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  • 2018

    January 22
    SolarWorld Reacts to President Trump’s Remedy Decision in Section 201 Case

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 22, 2018 – Today, President Donald Trump issued a determination on remedies in the Section 201 Global Safeguards trade case on behalf of the U.S. solar photovoltaic cell and panel manufacturing industry.  SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon cell and panel producer for more than 42 years, was a co-petitioner with Suniva Inc. in that case. Juergen Stein, CEO and President of SolarWorld Americas Inc., today responded to President Trump’s decision with the following statement:

    January 18
    SolarWorld and Suniva applaud President Trump and Urge 50 Percent Tariffs to Save the U.S. Solar Industry

    Hillsboro, Ore. and Norcross, Ga., Jan. 18, 2018 – SolarWorld Americas Inc. and Suniva Inc. today jointly expressed their deep appreciation for President Trump’s attention to China and its proxies’ cheating and the assault on the United States’ solar manufacturing industry during his interview with Reuters:

    January 02
    SolarWorld and Suniva applaud Congressional letter to President Trump urging ‘strong and effective remedy’ in solar trade case

    Solar technology industry key to U.S. energy independence, letter says
    Hillsboro, Ore., and Norcross, Ga., Dec. 21, 2017 – Suniva and SolarWorld Americas Inc. today expressed their deep appreciation for Congressional letters to President Trump that urge him to institute “a strong and effective” trade remedy for the U.S. solar cell and module manufacturing industry, one that will ensure a “growing and competitive” industry into the future.

  • 2017

    November 20
    SolarWorld: Trade regulators’ report portrays dire need of pivotal solar industry for trade relief

    Report recommends remedies for global import surge of solar cells and modules
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 20, 2017 –SolarWorld Americas Inc. today praised a U.S. International Trade Commission report for its portrayal of a pivotal but import-damaged U.S. solar cell and panel manufacturing industry and the industry’s critical need for assistance in coping with foreign overcapacities and a global import surge.

    November 06
    SolarWorld extends industry-leading warranty programs for systems of up to 50 kilowatts

    New, secondary warranties for solar panels come without deductibles
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 6, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, today announced that by popular demand, it is extending its SolarWorld Assurance™ Warranty Protection Program to include all solar systems up to 50 kilowatts.

    October 31
    SolarWorld thanks ITC, calls on President for remedy to put U.S. industry back on growth path

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 31, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, today issued this statement from Juergen Stein, CEO and president, on the U.S. International Trade Commission’s recommended trade remedies for the U.S. solar cell and panel manufacturing industry:

    October 12
    SolarWorld applauds U.S. Labor Department aid to ex-employees laid off due to surge of imports

    Aid will include grants for education to retrain workers for new jobs
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 12, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar-technology manufacturer for more than 42 years, today expressed gratitude for the U.S. Labor Department’s determination that more than 300 employees laid off this summer as a result of a surge of imports are eligible for federal trade-adjustment assistance.

    September 25
    SolarWorld Americas, responding to trade vote, moves to gear up production, hiring

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 25, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, today announced that with the prospect of meaningful import relief close at hand, the company immediately will begin ramping up production and hiring up to 200 workers by May.

    September 22
    SolarWorld commends key trade vote as step toward restoring U.S. solar manufacturing

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 22, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar-technology manufacturer for more than 42 years, commended today’s 4-0, bipartisan vote of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that determined a surge of imports has seriously injured the domestic solar cell and panel manufacturing industry.

    September 18
    Alliance for American Manufacturing backs trade action of Suniva, SolarWorld

    Labor-business partnership supports injury finding, robust remedy
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 18, 2017 – Trade-case co-petitioners SolarWorld Americas Inc. and Suniva Inc. today announced that the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM), a labor-business coalition, has asked the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to determine that imports have seriously injured the U.S. solar cell and panel manufacturing industry and then craft a sufficiently robust trade remedy recommendation.

    September 07
    Coalition for a Prosperous America supports Section 201 solar trade case

    ‘Thousands of workers have lost good paying U.S. jobs’
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 7, 2017 – The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) – a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing the interests of 4.1 million households across the United States – has joined domestic solar cell and module manufacturers’ calls for fair competition in the U.S. solar market through the imposition of Section 201 trade relief, according to trade-case co-petitioners SolarWorld Americas Inc. and Suniva Inc.

    September 06
    Steel producers association backs solar manufacturers’ Section 201 trade case

    Steel producers filed last successful Section 201 trade case, in 2001
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 6, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, is grateful for the decision of the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) to support the U.S. solar cell and panel manufacturing industry’s Section 201 trade case to restore fair competition in the U.S. market. SolarWorld Americas and Suniva are co-petitioners in the case.

    August 31
    SolarWorld Americas supplies 14.2 MW in solar panels for innovative Nevada project

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 31, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, announced today that it has supplied 14.2 megawatts DC of its high-performance solar panels for a project in Nevada that combines complementary solar and geothermal power generation.

    August 09
    SolarWorld: U.S. agency report highlights imports’ serious injury to domestic manufacturing industry

    Despite growing domestic demand, nearly 30 U.S. factories shutter 
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 9, 2017 – Nearly 30 U.S. crystalline-silicon solar technology manufacturing sites have closed down since 2012, a period in which imports of such products surged by nearly five-fold, according to a staff report by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

    August 03
    SolarWorld will sponsor Las Vegas university team in Solar Decathlon
    Company joins Bombard Renewable Energy in sponsoring team

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 3, 2017 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar panel manufacturer for more than 42 years, announced today that it will donate more than 7 kilowatts of high-performance solar panels to sponsor Team Vegas – the team of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) – in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

    July 20
    SolarWorld Americas debuts industry-leading SolarWorld Assurance™ warranty programs

    New, secondary warranties for solar panels come without deductibles
    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 20, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, today announced another in a long line of industry innovations: the SolarWorld Assurance™ Warranty Protection Program, featuring supplemental protection plans for residential and small commercial customers.

    July 12
    SolarWorld Americas expects immediate infusion of cash to lift up U.S. operations

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 12, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, today announced that it expects a double-digit-million-dollar infusion of cash to enable the company to stabilize and optimize operations through 2017 and beyond.

    June 07
    SolarWorld provides 1.2 MW of solar panels for huge refugee water project in Tanzania

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 7, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 42 years, is providing 1.2 megawatts of high-performance solar panels to power the world’s largest solar-powered, safe-water treatment project. The project’s systems will serve more than 250,000 Congolese and Burundian people living in three refugee settlements in Western Tanzania. The high reliability of SolarWorld’s solar technology is critical for the long-term success and operation of the installed water-filtration systems.

