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Kitchen Table Confessional: Telling Customers Your Story

Posted 8 February 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke

storytelling is key

The kitchen table makes or breaks the sale. Are you dialed in, signing contracts with smiling customers? Story telling helps close more deals without concerns or objections.

"Storytelling is the hot new trend in sales," says Rivka Willick, a story coach and writer based in Passaic, NJ. Willick works with salespeople to embed stories into their branding and content. “I’d say that only 20% of people who use it understand it, and the rest have no idea what they're doing. A good salesperson knows how to talk; a great salesperson knows how to tell sales stories."

You need several stories, told in order, to succeed:
1. Your personal story
2. Your company story
3. Your product story
4. The success story

Stories help sell because people can relate and be influenced. Customers become emotionally involved. The story of why—on this day—you are in a prospect's home selling SolarWorld modules has a distinct purpose: so they start benefiting from solar power right away. That's the happy ending!

Rather than listing off facts about you, your company and SolarWorld, provide it inside a story with a beginning, middle and end.

You want the prospect to know that you were looking for the best product and company. You met a few you didn't like or it didn't work out. You "met" SolarWorld and chose them of all the options.

If you are an Authorized Installer, that means SolarWorld chose you, too. Now you are working happily together and will do so a long time. It is the story of why you are making a proposal for a quality system, rather than selling on price. It's a story about fighting to provide quality and earning trust.

With a story you'll have their attention. With their attention you can introduce important facts and concepts. And with a story you will close more sales.