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Taking Stock in Tumultuous Times

Posted 5 June 2017 12:00 AM by Juergen Stein, President of SolarWorld Americas

Industry turmoil

SolarWorld blog - Taking Stock in Tumultuous Times - Juergen Stein President of SolarWorld
Juergen Stein
President of SolarWorld Americas

If you’ve been following solar industry news in recent months, you’re likely aware of the uncertain conditions surrounding the US manufacturing of solar panels. The market volatility worldwide has driven down domestic prices and shaken confidence in US firms engaged in manufacturing. Despite the fact that modern solar technologies largely originated in US, price volatility is having a significant impact on  solar manufacturers in this country and creating a challenging situation.

Maintaining warranty and support

SolarWorld Americas has weathered similar storms in years past. We've endured and survived trade disputes, software hacking, product dumping, failures of major companies and other industry upheavals. Amid the turmoil, we have always committed to honoring existing agreements and maintaining the same level of warranty support on which we've built our reputation. 

With the lowest field failure rates in the industry, our focus has always been on high quality and exceptional product lifespans. The reputation we’ve earned in this market sector endures, and we will continue to honor warranties and treat all commitments with the same high integrity.

We offer reassurance that SolarWorld understands the concerns of partners and customers. In the face of one more tectonic shift in the industry, we plan to renew our efforts to advance solar technology and continue our leadership role in moving toward a resilient, forward-looking solar future.

Stand with SolarWorld

Stand with us as the next phase in this dynamic industry unfolds, and we’ll be there for you.

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