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Veterans team up for American energy independence

Posted 8 March 2012 12:00 AM by Rory Womack, Co-owner of Davisville Express Lube

The Air Force Veteran owners of my company, Davisville Express Lube, teamed up with the Marine Corps Veteran owner of GoSimpleSolar, a SolarWorld authorized installer to install a solar power generating system on our business in Davis, California.

“The Marine Corps and Air Force typically cooperate in other ‘theatres of operation” says Mark Becker, owner of Semper Fidelis Construction Inc/GoSimpleSolar. “As former members of the Armed Services, each of us has numerous overseas deployments. Through our experiences we’ve recognized the necessity to support domestic jobs and domestic energy creation. We’ve achieved the first goal by utilizing SolarWorld solar panels made in the U.S.A.”

Solar power system installation at the Davisville Express Lube in Davis, CA
Roy, Tom, & Ron - Owners of Davisville Express Lube in Davis, CA

The second goal is a by-product of the first; these solar panels will generate a significant amount of clean energy to power the Davisville Express Lube for years to come.

Mark Becker and Bob Libby take the most appropriate approach when it comes to designing a solar array. “We must design a system that will maximize the financial benefits that solar has to offer. Each customer’s budget, the site conditions, and electric use in terms of quantity and time used is different” says Mark. “Therefore a custom approach is almost always a necessity when designing and engineering a project of this size”.

SolarWorld solar panel array structure
SolarWorld solar panel array structure

Express Lube partner Ron Lautzenberg would have liked to have installed more SolarWorld solar panels, but fire department requirements limited the amount of roof space available. “Safety is always the first priority” says Ron, “and profitability a close second!”

Calculations and current output validate that the 36 SolarWorld Sunmodule™ 255 mono solar panels will reduce 85% of Davisville Express Lube’s electric charges. This and other commercial solar projects qualify for IRS accelerated depreciation and capital lease write-offs. This American-made solar power system will return an amount greater than triple its cost to our business.

Completed solar panel installation on this small business in Davis, CA
Completed solar panel installation

“This project’s financial return to the business owner make it clear why over 110,000 solar projects have been installed in California alone” says Mark. “The return on investment for solar energy systems is hard to find anywhere else".

Mark concludes: "Value of a solar system will not be measured in financial return alone. Value is generated for Americans when we create and support American jobs and U.S. energy independence."