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Solar systems rely on two key components; the modules and the inverter. The solar modules generate DC (direct current) while the electrical devices connected to the grid operate on AC (alternating current). The inverter performs the critical function of converting the DC to AC so that it can be fed into the electrical grid and used to power any electronic equipment.

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Enphase Microinverters

Enphase's vision is to make solar simple and energy smart so everyone is empowered to create a zero energy footprint for themselves, their home and their business. Their mission is to build the world's finest networked energy system and revolutionize power generation on a global scale - one solar panel, one kilowatt hour at a time. By combining the power of solar energy and the proven advantages of communications technology, Enphase Energy products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart and safe – increasing the energy harvest of solar panels by up to 25 percent.

Enphase M250:

The Enphase® M250 Microinverter delivers increased energy harvest and reduces design and installation complexity with its all-AC approach. Enphase m250

With the M250, the DC circuit is isolated and insulated from ground, so no Ground Electrode Conductor (GEC) is required for the microinverter. This further simplifies installation, enhances safety, and saves on labor and materials costs. The Enphase M250 integrates seamlessly with the Engage® Cable, the Envoy® Communications Gateway™, and Enlighten®, Enphase’s monitoring and analysis software. 

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Enphase M215:

Enphase M215  

The M215 Microinverter is a powerful and efficient grid-tied microinverter. It is compatible with SolarWorld Sunmodule 60-cell solar panels and installs quickly and easily. It works with both three-phase 208 Vac or single-phase 240 Vac services in North America.

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Enphase Envoy:

The Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway is the networking hub for the Enphase Microinverter System. Envoy communications gateway

System owners can easily check the status of their solar system using the Envoy’s LCD display or they can get more detailed information through Enlighten, Enphase’s web-based monitoring and analysis software, included with purchase of Envoy.

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SMA Inverters

SMA authorized dealer

SolarWorld is a proud partner of SMA and a member of their Authorized Distributor program. We offer SMA products for the residential, commercial, and off-grid segments of the solar industry.

Sunny Boy TL-USSMA Tripower TL US inverter

This revolutionary home energy solution delivers unique features that are not available from any other inverter brand. It produces more power, it features superior monitoring and it can even keep the power on when the electrical grid goes down.

SMA has pioneered the first and only Secure Power Supply (SPS), which will continue to deliver power from your solar system to your home when the sun is shining, even when the power goes out. A dedicated wall outlet is wired directly to the inverter, providing security and ensuring power is available when it’s needed most.

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Sunny Tripower TL-USSMA sunny boy inverters

The Sunny Tripower TL-US is engineered to optimize design, production, and reliability— reducing a project’s levelized cost of energy and improving its financial returns.

This three-phase transformerless inverter is UL listed for up to 1000 V DC maximum system voltage and has peak efficiency above 98 percent, while OptiTrac Global Peak minimizes the effects of shade for maximum energy production. The Sunny Tripower is also equipped with all-pole ground fault protection and integrated AFCI for a safe, reliable solution. It offers unmatched flexibility with a wide input voltage range and two independent MPP trackers. 

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Power-One Inverters

With its focus on Renewable Energy and “Green” power solutions, Power-One has recently established itself as the world’s second largest provider of solar inverters. Further, as one of the world’s ten largest providers of power conversion and power management solutions, Power-One is one of the few companies with the product breadth to support every step in the refinement of utility-grade AC into the various DC voltages required to power high-availability infrastructure systems at the site, system, and semiconductor levels.

Aurora UNO

Aurora Uno solar power inverter

Aurora UNO 2.0 and 2.5 string inverters offer the levels of performance and reliability you expect from Power-One with class-leading energy harvest due to Power-One’s high speed and precise MPPT algorithm along with a CEC weighted efficiency of 96%.

Available in 2kW or 2.5kW and with a wide MPPT input range, the Aurora UNO 2.0 and 2.5 are well suited for North American residential rooftop installations and provide the flexibility system designers need. Aurora UNO 2.0 and 2.5 are simple to wall mount and are extremely lightweight while still featuring an inverter-integrated DC disconnect with combiner, lowering overall installation cost.

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Aurora TRIO

The TRIO is a powerful, flexible and dependable three phase string inverter with innovative features to lower the system’s levelized cost of energy and improve the return on investment on commercial solar installations. 

The first 1000Vdc string inverter certified to UL1741, a commercial PV system using a TRIO based modular architecture can reduce balance of system costs by as much as 40%. With two independent MPP trackers

and peak efficiency ratings of 98.3%, these inverters offer superior energy harvest. Employing fan-less convection cooling and no electrolytic capacitors, TRIO is designed for long service life. 

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Suntrol Internet PortalSuntrol Portal

Monitor your solar system's performance from anywhere by registering on the Suntrol Portal. Using a computer or mobile device you can get instant access to real-time performance data from your solar system.

Registering on the portal is free and easy and you do not need a solar system to register. In fact, registering on the Suntrol Portal will allow you to view solar systems in your neighborhood or virtually anywhere in the world and compare  the performance and advantages of going solar.


Suntrol Portal solar monitoringSolar power systems for your home or business View historical monthly and annual data with easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Solar power systems for your home or business Publish your system and allow users to see your data and compare it with other systems in the neighborhood or around the world. 

Solar power systems for your home or business Installers can also monitor the system as part of maintenance agreements

Register your system now or visit the Suntrol Portal to view solar systems in the U.S. and around the world.

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