    May 25
    SolarWorld Americas Inc. joins Section 201 trade action to address global import surge

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 25, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar producer for more than 42 years, and Suniva Inc. have filed a joint letter with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) stating that SolarWorld is now a co-petitioner in the Section 201 safeguards case. Filed by Suniva in April, the 201 case could give President Trump broad powers to address the global surge of imports that has decimated the U.S. solar manufacturing industry.

    May 24
    SolarWorld Americas Inc. intends to continue operating into the future

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 24, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc. is issuing the following statement about its ongoing status:

    May 13
    SolarWorld Americas Inc. maintains full operations amid parent’s insolvency

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 13, 2017 – SolarWorld Americas Inc., based in Hillsboro, Ore., is operating as usual and maintaining full operations as it produces and sells its market-leading solar technology.

    April 26
    SolarWorld comments on trade action

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 26, 2017 – The following statement is attributable to Juergen Stein, U.S. president of SolarWorld:
    “The case of Suniva dramatically demonstrates that the U.S. solar manufacturing industry still suffers from unfair trade. In particular, highly subsidized Chinese companies as well as other producers are globally dumping their products, forcing competitors to take losses, lay off workers and exit the market."

    April 05
    SolarWorld: China’s trade aggression still costs jobs in U.S. solar industry

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 5, 2017 – For SolarWorld, China’s trade aggression in the solar sector is a textbook example of how the country – employing an arsenal of price dumping, massive subsidization, cyber-espionage and closed markets – has used unfair trade as a battering ram to try to wipe out a U.S. industry and its employment.

    March 02
    SolarWorld USA applauds new agenda for tougher enforcement of U.S. laws against unfair trade

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 2, 2017 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar panel manufacturer for more than 40 years, today praised the outlines of a tough stance on unfair trade that are contained in a new “President’s National Trade Policy Agenda for 2017,” released Wednesday. The document calls for strict enforcement of U.S. trade laws to prevent subsidized imports from distorting markets and harming domestic industries and workers.

    February 07
    SolarWorld trainer will help solar installers to sell manufacturer’s value proposition
    First two-day trainings will take place in San Diego, New Jersey, Salt Lake City

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 7, 2017 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar panel manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that it has selected a dynamic, well-traveled and 25-year sales trainer who has specialized in solar to help installers sell the value proposition of buying SolarWorld solar panels. Among solar manufacturers, Greg Welsh will work exclusively on behalf of SolarWorld.

    February 03
    SolarWorld ups product workmanship warranty for solar panels to 20 years
    Move sets new standard for PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) solar panel

     HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 3, 2017 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar panel manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that it has doubled the duration of its workmanship warranty on its entire portfolio of solar panel products to 20 years. With the improvement in consumer protection, the company becomes the first major producer of solar panels featuring the popular, high-power PERC (passivated emitter rear contact) solar cell architecture to offer a product warranty of that length.

  • 2016

    September 08
    SolarWorld will unveil AC solar panel
    Company’s newest solar panel will debut at Solar Power International

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 8, 2016 –  SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar technology manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that the company will debut an integrated alternating-current (AC) solar panel at the trade show Solar Power International.

    The company will unveil the SolarWorld AC Module – available for purchase early next year – at its booth at the largest trade show in the Americas from Sept. 12 through 15 in Las Vegas.

    September 07
    SolarWorld partners with REC Solar to spur commercial project development
    Program includes financing, procurement and project support for SolarWorld installers

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 7, 2016 –  SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar technology manufacturer for more than 40 years, is partnering with REC Solar, a California-based leading provider of commercial solar and energy solutions, to provide financing, procurement and other services for SolarWorld installers developing commercial projects. The partnership program is designed to accelerate development of commercial projects of between 50 kilowatts and 2 megawatts by streamlining credit underwriting, contracting, procurement and financing processes that typically have slowed development in the segment.

    August 10
    SolarWorld provides solar panels for Constellation’s Baltimore Ravens solar installation
    Project encompasses some of the nearly 65 megawatts of solar panels that SolarWorld has supplied to Baltimore-based Constellation

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 10, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar technology manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that it has supplied about 400 kilowatts of solar panels for Constellation’s solar installation at the Under Armour Performance Center, the Baltimore Ravens training facility in Owings Mills, Md.

    July 07
    SolarWorld debuts 1,500-volt solar panels
    New product to save installation costs will appear at Intersolar North America

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 7, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer in the Americas for more than 40 years, announced today that it will release a 1,500-volt solar panel in time for this year’s fourth-quarter peak selling season.

    The company will exhibit the new 72-cell XL product at SolarWorld’s Booth 7411 at Intersolar North America from July 12 to 14 in San Francisco.

    June 29
    SolarWorld chosen, recommended most by installers in U.S. market, research shows
    New SolarWorld video highlights U.S. installers’ passion about SolarWorld brand

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 29, 2016 – A recent comprehensive survey by independent research firm EuPD Research found that more U.S. solar-system installers choose to carry SolarWorld solar panels than those of any other brand and they recommend SolarWorld with greater enthusiasm than any other brand, SolarWorld noted today.

    June 08
    SolarWorld donates 50 kW of solar panels to provide clean power for Haiti hospital
    Hospital Lumière is fifth Haitian hospital to benefit from SolarWorld donations
    High Resolution JPEG, 2400 x 1602, 4.5 MB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 8, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that the company’s donation of 50 kilowatts of high-performance solar panels has enabled a hospital in Bonne Fin, Haiti, to dramatically reduce reliance on expensive and faulty diesel generators.

    June 01
    SolarWorld teams with Solar Energy International (SEI) in training partnership
    Manufacturer, nonprofit solar training school to work together to prepare fast-growing installer base

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 31, 2016 – SolarWorld, America’s largest manufacturer of crystalline-silicon solar technology, has launched a training partnership with industry-recognized renewable-energy school Solar Energy International (SEI) that will include discounts on online coursework. The partnership brings together two solar-industry leaders: SolarWorld has more than 40 years of experience in U.S. solar manufacturing, while the nonprofit SEI, with 45,000 alumni worldwide, is celebrating 25 years as a training organization.

    April 21
    SolarWorld supplies projects totaling 4 MW for water district in Southern California
    Peak-shaving systems feature SolarWorld’s 72-cell solar panels 

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 21, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that it has supplied four systems of about 1 megawatt each for the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) in California’s Riverside County. The supplies carry forward a decade-long pattern of the company providing solar panels for peak-shaving power systems for water districts in energy-constrained California.

