allow for maintenance, obstruction avoidance, and wire management along with free water flow, minimizing roof damage issues over time

Ballast Blocks

Solar power systems for your home or business Proprietary concrete ballast block specifically designed to mate with the structure
Solar power systems for your home or business High freeze-thaw resistance so the ballast blocks do not disintegrate on your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Ergonomic design for easy handling in all weather and installation conditions means a faster installation
Solar power systems for your home or business Free shipping from locations across the U.S. directly to the job site

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SolarWorld Sunfix Commercial Mount

Low-slope dowloads

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