Quality by SolarWorld

How we manufacture the highest quality solar panels

A higher standard of quality

Solar panels produced at SolarWorld manufacturing plants have operated in the field for the past 40-plus years, making us the longest continuously running commercial solar manufacturer. Only SolarWorld has the track record to prove that our solar panels outlast and outperform warranty expectations. How do we do it? By carefully controlling and precisely executing every step in the manufacturing process. The SolarWorld Standard goes beyond quality assurance to elevate solar to unprecedented standards.

It’s the only way to guarantee an outstanding product. Every. Single. Time.

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What do we do differently?

Critical quality parameters are checked at more than 100 inspections points
along the line.
  • Extreme solar panel testing
  • Rigorous top quality material selection
  • Inspection and trace-ability
  • Superior junction box
  • Fully automated manufacturing
  • Third-party validation
  • Constantly innovating

SolarWorld extreme testing