    April 12
    SolarWorld to supply 17.5 megawatts of solar panels for Nevada desert project
    Project will be built from U.S.-made components

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 12, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, is supplying 17.5 megawatts of its high-efficiency 72-cell solar panels for a project that the Valley Electric Association (VEA) is undertaking in the Mojave Desert town of Pahrump, west of Las Vegas near the Nevada border with California.

    March 07
    SolarWorld’s mono-PERC bifacial modules on way to University of Richmond test bed
    Array is first American commercial system using Bisun solar panels 
    High Resolution JPEG, 4256 x 2832, 5.02 MB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 7, 2016 SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, announced today that the company’s U.S. manufacturing hub has produced its first bifacial Bisun modules for installation as part of a 205-kilowatt system at the University of Richmond (Virginia). 

    The system will be the first commercial installation in the Americas to employ SolarWorld’s latest technology, which can generate up to 25 percent more energy, compared with standard mono-facial modules of the same nominal wattages.  

    February 10
    SolarWorld accepting applications for company’s 2016 Junior Einstein Award

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 10, 2016 SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, is now accepting applications for its 2016 SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award.  The oldest and most prestigious prize for young scientists in the photovoltaic industry will be awarded for the 11th time.

    The honor not only offers an appreciative cash prize, but it also opens many doors for young scientists:  As part of the award ceremony, winners meet important personalities in the photovoltaic industry.

    January 29
    SolarWorld partners with sonnen to launch energy storage solutions
    Company sees storage as key component in next phase of solar-industry growth

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 29, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, today announced that it is broadening its role in the smart energy-storage business in the U.S. market, signaling its resolve to empower customers with a storage option as part of complete energy-management systems.

    January 14
    SolarWorld to supply 10.5 megawatts of solar panels for system in south-central Oregon
    Project will tap company’s expanding output of 72-cell modules

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 14, 2016 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar manufacturer for more than 40 years, will supply 10.5 megawatts (DC) of 72-cell solar panels to power a project located near Lakeview, Oregon, in the state’s south-central high-desert outback.

  • 2015

    December 09
    SolarWorld supplies 8.75 MW of solar panels for DTE Energy’s Michigan project build-out

    SolarWorld supplies 8.75 MW of solar panels for DTE Energy’s Michigan project build-out

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 9, 2015SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar panel manufacturer for 40 years, announced today that the company has supplied a total of about 8.75 megawatts-peak (MWp) of American-made solar panels for DTE Energy projects in Michigan, including the state’s three largest solar systems.

    November 11
    SolarWorld solar panels enable U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to harness renewable energy
    SolarWorld solar panels enable U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to harness renewable energy carport
    High Resolution JPEG, 4160 x 2340, 2.91 MB

    Efficient Energy of Tennessee and San Francisco-based CivicSolar are project partners
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 11, 2015 –
    SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, announced today that the company has supplied two projects totaling 2.6 megawatts-peak (MW) of American-made solar panels for facilities of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    September 22
    SolarWorld will supply 65 MW of solar panels to Panasonic projects in Oregon

    Contract is SolarWorld’s largest for a single project
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 22, 2015 –
    SolarWorld – the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar manufacturer for 40 years, with well over 1 gigawatts of annual production capacity to its name – announced today that the company and Panasonic Eco Solutions in North America (Panasonic) have signed an agreement for SolarWorld to supply 65 megawatts of the company’s high-efficiency, 72-cell solar panels for a portfolio of individual projects that will total 65 MW planned in remote southeast Oregon. The contract, to be fulfilled in 2016, encompasses the largest project supply order in the company’s history.

    September 15
    SolarWorld will debut 72-cell bifacial solar panel at Solar Power International

    Sunmodule XL bifacial solar panel produces as much as 25 percent more power than conventional solar panels
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 15, 2015 –
    SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar manufacturer for 40 years, will showcase the global debut of its high-power, 72-cell bifacial solar panel this week at the solar-industry trade show Solar Power International.

    September 14
    SolarWorld joins forces with Enphase to develop integrated AC modules

    Microinverter-integrated solar panels will provide reliable, fast-to-install, high-efficiency technology breakthrough
    HILLSBORO, Ore., and PETALUMA, Calif., Sept. 14, 2015 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for 40 years, and Enphase Energy Inc., a global energy technology company, have agreed to jointly develop a new generation of AC solar modules (ACM) for the worldwide market.  The companies will collaborate on development, commercialization and marketing of an AC module that will integrate SolarWorld’s high-performance Sunmodule solar panels with Enphase’s leading microinverter technology.

    September 03
    SolarWorld solar panels power Texas electric cooperative’s 2.7 MW solar farm
    SolarWorld endorses industry shift to rail-free racking for solar installations
    High Resolution JPEG, 2000 x 1500, 2.91 MB
    CoServ Solar Station serving as national model for cost-effective solar deployment among utility co-ops

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 3, 2015 – Final testing is under way at a 2.7-megawatt solar farm in rural North Texas, powered by solar panels from SolarWorld, that is serving as a model for utility cooperatives interested in undertaking solar projects. Owned by CoServ Electric, a 78-year-old utility co-op that serves more than 165,000 members across seven counties, the CoServ Solar Station is believed to be the largest co-op solar installation in the state.

    August 24
    About 500 installers of SolarWorld solar panels convene for summit

    Attendees celebrate company’s 40 years of U.S. production

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 24, 2015 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for 40 years, this week convenes about 500 solar installers and 40 vendors from across the country for an annual summit of meetings and celebrations, this year keying on the company’s 40th anniversary of American manufacturing.

    August 20
    SolarWorld endorses industry shift to rail-free racking for solar installations
    High Resolution JPEG, 5184 x 3456, 7.7 MB

    Company announces distribution of Quick Mount PV systems
    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 20, 2015 –
    SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, today announced its alignment with an industry trend away from use of long rails in mounting solar panels and toward rail-free racking in light of the latter’s cost savings in materials, labor, storage and shipping. Innovative rail-free racking attaches the solar panels directly to individual roof mounts, instead of conventional, long rails.

    July 09
    Four innovations cap recognition of SolarWorld’s history of solar ingenuity
    SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus five bus bar solar panel
    High Resolution JPG, 3854 x 6193, 7.2 MB

    New video traces company’s lineage in solar-panel advances
    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 9, 2015 –
    SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, today announced four innovations in solar power solutions. The company will unveil the products – including 300-watt, 60-cell solar panels and 350-watt, 72-cell solar panels – at its booth at the industry trade show Intersolar from July 14 to 16 in San Francisco. The booth also will celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary of innovation by presenting an exhibit of its history and debuting a video chronicling its lineage of solar-technology advancement.

    July 02
    SolarWorld, Bank of the West partner in nationwide commercial financing
    Partnership pairs largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer with leading bank to offer financial solutions for commercial projects

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 2, 2015 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for 40 years, today announced a partnership with Bank of the West to finance commercial-scale solar systems, rounding out the solar producer’s financing options in its SolarWorld Financial Solutions Program. In many cases, customers will enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of a solar power system without initial capital investment.

    June 10
    Bill Yerkes, hailed as father of modern solar industry, wins SolarWorld Einstein Award
    Bill Yerkes, hailed as father of modern solar industry, wins SolarWorld Einstein Award
    High Resolution JPG, 2600 x 1733, 444 KB
    University student in Germany wins Junior Einstein Award for his research

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 10, 2015 – Bill Yerkes, variously described as the father of the modern solar industry and the Henry Ford of photovoltaics, has won the SolarWorld Einstein Award for 2015. The award recognizes individuals who have wielded an extraordinary impact in producing, applying or spreading solar photovoltaics for the benefit of the human race. Yerkes was recognized for his achievement in industrializing crystalline silicon solar manufacturing.

    June 04
    SolarWorld sponsors American-German team in Solar Decathlon 2015
    Team Nexushaus Solar Decathlon 2015
    High Resolution PNG, 2048 x 1363, 4.63 MB

    Sponsorship part of celebration for SolarWorld’s 40-year U.S. anniversary

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 4, 2015 – SolarWorld is providing high-power solar panels and flush-mount Sunfix mounting systems to an American-German team competing in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon 2015. The sponsorship is part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the company’s U.S. solar manufacturing.

    May 04
    Transitioning to five bus bars, SolarWorld solar panels once again lift power output

    Innovation extends company’s volume leadership in module power density

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 4, 2015 - SolarWorld announced today that the company is following its groupwide conversion to high-power PERC technology with adoption of even higher-efficiency cells featuring five bus bars. Taken together, the innovations will extend the company’s leadership in producing high-power conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at significant volumes.

    April 23
    Deploying 72-cell SolarWorld solar panels, USDA system will be biggest in D.C. area
    High Resolution JPEG, 2584 x 1483, 1.94 MB

    Project totaling 1.6 megawatts of photovoltaics will power office and research facility

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 23, 2015 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, has provided 1.6 megawatts of 315-watt, 72-cell monocrystalline solar panels for a project to power the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s George Washington Carver Center.


    February 12
    SolarWorld challenges U.S. scientists to vie for SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award

    Young researchers in solar-related fields can apply for prize until April 24, 2015

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 12, 2015 – Solarworld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, today challenged young American scientists to seek recognition for their photovoltaic-related research at academic institutions in the United States, where the main contemporary solar technologies and industries were pioneered. The SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award, to be awarded for the 10th time this year, is the oldest, most prestigious prize for young scientists’ research related to the photovoltaic industry. Yet no American so far has won the prize.

    January 30
    SolarWorld’s Mukesh Dulani named ‘Energy CEO of the Year’ in Oregon

    SolarWorld president Mukesh Dulani Portland Business Journal honors Dulani for company turn-around amid trade fight

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 30, 2015 – Mukesh Dulani, president of SolarWorld Americas Inc., has been honored as “Energy CEO of the Year” for Oregon by the Portland Business Journal in recognition of his role in turning around the U.S. operations of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years. SolarWorld Americas “bet big in 2014 that American consumers would choose high-quality domestic systems” over dumped and improperly subsidized imports from foreign competitors, the Portland Business Journal reported today. “The bet appears to be paying off.”



    January 21
    SolarWorld applauds final injury votes in cases against China, Taiwan

    Finding of harm against U.S. industry means imposition of import duties will go forward, reigniting American factory hiring after years of facing illegal trade practices

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 21, 2015 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years, commended the U.S. International Trade Commission for its votes this morning determining that imports of solar products from China and Taiwan are injuring U.S. manufacturers. Today’s votes were the final steps in the company’s second set of trade cases and SolarWorld’s tenth consecutive victory in those cases. The commission voted 5-0 with regard to China and 4-1 with regard to Taiwan.

  • 2014

    December 16
    SolarWorld Commends Critical Wins in Trade Cases against China, Taiwan

    Company applauds U.S. government’s trade duties and scope as promising measures to reignite American factory hiring after years of improper trade practices

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 16, 2014 - SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years, commended the U.S. Department of Commerce for issuing final duties on a comprehensive scope of solar imports, announced today, in the company’s second set of trade cases over 3½ years. SolarWorld said that Commerce, by comprehensively addressing the allegedly unfair trade practices of China and Taiwan, has paved the way for expansion of solar manufacturing in the strong and growing U.S. market.


    December 11
    SolarWorld solar panels power Hannah Solar’s cultivation of ‘cash crop’ in Georgia solar drive

    Nearly 18 MW in projects, many on farms, help fulfill Georgia Power’s landmark clean-energy initiative to drive the state’s solar-generating capacity to 1 gigawatt in five years

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 11, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years, announced that the company is rounding out nearly 18 megawatts of solar-panel deliveries to enable Atlanta-based Hannah Solar develop solar projects in several state regions and dozens of projects, many on agricultural lands.

    November 19
    SolarWorld and Enphase Energy Enter Global Strategic Partnership

    In deal, companies will share market channels and develop products together

    HILLSBORO, Ore., and PETALUMA, Calif., Nov. 19, 2014 – SolarWorld and Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) announced today that they have signed a global strategic partnership agreement. Enphase is the world’s largest provider of microinverters, devices that convert direct electrical current to alternating current to enable most applications of solar electric power.

    October 30
    SolarWorld announces expansions of solar panel and advanced cell production in Oregon

    Projects will add 200 jobs at company’s North American manufacturing hub

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 30, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest crystalline silicon solar producer in the Americas for nearly 40 years, announced that in 2015, it would add a solar-panel production line in Hillsboro to bring the panel-assembly factory’s capacity up to 530 megawatts (MW), expand advanced cell production capacity by 100 MW and add 200 jobs.

    October 22
    SolarWorld to Leverage $4 million U.S. Department of Energy Award to Develop Next-Generation Crystallization Technology for More Efficient, Affordable Solar Cells

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 22, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest crystalline silicon solar producer in the Americas for nearly 40 years, today expressed its gratitude for a $4 million cooperative award from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to intensify development of a ground-breaking silicon mono-crystallization technology. The proprietary development has demonstrated promise to sharply reduce costs to produce silicon mono-crystals while increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.

    July 25
    SolarWorld commends U.S. government’s move to restore fair competition in domestic industry

    Preliminary Commerce determination to impose anti-dumping duties on China and Taiwan aims to finish job of first trade cases

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 25, 2014 – SolarWorld today commended the U.S. Department of Commerce’s determination to impose preliminary anti-dumping import duties averaging about 42 percent on crystalline silicon solar panels made by the state-controlled Chinese solar industry from solar cells fabricated in third countries using Chinese inputs and about 36 percent on solar cells made in Taiwan.

    July 15
    Solar-industry coalition for fair trade swells above 250 employers of 25,000 Americans

    Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing includes nearly 200 downstream U.S. employers, such as installers and distributors

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 15, 2014 – The membership of the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) – a broad consortium of U.S. solar-industry employers that supports domestic manufacturing, sustainable production and fair competition and trade – has grown to more than 250 employers of nearly 25,000 American workers, according to SolarWorld, the coalition’s leader.

    July 08
    From modules to components, SolarWorld showcases advances in every facet of solar solutions at Intersolar

    SolarWorld’s wide-ranging offerings respond to diversifying needs of customers

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 8, 2014 – SolarWorld will present an across-the-board lineup of technological advances affecting all key products of solar-system solutions during the solar-industry trade show Intersolar North America in San Francisco this week. Advances range from the company’s Sunmodule XL – a high-power 72-cell mono-crystalline solar panel – to innovations in 60-cell panels, mounting systems and inverters. SolarWorld solar panels and systems are also among the first to meet stricter new fire-safety requirements. The expanded product portfolio and certifications highlight SolarWorld’s resolve to meet the rising diversity and evolving needs of customers in North America, where SolarWorld has been the largest crystalline silicon solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years.

    July 01
    SolarWorld presses for answers and action on China’s alleged cyber-espionage

    Company files requests asking U.S. Commerce Department to probe effects of alleged Chinese military cyber-hacking of SolarWorld amid first, current cases

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 1, 2014 – In filings today with the U.S. Department of Commerce, SolarWorld asks for an investigation into the trade implications of the Chinese military’s alleged cyber-spying on SolarWorld. The alleged spying occurred during the time that SolarWorld was litigating its original trade cases against the Chinese government and its state-controlled solar producers. The company is calling on Commerce to question the Chinese government about whether and how its solar producers benefitted from the computer espionage. It is also asking that Commerce review current cases and contemplate sanctions against the Chinese government.

    June 26
    SolarWorld: China’s cyber-espionage affords dual unfair edges in trade struggles

    Four out of five targeted U.S. companies and a union were challenging Chinese trade practices

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 26, 2014 – According to a recent U.S. criminal indictment against five members of a Chinese military unit, four out of six U.S. organizations that were targeted by People’s Liberation Army cyber-espionage attacks had filed trade cases against state-sponsored industries of China. The U.S. victims that allegedly were targeted in computer-based spying included SolarWorld Industries America Inc., U.S. Steel, the United Steelworkers union and Allegheny Technology Inc., among others.

    June 23
    Mexico’s largest rooftop solar array features SolarWorld solar panels, racking, system design
    Mexico’s largest rooftop solar array features SolarWorld solar panels, racking, system design
    High Resolution JPEG, 1198 x 260, 912 KB

    SolarWorld supplies complete 1.16-MW system for Plantronics’ Tijuana factory

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 23, 2014 – An audio-headset factory in Tijuana, Mexico, is now home to the largest, privately owned roof-mounted solar installation in all of Latin America. The 1.16-megawatt system features solar panels, racking and system engineering from SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the Americas for nearly 40 years.

    June 18
    SolarWorld, RGS Energy partner to deploy American-made solar panels nationwide

    Partnership pairs largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer with leading solar developer-installer

    HILLSBORO, Ore., and LOUISVILLE, Colo., June 18, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, and RGS Energy (NASDAQ: RGSE), a nationwide provider of turnkey solar energy solutions for residential, commercial and utility customers, have signed a supply agreement that aligns the two leading founders of U.S. solar industry. Both companies have operated in the U.S. solar industry for nearly 40 years.

    June 10
    SolarWorld produces 280-watt, 60-cell Sunmodule™ solar panels at commercial volume

    New power milestone once again puts SolarWorld ahead of high-volume global competitors

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 10, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, is producing 280-watt-peak, 60-cell Sunmodule solar panels at unprecedented commercial volumes. This achievement again demonstrates SolarWorld’s solar-industry technology leadership and represents an important step along SolarWorld’s fast-escalating course toward manufacturing a 300-watt, 60-cell panel.

    June 03
    SolarWorld applauds Commerce decision on imports of subsidized Chinese solar

    Preliminary duties range up to 35.21 percent to offset improper Chinese government support of export drive; anti-dumping duties to be announced July 25

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 3, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar producer for nearly 40 years, praised today’s preliminary decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce to impose anti-subsidy duties against U.S. imports of Chinese solar technology products and block state-sponsored Chinese solar producers from evading U.S. duties on their solar panels by outsourcing production of photovoltaic cells to third countries, such as Taiwan.

    May 28
    SolarWorld: U.S. solar industry awaits preliminary ruling on Chinese subsidies

    In wake of cyber-hacking charges against China’s military, upcoming Commerce Department decision presents key opportunity to address China’s illegal solar subsidies

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 28, 2014 – The domestic solar manufacturing industry awaits the first ruling from the Department of Commerce in new trade cases against China and Taiwan, when the department makes a preliminary decision next week about the level of illegal Chinese government subsidies benefiting its solar producers.

    April 22
    SolarWorld powers spread of grass-roots community solar purchasing from coast to coast

    SolarWorld has supplied about 3 megawatts of panels for 26 ‘solarize’ efforts

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 22, 2014 – Today, on opposite sides of the country, diverse groups of citizens, businesses and nonprofit organizations launched community solar programs in Charlotte, N.C., and Salt Lake City. These grass-roots efforts are among the latest in a nationwide wave of “solarize” programs that aim to give community members easy and cut-rate access to home solar installations. Both programs exclusively offer high-performance, American-made SolarWorld solar panels installed by skilled local contractors at volume-discount pricing.

    April 15
    SolarWorld signs supply agreement with PetersenDean, largest privately held U.S. roofing and solar company

    PetersenDean will install U.S.-made SolarWorld solar panels in its Solar4America campaign

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 15, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for nearly 40 years, and PetersenDean, the nation’s largest privately held roofing and solar company, today announced a partnership to offer homeowners an affordable path to solar ownership, using American-made solar systems installed by U.S. workers. Under the agreement, SolarWorld will supply high-performance solar panels manufactured at the company’s headquarters factory in Hillsboro, Ore., for PetersenDean residential installations beginning this month.

    April 09
    SolarWorld seeks pioneering university-student applicants for prestigious solar research prize

    Application deadline for the 2014 SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award is April 15

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 9, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the United States and Europe, will accept applications for the annual SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award until April 15. Now in its ninth year, the Junior Einstein Award is the oldest and most prestigious prize for young scientists who undertake research relevant to the photovoltaic industry. The award offers a 5,000-euro prize.

    March 24
    Dragonfly Solar and SolarWorld to deliver 517-kW solar farm to four Midwestern utility cooperatives

    Joint ownership enables cooperatives to maximize renewable energy investment

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 24, 2014 – Dragonfly Solar, a commercial solar developer based in Lakeville, Minn., and SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer since 1975, will partner to deliver a 517-kilowatt solar array to four electric utility cooperatives in the U.S. Midwest. The project is the nation’s first and largest to be developed under a model of joint ownership among utility cooperatives, exemplifying how cooperatives can maximize their clean-power investment.

    March 06
    SolarWorld has injected $1.5 billion into U.S. economy since 2008, demonstrating impact of U.S. manufacturing

    Per-state purchasing up to $382 million illustrates solar manufacturing’s multiplier effect

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 6, 2014 – In a vivid illustration of domestic manufacturing’s potent impact on the U.S. economy, SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today that it purchased more than $1.46 billion in goods and services from other American manufacturers and employers between 2008 and 2013.  This industrial wellspring of business for suppliers, shippers and professional service providers highlights solar manufacturing’s demonstrated “multiplier effect” in creating jobs, filling factories and fueling investment nationwide.

    February 26
    SolarWorld invites university student scientists to apply for prestigious solar research prize

    Company now accepting applications for the 2014 SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 26, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the U.S. and Europe, is now accepting applications for the 2014 SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award. Now in its ninth year, the Junior Einstein Award is the oldest and most prestigious prize for young scientists doing research relevant to the photovoltaic industry. The award offers not only an attractive sum of prize money but also opens professional doors for young scientists. As part of the award ceremony, winners meet important figures in the photovoltaic industry.

    February 14
    SolarWorld commends trade vote as important step in favor of U.S. solar manufacturing

    Vote by U.S. International Trade Commission recognizes that imports of Chinese solar products are injuring domestic U.S. manufacturers

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 14, 2014 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. crystalline silicon solar producer for nearly 40 years, today heralded yet another advance in the renewable-energy industry’s return to fair competition, after the bipartisan U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) made unanimous affirmative preliminary determinations that U.S. imports of Chinese and Taiwanese solar panels are injuring the domestic manufacturing industry.

    February 10
    SolarWorld extolls contributions of the late Bill Yerkes, key pioneer of world solar manufacturing
    Bill Yerkes pioneer of the solar manufacturing industryHILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 10, 2014 – SolarWorld mourns the death of John W. “Bill” Yerkes, a visionary entrepreneur who played a primary role in pioneering the global solar-manufacturing industry, including SolarWorld’s U.S. industrial lineage. During a career spanning 50 years, Yerkes helped move solar technology from NASA spacecraft to home rooftops and developed manufacturing techniques that allowed solar panels to be produced and installed on a mass scale. Many of today’s solar-industry veterans got their start under the influence of the leadership, processes and products that Yerkes brought to the industry.
    February 05
    SolarWorld founder, chairman and CEO: China has placed U.S. solar industry in ‘grave danger’

    Frank Asbeck asks President Obama to support rule of law in solar trade

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 5, 2014 –Frank H. Asbeck, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of SolarWorld AG, today issued an open letter to President Barack Obama requesting his support for both the U.S. manufacturing and installation wings of the domestic solar industry as they confront trade aggression from China.

    Please refer to the full text of the letter.

    January 06
    Water systems from SolarWorld, Rotary, Water Missions International aid 35,000 people in Peru, Haiti and Malawi

    Water systems from SolarWorld, Rotary, Water Missions International aid 35,000 people in Peru, Haiti and MalawiHILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 6, 2014 – A partnership among SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the United States and Europe, and nonprofit partners Rotary International and Water Missions International (WMI) has helped a total of 35,000 people in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean gain access to clean, safe drinking water. At the close of 2013, SolarWorld, Rotary International, a global network of humanitarian volunteers, and WMI, a Christian water-engineering nonprofit, celebrated installation of 25 solar-powered, community-based water-purification systems in Haiti, the Peruvian Amazon and Malawi. The three organizations share a chief humanitarian goal of promoting water quality to enhance the health, quality of life and economic status of the world’s poorest people.

  • 2013

    December 31
    One year after winning trade ruling, SolarWorld works to finish job of restoring U.S. competition

    Actions counter China’s ongoing erosion of U.S. manufacturing industry

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 31, 2013 – SolarWorld announced today that it is taking further steps to counter ongoing, anticompetitive trade practices that the U.S. government conclusively determined one year ago were unfairly harming the U.S. domestic solar industry. The largest U.S. producer for more than 35 years, the company said it was acting on behalf of the domestic industry as a whole, a broad coalition of installers and other industry businesses, and the promising future of an industry and technology pioneered in America.

    December 23
    SolarWorld commends White House, Defense for bolstering rule on U.S. military’s solar purchases

    New rule bars purchases of China-assembled solar panels for military sites

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 23, 2013 – Today, SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, applauded the administration of President Barack Obama as well as the U.S. Department of Defense for issuing a rule that the company said could help to restore the intended purpose of the Buy American Act in purchases of solar photovoltaic technology for military sites – and offers new hope of a solar manufacturing-industry turn-around that can advance the nation’s defense, energy and economic security.

    December 03
    SolarWorld pledges support for Solar Forward, crowd-sourced solar-energy fund in Portland, Ore.

    High performance SolarWorld solar panels at Portland Parks and Recreation’s Southwest Community CenterFund will support solar arrays at city schools, community centers and libraries

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 3, 2013 – SolarWorld joined Portland Mayor Charlie Hales today to launch Solar Forward, a crowd-sourced campaign to pay for solar installations at some of Portland’s most beloved public spaces. The largest U.S. solar manufacturer since 1975, SolarWorld is one of five founding donors that together have pledged more than $20,000 to seed the clean-energy fund.

