Fountain Grove home

| Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, California residence

Roof mount installation
Completed 11/30/2015
Installed by Simply Solar

System details: System overview:

This system was installed on a concrete tile roof in the Fountain Grove neighborhood of Santa Rosa by Simply Solar.

Prestigious Blackhawk community home goes solar

| Danville, California

17.6 kW hillside ground mount SolarWorld solar system

Danville, California residence

Ground mount installation
Completed 1/2011
Installed by Go Simple Solar

System details: System overview:
  • This project was very challenging with the multidirectional hill azimuth (from 90 degrees true to 150 degrees true) and the multiple slopes on the hill (from 20 to 35 degrees).
  • The racking height was increased on the down-slope side of the hill to find the "sweet spot" of solar production by optimizing azimuth and tilt.
  • All three arrays have a slightly different azimuth and tilt, providing good year round production.
  • This was a turnkey project; all landscaping, engineering, surveying and construction was performed as part of the contract.
  • The customer is ecstatic that this project is outperforming all estimated solar production calculations.

Solar powered home and Nissan Leaf charging

| Ventura, California

SolarWorld roof mount solar system using 30 Sunmodule solar panels

Ventura, California residence

Rooftop installation
Completed 3/15/2010
Installed by Ojai Solar

System details: System overview:
  • This system was installed when the Bullards moved into the home.  They had a reservation for a Nissan Leaf and over-sized the system to allow for electric car charging.
  • The system provides 100% of the residential electrical needs including charging the Leaf to drive an average of 1,000 miles per month.
Customer testimonial

“The installation of the Sunkits system was seamless and the system has performed without a flaw since integration.  Generating all of the electricity for your residence and banking the extra watts with the Utility is the way to go.” – Kent Bullard

The largest residential solar system in the U.S.

| Southern, California

Southern California residence

Ground mount installation
Completed 2011
Installed by Solid Rock

System details: System overview:
  • At the time of completion, this 150kW system was the
    largest solar system in any single-family residence in the United States.
  • The owners of the new residential solar milestone system, who have requested anonymity, placed their installation on a craggy slope along their hilltop estate in Southern California, playfully omitting a block of six solar panels to accommodate a protruding boulder.
  • The system also sets a new size record for SolarWorld’s increasingly popular Sunkits® solar systems.
  • The new record-breaking system in Southern California – installed by SRC Inc., an electrical contractor based in Vista, Calif. – came from the Ramona, Calif., branch of Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc.