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SolarWorld unveils 270-watt, 60-cell Sunmodule™ solar panel at trade show

New Sunmodule solar panel features industry-leading power density in 60-cell format

HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 10, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will debut its 270-watt-peak Sunmodule solar panel this week at the trade show Solar Power International (SPI) in Orlando, Fla. Made in America, at SolarWorld’s headquarters manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, the 270-watt mono-crystalline solar panel taps advanced light-capture and energy-conversion technologies to achieve industry-leading power density in a 60-cell format.

“The 270-watt Sunmodule solar panel is the result of our steady investment of time, money and human ingenuity in research, development and capital upgrades, both in Oregon and Europe, and further elevates SolarWorld as a global solar-technology leader,” said Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc. “With its innovative use of new technologies and production-process breakthroughs, our 270-watt module securely positions SolarWorld at the forefront of performance.”

The light-capture and energy-conversion technology platforms underlying SolarWorld’s 270-watt solar panel combine numerous advances in materials, process and design to achieve the industry’s highest levels of energy output. These advances include using more advanced technology on the front of the cell to convert more light into electricity, modifying the back of the cell to increase electrical conductivity and adding anti-reflective glass coatings that transmit more light while withstanding environmental degradation. Deploying these technology platforms, SolarWorld has boosted its power density from 250-watt-peak to 270-watt-peak in less than 12 months. The 270-watt Sunmodule, along with a 265-watt product, will debut this week at SPI for purchase beginning, respectively, in December and October.

“SolarWorld is among the first manufacturers to bring 60-cell solar panels to market at these power densities,” said Kevin Kilkelly, president of SolarWorld Americas, the company’s commercial arm. “Other manufacturers who promote a 270-watt module have done so in a 72-cell configuration, which requires more mounting hardware, area and labor and can increase the total cost of a solar installation.”

The 270-watt and 265-watt Sunmodule solar panels come with the same high quality, performance and reliability that customers have come to expect from SolarWorld, including a 25-year linear warranty and 10-year product workmanship warranty, both consumer protections which the company pioneered. The new solar panels feature a versatile frame accommodating both top-down and bottom-up mounting, eight possible grounding locations and extended cable lengths for easier installation.

The 270-watt and 265-watt solar panels will be on display at SolarWorld’s booth, No. 1301, in Hall A of the Orange County Convention Center’s West Building.

View the 270-watt Sunmodule solar panel data sheet
View the 265-watt Sunmodule solar panel data sheet

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