    November 26
    Acquisition of Bosch solar plants in Europe beefs up SolarWorld’s production strength

    Deal puts SolarWorld capacity over 1 GW, in world’s top 10

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 26, 2013 – SolarWorld AG, parent company of SolarWorld Industries America Inc., will take over much of Bosch Solar Energy, boosting SolarWorld’s annual global production capacity over 1 gigawatt at all key production phases, the company announced today. Expected to be completed by late February, the acquisition will lift the company’s world capacity into the world’s top 10 and bolster its status as the largest crystalline-silicon solar producer outside of the People’s Republic of China.

    October 09
    SolarWorld solar panels will power carpet tile manufacturing plant in Georgia town

    Shaw Industries Group Inc. increases use of alternative energy using American-made panels

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct. 9, 2013 About 1 megawatt of solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar technology for more than 35 years, soon will go live atop a carpet-tile manufacturing plant of Shaw Industries Group Inc. (Shaw) in Cartersville, Ga., located about 45 miles northwest of Atlanta.  The Cartersville solar power system, expected to be commissioned later this month, will contribute about 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of power into the Georgia Power utility grid, enough power to supply about 100 homes.

    September 20
    SolarWorld summit convenes authorized installers across U.S.: ‘Stronger Together’
    SolarWorld summit convenes authorized installers across the U.S.
    High Resolution JPEG, 4256 x2832, 2.82 MB

    Loyal installation partners gather for inaugural, two-day conference

    HILLSBORO, Ore. – More than 250 people from every region of the United States and nearby islands are convened for an inaugural, two-day annual summit meeting of SolarWorld’s authorized installers, where they are reviewing the latest product, manufacturing and marketing advances in support of high-reliability solar solutions from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years.

    September 13
    SolarWorld power projects group deploys 1.1-MW solar array at Bay Area water treatment plant
    SolarWorld power projects group deploys 1.1-MW solar array at Bay Area water treatment plant
    High Resolution JPEG, 2592 x1758, 2.4 MB

    SolarWorld system to save millions for two Northern California cities over two decades

    CAMARILLO, Calif. – The cities of Fairfield and Vacaville, Calif., have announced the completion of a 1.1-megawatt solar system designed, procured and constructed by SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, and owned and operated by Sustainable Power Group (sPower), an independent power producer based in Salt Lake City. The array powers the North Bay Regional Water Treatment Plant, a facility the cities co-own on the Sacramento River delta.

    September 09
    SolarWorld brings all-American solar financing to homeowners in Hawaii

    Freedom™ Plan pairs flexible payment options with American-made quality and aesthetics

    HILLSBORO, Ore., – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, now offers the SolarWorld Freedom™ Plan, the solar industry’s first financing program dedicated exclusively to American-made solar panels, in Hawaii. The program is designed for homeowners seeking freedom from rising utility costs by replacing a portion of their electricity bill with a low monthly solar-power payment. Unlike competitors’ financing programs, the SolarWorld Freedom Plan guarantees the use of high-quality American-made solar panels in every installation.

    September 05
    SolarWorld appeals two trade-case findings to Court of International Trade in New York

    Appeals could significantly raise import duties for many Chinese solar producers

    HILLSBORO, Ore., – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, has submitted arguments to appeal U.S. Department of Commerce determinations that the company believes weakened resulting trade remedies. In particular, SolarWorld argues that numerous Chinese solar producers failed to show they were free of Chinese government control and that Commerce wrongly undervalued aluminum frames used in Chinese solar-panel production, significantly understating antidumping duties.

    September 03
    SolarWorld breaks ground on more than 500 kilowatts of solar carports at four California parks

    SolarWorld oversees engineering, procurement, construction and permitting

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 3, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today that it has begun constructing solar carports totaling 537 kilowatts of power-generation capacity at four public parks in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The four carports are expected to generate a total of 17,300,000 kilowatt-hours in renewable energy, saving the Conejo Recreation and Parks District (CRPD), the local government unit that owns and operates the parks, millions of dollars over 25 years.

    August 27
    SolarWorld supplies Dominican Republic’s largest solar installation

    Cibao International Airport inaugurates 1.5 megawatts of SolarWorld panels and racking

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 27, 2013 – Solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, now power the largest solar-electric installation in the Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic. The 1.5-megawatt solar array sits near the runway of Cibao International Airport, the country’s third largest airport. The system, a complete solar solution featuring SolarWorld’s high-quality solar panels and proprietary racking, generates enough clean energy to support about half of the airport’s energy needs.

    August 27
    SolarWorld provee la mayor instalación de energía solar de República Dominicana

    El Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao inaugura 1,5 megavatios de paneles y soportes de SolarWorld

    HILLSBORO, Ore., 27 de Agosto, 2013Los paneles solares de SolarWorld, el fabricante de energía solar más grande de EE. UU., durante más de 35 años, ahora proporcionan energía a la mayor instalación de energía solar-eléctrica en el país caribeño de República Dominicana. La planta solar de 1,5 megavatios se encuentra cerca de la pista del Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao, el tercer aeropuerto más grande del país. El sistema, una solución solar completa con paneles solares y soportes patentados de alta calidad de SolarWorld, genera energía limpia suficiente para cubrir aproximadamente la mitad de las necesidades energéticas del aeropuerto.

    August 23
    Gaia Energy Systems and SolarWorld streamline solar procurement for local government agency

    Mendocino Transit Authority becomes first in nation to buy and install solar system through local-government solar-purchasing cooperative

    Camarillo and Santa Rosa, Calif., Aug. 23, 2013 – Gaia Energy Systems, a full-service solar design and installation firm based in Northern California, has installed 18 kilowatts of SolarWorld solar panels at the headquarters of the Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA) in Ukiah, Calif. The project is the first in the nation to take advantage of a renewable-energy group-buy program for local government agencies.

    August 07
    SolarWorld successfully secures approvals for financial restructuring

    Frank Asbeck, chairman and CEO of SolarWorld: “Approval of our financial restructuring gives SolarWorld’s business a boost so we can continue to lead the solar industry in technology and quality.”

    Bonn, Germany, Aug. 7, 2013 – At an extraordinary general meeting today in Bonn, Germany, more than 91 percent of SolarWorld’s shareholders voting agreed to implement capital measures to restructure the company’s financial position and balance sheet. On Aug. 5 and 6, more than 99 percent of voting holders of SolarWorld’s two notes also accepted the package. As a result, the road to restructuring is clear.

