Solar panels and grapes soak up the sun side-by-side

| Paso Robles, California

Ground mounted solar array at the Cass winery
Cass Winery solar panels
Cass Winery

Cass Winery

Paso Robles, CA
Ground mount installation

Completed 2009 
Installed by Pacific Energy Company

System Details:

  • 58 kW
  • 252 solar panels
  • 230 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel

System Overview:

  • Cass Vineyards and Winery is located in the rolling, oak-studded hills between Paso Robles and Creston on California's beautiful Central Coast
  • The winery and tasting room’s energy needs are completely met by this system, sending excess electricity back to the local community
  • The beautiful design integrates the solar system within the rows of grapes

Frigid weather doesn’t stop a Minnesota soybean farm from going solar

| Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Green Farms Ground Mount solar system saves 50% of the farm's electricity, Redwood Falls, MN
Installing solar panels in the snow
Close up of solar installer working in snow
Back side of the Green Farms solar array

Green Farms

Redwood Falls, MN
Ground mount installation

Completed 2011
Installed by Cedar Creek Energy

System Details:

  • 20.8 kW
  • 84 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule™ solar panel 
  • 4 SMA Inverters

System Overview:

  • Contrary to popular belief, solar can be effective in even cold weather climates, as proven by the 3200 kWh produced by this system in January 2011
  • This 2700 acre soybean farm should only use half of the system’s output each year, sending the excess back to the local community

Lancaster County’s largest dairy operation goes solar

| Conestoga, Pennsylvania

Roof mounted solar panels at Star Rock Dairy
Roof mounted solar array at Star Rock Dairy

Star Rock Dairy

Conestoga, PA
Roof mount installation

Completed 2011 
Installed by KC Green Energy

System Details:

  • 200.7 kW
  • 819 solar panels
  • 245 W mono Sunmodule solar panel

System Overview:

  • Includes panels on multiple buildings throughout the farm
  • Made with entirely American Made components, from the SolarWorld panels to the Ironridge Racking to the Solectria Inverters
  • System designed for easy service: Each cluster of panels is on its own combiner box, with access in between clusters for easy servicing, and each cluster is also monitoring via sub array monitoring
  • Customer climate controlled inverter room built due to high dust/dirt from the high traffic area