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Let Your Yelp Reviews Speak for Themselves

Posted 6 February 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke

Yelp reviews make a difference

There's no better place for your reputation to shine than Yelp. Yet all too often, installers are too shy to ask for customer reviews. Asking for reviews can boost your business.

Yelp is arguably the most important reviews website. For most installers, it lands higher in a Google search than their company website. By the time customers find your site, their first impressions of your business are set. Let that be a good thing.

It's time to incorporate customer reviews into the lifecycle of sales leads. Leads become customers, but the relationship doesn't end after system commissioning. It ends after a review is posted and referrals are given. Don't walk away from customers without a review and referrals.

Installers are unsure how to ask for a review and are often sacrificing good reviews to avoid a bad one. If you're running a business that is generating referral sales there is nothing to fear. If you can ask for the close at the kitchen table, you can ask for the Yelp review. It's that simple.

Monitoring your reviews is equally overlooked. Engage with your customers on Yelp and thank them for writing positively about their experience. For customers who write average or poor reviews, it's even more important to engage and rectify the situation. Fixing that customer's problem is terrific chance to ask the customer to write a follow up to their review and show potential customers the level of support they can expect.

Reputation management never takes a break. Celebrate your good work by gathering positive reviews, letting your next customers see them and starting the process over again. The cycle repeats and your business grows.