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Are You Capturing Repeat Customers? Or Letting Them Slip Away?

Posted 12 February 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke

how to get repeat customers

Effective lead management is an artform. We can’t all become Picasso, but we can all do better than finger painting with our prospective customers.

More and more installers are diversifying their businesses by adding solar to an existing company (i.e. roofing, HVAC) or complimentary services to their solar operation (i.e. energy efficiency). But are those customers seeing the full scale of your business?

It’s easier to close a sale when a customer has the direct need for a roof or insulation, but make sure that customer is treated as a lead for solar. This saves lead acquisition costs and limits the chance of a competitor closing a deal that’s yours from the start.

Mining an existing database for return customers can expand lead flow. These are customers with a positive history and more open to working with your business again. This may reveal old leads who closed a service with a competitor. Does that competitor offer the same range of services? Reach out to the former lead and re-qualify for additional sales.

Missing these opportunities is like damming rivers that flow to your business. Blaming new leads is easy but looking internally to find blockages is crucial. It’s not a purposeful act by a single employee, but a long-term habit among sales and support staff that creates blockages. Training sales and support staff to recognize these habits and simple changes to increase sales can make significant differences for your business without adding costs.