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The McMurray Residence

| Lake Oswego, Oregon

Oregon residence uses solar to power their home and charge their Tesla Roadster

McMurray Residence 

Lake Oswego, OR
Rooftop installation

Completed 9/6/2011
Installed by Sustainable Solutions

System Details:

System Overview:

  • This system will provide the family with 30% of their energy on average.
  • The system will also offset all the electricity needs of the family’s Tesla Roadster, making it a truly carbon neutral vehicle.
  • The individual inverters allow the family to get the maximum production from a highly variable shading situation.
  • With the 30% federal rebate and a contract with Portland General Electric, the installation should become profitable after 7+ years, and should return about a 30% profit on the original investment by the end of that 15 year contract, with another 10 years of warranted solar production to follow.

Customer Testimonial
“Besides the connection to our plug-in automobile, 30% of our average power is an offset for the 30% of the PGE mix that is provided by fossil fuel.  Our installation was quick and efficient and the system has been online ever since.  An added benefit is that the panels shade our south-facing roof in summer, making it cooler upstairs.” – Gregory McMurray

Smith Family Home

| Hillsboro, Oregon

Residential solar installation to offset 50% of Oregon family’s annual electric needs

Smith Family Home

Hillsboro, OR
Rooftop mount

Completed 7/14/2011
Installed by Dynamic Power Innovation

System Details:

System Overview:

  • This installation is slightly larger than the average size system for the Portland, OR area.
  • The system will offset 50% of the home’s annual energy needs.
  • The family also installed a Suntrol monitoring system so they are able to track their energy usage and PV efficiency.