Best warranty for American-made solar panels

Quality, reliability and performance

Now, with even more peace of mind

Enjoy peace-of-mind with your solar investment by knowing you have the best warranty available on American-made modules.

The entire SolarWorld Sunmodule product line comes with a 20-year workmanship warranty in combination with our standard 25-year performance guarantee. In addition, SolarWorld glass-glass modules now carry a 20-year workmanship warranty and a 30-year performance guarantee

Now, with even More peace of mind Quality, reliability and the performance you expect. Delivered with the protection you deserve. Only from SolarWorld.

Sunmodule Plus

The Sunmodule Plus series meets our stringent quality standards and carries our 25-year performance guarantee and 20-year workmanship warranty to maximum performance through the life of your system

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SolarWorld 25-year performance guarantee
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Sunmodule Protect

The Sunmodule Protect series sets new benchmarks when it comes to service life, mechanical durability, degradation, and its groundbreaking 30-year performance guarantee along with our standard 20-year workmanship warranty.

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SolarWorld 30-year performance guarantee
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