Solar Mounting Systems

Adaptable, durable, easy to install

Solar Mounting Systems

Adaptable, durable, easy installation

SolarWorld is proud to offer the best mounting solutions on the market with our top quality Sunmodule solar panels; all at a competitive price point. We have mounting solutions available for all projects: residential, commercial, utility, roof top, and ground mount. These best-on-the-market solutions offer time and money saving features, such as pre-assembled components and integrated grounding, to facilitate quick completion of projects built to last.

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Residential rail-less

Residential rail-less mounting systems

Quick Mount PV Quick Rack
Quick Rack is a simple, cost-effective and elegant rail-free solar mounting system by Quick Mount PV. This patented system is an integrated roof mount and racking system, engineered to be robust and structurally sound.

Installation is as easy as:

  • Quick Rack Step 1
    Step 1
    Ships in a few small boxes reducing material costs and simplifying shipping and handling.
  • Quick Rack Step 2
    Step 2
    No rails makes installation fast and simple.
  • Quick Rack Step 3
    Step 3
    Simply drop in the modules, tighten down the clamps, and you're done.

This system offers:

  • Industry leading online configuration
  • Industry trusted and patented Water Seal technology
  • Regular training and webinars
  • Drop and lock feature - removes the need to reach over modules
  • Available for south, west, and flat tile roofs
  • End clamps and north row extenders available
  • Junction box attachment accessory available

Residential rail-based

SolarWorld Sunfix solar mounting solutionsplus by SolarWorld

Intelligent rail based pitched roof mounting system

SolarWorld’s Sunfix plus pitched roof mounting system includes everything you need for a simple and efficient PV installation. Engineered for flush mounting applications, every aspect of the system has been carefully designed with the installer in mind. Feature-rich components such as pre-assembled module clamping hardware, Quick Mount/55 roof attachments, shirt accessory, wire clips, and pre-cut rail lengths all work in unison to create an aesthetically pleasing addition to any residential home.

With full support from SolarWorld’s design team and SolarWorld's online racking configurator, each system is customized to suit the particular job site. This allows for full optimization of the system, maximizing your return on investment and creating a safe, code-compliant installation.

Product information

  • Use online configurator for easy custom BOM and pricing
  • Pre-assembled components for easy install
  • Pre-cut rails for easy installation and waste reduction
  • Industry leading ICC-ES certified Quick Mount PV roof attachments
  • Compatible with composition, flat tile, S-Tile, and standing seam roof types
  • Enphase compatible mounting hardware


  • Black racking available to accompany Sunmodule mono black solar panels
  • UL Certified Class A Fire System when used with the Sunskirt accessory
  • Aesthetic and functional Sunskirt available in portrait or landscape orientation with silver or black anodized coating.


The portrait Sunskirt is newly improved.

  • Required for UL Fire Certification (when Sunmodules are used with Sunfix plus racking)
  • Great opportunity to upsell to a premium look
  • Available in silver and black
  • Anodized aluminum provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Stronger, no-flutter, design
  • Kit includes hardware and grounding – UL 2703 compliant

Wire management

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Sunclip data sheet

Sunclip diagram Sunclip

SolarWorld Sunclip wire management

SolarWorld’s universal wire management clip simply attaches to both the long-side or the short-side of any 33 mm SolarWorld frame. Sunclips can be ordered from any SolarWorld Distributor; the part number is 10001340.

  • Perfect for rail-less systems and also works with rail-based systems
  • Attaches directly to the module's side (long or short sides)
  • Accommodates thicker cables (e.g. Enphase trunk) and thinner cables (e.g. module leads or home run lines)
  • 20-year warranty
  • Quick and easy 'click-in-place' design

Don't leave your truck without a couple Sunclips in your pouch.

How the SunClip works

Commercial flat roof

PanelClaw Polar Bear III flat roof mounting system

Low-slope to flat roofs

Polar Bear's simple, three-component design and optimized ballasting certification deliver exceptional value with zero roof damage reported, zero projects rejected by permitting, and a legacy for smart, quality engineering. SolarWorld is pleased to offer PanelClaw as its premier flat roof mounting system.

Product information

  • Only three components for an easy installation
  • Industry leading 25-year warranty
  • North or south wire management accessories available
  • Class A fire rating with side shield accessory
  • High power density
  • UL 2703 certified
  • Captured ballast block can hold 2", 3", or 4" ballast
  • Locally sourced ballast with material properties spec sheet to ensure a low cost solution and long term reliability
  • 10° title with 5° available for projects over 50kW
  • Mechanical attachments available including no permitting welds
  • Approved for up to 120mph wind and higher on case by case basis

Ground mount

Schletter PvMini

Ground mounting systems for commercial & residential

Combining elements from two of Schletter’s most popular systems, PvMini is a ballasted ground mount system which offers a cost-effective alternative design to the solid PvMax. The addition of the new ProfiPlus XT module-bearing rail allows for increased spans between foundations helping every other component in the system to be utilized to its fullest potential.

Reaching new levels of system efficiency with an extremely lightweight and low-profile design results in fewer and smaller concrete foundations for the least invasive ballasted ground mount solution available.

Product information

  • Concrete ballast ground mount system
  • Ideal for landfill sites or areas with rocky terrain
  • Most cost-effective solution for single-row-vertical, or two-row-horizontal installations
  • Maximized system efficiency with the proprietary ProfiPlus XT™ Rails
  • Fast installation with partially pre-assembled support kits and no heavy machinery required

Schletter Ground Mount

Large project vendors

Large project vendors

Projects greater than 200 kilowatt

SolarWorld now offers a variety of competitive ground mount solutions to meet any expectation on any project 200-kW+

In our continuing effort to bring you the best solar product on the market, we are pleased to offer a variety of ground mount solutions to meet any expectation. Further, SolarWorld's professional design team is available to match your expectations and needs to one of our authorized ground mount racking solutions. Let SolarWorld do the chore of vetting racking systems, and be assured mateability and a quality install at a competitive price. 

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Wind Deflector

Solar power systems for your home or business Wind Deflector to reduce the loads on your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Chamfered edges for safe handling on roof and wire protection
Solar power systems for your home or business Available in lightweight 5052-H32 aluminum for high corrosion resistance and reduced load on roof

Kodiak Claw Mount

Solar power systems for your home or business Kodiak Claw secures the module properly and bonds the module to the racking structure, eliminating the cost of installing a copper bonding wire
Solar power systems for your home or business Features pre-installed stainless steel screws for quick installation and few parts on the roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Serrated design to increase clamping force to supports


Solar power systems for your home or business Integrated recycled rubber pads protect your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Smooth, tubular design for easy handling and superior roof protection, no sharp edges to cut your roof surface or yourself
Solar power systems for your home or business Single fastener size for a faster, easier installation
Solar power systems for your home or business Individual North and South supports for clean array edges, maximum module density, and enhanced layout flexibility
Solar power systems for your home or business 7-inch clearance between lower module edge and roof surface to allow for maintenance, obstruction avoidance, and wire management along with free water flow, minimizing roof damage issues over time

Ballast Blocks

Solar power systems for your home or business Proprietary concrete ballast block specifically designed to mate with the structure
Solar power systems for your home or business High freeze-thaw resistance so the ballast blocks do not disintegrate on your roof
Solar power systems for your home or business Ergonomic design for easy handling in all weather and installation conditions means a faster installation
Solar power systems for your home or business Free shipping from locations across the U.S. directly to the job site