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Summer Selling Tips from Greg Welsh

Posted 3 April 2018 8:30 AM by Justin Dyke


The long summer days ahead give installers more hours to sell solar. Plain and simple, selling solar doesn’t work in the dark of winter. The summer solar spike can be loosely tied to homeowners feeling the energy of the sun for the first time since winter. They can feel the warmth, see their AC units powering up again and with it, their electrical bill rising. 

Use the warmth of the sun as your selling tool. Take your customers for a walk around the house when you arrive onsite and ask questions to develop their readiness to buy solar. Can they see the heat waves coming off their roof today? Do they remember how much their AC ran last summer? Were they shocked to see the bill arrive?

Now take their answers and build the case for solar as a powerful decision they can make right now to change their summer and every summer thereafter. Homeowners can spend money time and time again running the AC, or they can put their money to work with solar. Increased system quality and financing options make now the right time to go solar. With the ITC rollback around the corner, customers won’t want to wait. Strike while the sun is hot.

Be Ready for the Rush

Increased customer demand comes with increased time demands on the sales team. The stronger the summer sales season, the longer the working hours and higher the demands will be to make the most of every lead. Working table-top shows, farmers markets and sponsoring little league generates leads and connects your business to the community, but it doesn’t happen at the expense of selling.

The uptick in events and commitments calls for increasingly effective lead qualification and productive selling in the home. Use the spring season to sharpen both skills so you’re primed and ready for the summer rush. Focus on the most promising leads first and foremost, then be efficient with your in-home routine. Work to cut out any segments that don’t add value, or even worse, give homeowners a chance to stall or second guess.

Tips to Consider

Now is a great time to start closely tracking your closing rate. Summer can make or break the year for many installers, so keep an eye on your closing rate and adjust as needed to hit your targets. Market conditions may also change without warning; rebates and incentives from manufacturers or local governments can greatly impact potential customers. Stay on top of potential changes and navigate them quickly to keep your summer numbers on track.

Lastly, a busy sales team means a busy office and install team. Communication is key to keeping customers happy from contract to install to sales referral. It’s imperative that the sales team communicates regularly amongst itself to identify successes or challenges in the market. Once systems are sold, the communication flows to the rest of the team. Project managers, designers, permitting and install crews all need to be kept aware of customer concerns or special requests. Happy customers generate referrals and keep the entire business moving forward.

When done right, summer sales generate autumn referrals to keep your team busy through Thanksgiving. Make the most of every opportunity so you can look back at the summer as a resounding success to build upon next year.