Solar2World solar donation program

Bringing solar power to communities in need around the world

Solar2World in the Americas

Through Solar2World, the company donates solar panels to power community services such as hospitals. In Latin America, the program specializes in powering water pumps to provide another life-giving commodity that remains in short supply in many regions there: clean, safe drinking water.

Water Mission partnership

SolarWorld’s key partner is Water Mission, a water-engineering nonprofit based in South Carolina. Combining SolarWorld solar panels with submersible water pumps manufactured by world-leading pump maker Grundfos, WMI provides clean water supplies -- without utilities, fuels, noise or emissions. As few as four panels can supply water to 5,000 residents. To stretch WMI’s resources to help more people, SolarWorld in 2013 led a multi-partner project to eliminate the electricity bill for the nonprofit’s North Charleston headquarters by donating panels and coordinating a project to install a 100-kilowatt ground-mount system. Such efforts help fulfill the promise of solar energy: to provide sustainable power even for the powerless.

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Water Mission - Safe Water With Solar Power

Water Mission - Safe Water With Solar Power

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Water Mission - Safe Water With Solar Power

Water Mission's Strategic Partners

Solar2World Haiti solar system installation project

Solar2World Haiti Project

In 2009, SolarWorld partnered with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) by donating solar panels to power a Partners in Health hospital in Boucan-Carré. Following the devastating earthquake of January 2010, SolarWorld committed enough panels to solarize four more hospitals in remote, at-risk villages. SolarWorld also partnered with Water Mission and donated enough panels to power 10 water-pumping stations, delivering clean water to more than 175,000 earthquake victims.

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SolarWorld’s Solar2World Product Donation Program grants Sunmodule solar panels to qualifying nonprofit organizations in the Americas. Solar2World helps recipient organizations support regional development by means of aid projects for rural electrification based on solar power. Decentralized solutions offer people in off-grid regions access to electric power, a fundamental requirement for economic and social development.

For eligibility criteria and application procedures, please review and complete the application process.

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