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The Real Price of More Power

Posted 15 March 2018 12:00 AM by Justin Dyke

Built to last

What your competition isn’t advertising is that higher power components also carry mark-ups of 30 percent or more. Any savings in labor or BOS are immediately lost well before a prospect would see a benefit from the “latest and greatest technology.”

As a SolarWorld installer, you have a chance to discuss long-term quality, reliability and overall system value with prospects and debunk the higher power myths. Homeowners are looking to purchase solar to reduce or eliminate their electric bill. You are the expert trusted to design and install a solar system to do that. Designing systems for long-term quality and total system-cost demonstrate your real expertise.  

Conventional industry thought convinces installers that higher power modules and inverters are always a better value for the customer. That’s rarely ever true. Recognizing a prospect who has been quoted with the “highest power” or “latest technology” creates an opportunity to win a customer with quality and substance.

Selling Quality, Not Smoke and Mirrors

Your customers should never submit more warranty claims than sales referrals. Designing and installing systems with long-term quality ensures this never happens to your business. Quality and cost effectiveness protect your profit margin so you can stay focused on the next customer.

Solar customers are looking for value and confidence. Specifically, the value of owning their electricity for 20-plus years and feeling confident their system will produce the intended savings. Specifying components with unproven technology might slightly increase system power or reduce component counts, but once installed it’s your margin on the line. Truck rolls are the fastest way to minimize or eliminate profits.

Offering a function-over-fashion approach to solar can generate more sales and benefit your reputation as a quality-first installer. Reinforcing how unproven technology is prone to underproduce or fail separates your proposal from your competition. Your commitment to quality and system cost will make it easier to close deals with prospects.