Arizona home adds solar to cut cooling costs

| Mesa, Arizona

4.9 kW SolarWorld Sunkits solar system using 20 SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels

Mesa, Arizona residence 

Rooftop installation
Completed 12/15/2010
Installed by SunTrek Industries

System details:

System overview:

  • The Linhart residence is in Mesa, AZ, which has on an average 360 
    days of sunlight per year and is producing electricity at the rate of $2-$3 per day.
  • The solar modules are mounted on the southern exposed roof with no shade issues at an 18 degree pitch.
  • First solar module installation in Sun Ridge subdivision in Mesa.

Customer testimonial 
“Our SolarWorld modules are saving enough on our electric bill that they should pay for themselves in less than a decade.  It will all be pure profit after that.” – Charles Linhart