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Part 2: Solarizing the red carpet at the Emmys

Posted 17 September 2011 12:00 AM by Minnie Dimesa, Marketing Communications Manager, SolarWorld Americas

I’m having what you could call a quintessential Los Angeles experience today -- starting with dropping by LA Live to check on the Emmys red carpet and the final installation of our donated SolarWorld solar panels, then heading to the Los Angeles Coliseum with my husband and kids to cheer on the USC Trojans at their football game against Syracuse.

Largest ever solar panel array at an Emmy Awards show
Largest ever solar array at an Emmy Awards show

When the folks at Fox first approached us at SolarWorld about their goal to have a “green” red carpet for the Emmys, they had my attention for sure. I must admit that I am a self proclaimed Gleek and can’t miss an episode of “Modern Family.” And, I do LOVE award shows.

We were quite excited to be part of the largest solar installation to power an awards show ever and help to bring solar to such a large audience. I truly believe that the path to our independence from foreign fuel sources will be led by solar power – specifically American-made solar power, such as solar panels from SolarWorld.

SolarWorld solar panels over red carpet at 2011 Emmy Awards
Final preparations are in full swing the day before the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

We were even more motivated to participate by the fact that our solar panels would later be donated to Habitat for Humanity. This step falls right in line with our SolarWorld philosophy of giving power to those who need it most.

As I see the amazing completed structures with our donated solar panels on top, I’m so proud to be part of SolarWorld and proud to have helped facilitate making this happen.

The red carpet is covered now with plastic so that it will be bright red tomorrow, and there are people all around putting in the last-minute touches. Some are rehearsing for tomorrow’s big event, and there are even some media filming and doing their red carpet run-throughs. I even ran into a friend in “the business” from the town where I live who is there setting up lighting for one of the networks.

I can’t wait for the Emmys tomorrow. I’ll be in front of my set with my glass of champagne, glued to the screen.

SolarWorld solar panels over red carpet at 2011 Emmy Awards
Red carpet with solar panels overhead