    July 31
    SolarWorld extends all-American solar financing program to six more states

    Freedom Plan™, only all-American solar financing program, now available not only in California but also in Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 31, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, has extended its popular Freedom Plan, the solar industry’s only financing program dedicated to high-quality, American-made solar panels and racking, to six additional U.S. states. The program is now available to residential solar customers not only in California but also in Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey. It is designed for homeowners seeking freedom from rising utility costs and foreign energy sources by replacing a portion of their electricity bill with a low monthly solar-power payment.

    July 22
    Workers laid off from SolarWorld factory can tap federal trade-dislocation benefits

    Assistance can include help with job placement, retraining, expenses

    HILLSBORO, ORE., July 22, 2012 – Many of about 50 SolarWorld workers who will lose their jobs late this summer will be eligible for federal “trade-adjustment” assistance because the U.S. Department of Labor has determined that Chinese solar-panel imports were a cause of their impending layoffs, the company announced today.

    Many of the laid-off workers, most of whom grow silicon crystal and cut crystals into solar wafers in SolarWorld’s factory in Hillsboro, Ore., will be able to tap benefits such as job-placement assistance; expenses for job searches, relocation and retraining; income support during full-time retraining; and tax credits for health-insurance premiums.

    July 08
    SolarWorld guarantee for glass-glass solar panel covers 25 percent more power than industry-standard guarantee for conventional panels

    Value of addition to guaranteed power from 250-kilowatt commercial solar system could amount to an extra $25,000

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 8, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, once again is leading the world’s major solar-panel producers by debuting a leading power-performance guarantee for its Sunmodule Protect glass-glass solar panel that covers about 25 percent more energy generation than the industry-standard 25-year linear power guarantee for conventional solar panels. The Sunmodule Protect, along with its guarantee, will be available for review at SolarWorld’s booth (No. 7609) at the Intersolar North America Exhibition from July 9 to 11 in San Francisco.

    July 03
    In honor of Independence Day, SolarWorld lauds economic impact of American manufacturing

    Company injected more than $240 million into other U.S. businesses in 2012

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 3, 2013 – In light of Independence Day, SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, celebrates the impact of domestic renewable-energy technology manufacturing in advancing the nation’s economic and energy independence. The company purchased more than $240 million in goods and services from other manufacturers and employers in 46 U.S. states in 2012, according to a report released today. This industrial wellspring of business for suppliers, shippers and professional service providers highlights solar manufacturing’s so-called multiplier effect in creating jobs, filling factories and fueling investment across the U.S. economy.

    July 01
    SolarWorld solar panels earn top grade in revamped PV+ durability test

    Sunmodule Plus excels against Europe-based laboratory’s new, more stringent quality criteria

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 1, 2013 – Solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in Europe and the United States, have earned the highest ranking in the PV+Test, a rigorous testing regimen that evaluates solar panels according to broad technical and financial criteria. The company’s Sunmodule Plus SW 245 polycrystalline silicon solar panel achieved the top grade of “very good” under this year’s more stringent assessment standards known as PV+Test 2.0.

    June 20
    SolarWorld earns place on U.S. government’s roster of pre-approved solar-system suppliers

    Supply schedule contract speeds SolarWorld solar panels and services to federal units

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 20, 2013 – The General Services Administration (GSA), a federal agency that supports basic operational functions of the U.S. government, has awarded a Federal Supply Schedule Contract to SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The contract authorizes SolarWorld to sell solar panels and complete solar systems directly to federal government agencies, offices and departments, including the Department of Defense, by dint of streamlined processes and procedures.

    June 13
    SolarWorld urges industry to respond to reports of rising solar-panel defect rates

    Company issues call in light of recent article in The New York Times

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 13, 2013 – Today, SolarWorld called on the world solar industry to establish, embrace and promote an industry-wide acceptable quality limit (AQL) for production of crystalline silicon solar panels sold within the U.S. market. The company issued the call in response to reports of rising defect rates, which threaten the solar industry’s hard-won record of high product reliability just as solar undergoes broader adoption and therefore scrutiny.

    June 12
    SolarWorld solar panels will tap June sunshine at Tennessee’s Bonnaroo music festival

    Fans pay for first permanent solar array for major annual U.S. festival

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 12, 2013 – When world-renowned musicians such as Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis take the stage starting tomorrow at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn., solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will offset electricity used to power their performances. A 50-kilowatt array, which festival attendees paid for out of their own pockets, is the first permanent solar system installed at a major American music festival. The clean energy produced by the system is equivalent to 20 percent of the power consumed at Bonnaroo during the annual four-day music and art extravaganza.

    May 07
    SolarWorld sponsors Solar Decathlon teams representing Southwest and West Virginia

    Solar panels from SolarWorld will power model houses designed to suit urban desert and Appalachian region

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 7, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will sponsor a joint team from Arizona State University and University of New Mexico as well as a team from West Virginia University in this year’s U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon solar-home-design competition. For the first time, the event from Oct. 3 through 14 is scheduled at a venue outside of Washington, D.C. This year’s contest will take place at Orange County Great Park, located in the same region where SolarWorld’s site in Camarillo, Calif., has served as a crucible for solar-industry innovation since the late 1970s.

    April 17
    SolarWorld will supply solar panels for world’s premier pump-maker, Grundfos

    Danish pump-maker taps SolarWorld solar panels to power Grundfos’ trail-blazing solar-powered submersible water pumps on many continents

    BONN, Germany, April 17, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in both Europe and the Americas, has become world supplier of solar panels to Grundfos, the pump industry’s largest, most innovative producer, SolarWorld announced today. SolarWorld will provide solar panels for use with Grundfos’ solar-powered submersible water pumps in countries on many continents.

    April 10
    Duke Energy Renewables Acquires California Project from SolarWorld

    Duke surpasses 100 MW milestone in commercial solar energy generation

    High Resolution JPEG, 3000x1726, 2.18 MB

    TWENTYNINE PALMS, CALIF., April 10, 2013 (joint release from SolarWorld and Duke) – Duke Energy Renewables, a commercial business unit of Duke Energy, today announced it has acquired two commercial solar power projects near Twentynine Palms, Calif., from project developer SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years.

    The twin projects, named Highlander Solar 1 and 2, are in close proximity and will be run as a single operation. It will collectively generate 21 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy, enough to power more than 4,000 average homes each year.

    April 04
    SolarWorld solar panels power first net-zero-energy, zero-combustion home in Southern California

    Ed Begley Jr. to speak at ‘Green Idea House’ dedication on April 6 in Hermosa Beach

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 4, 2013 – The owners of the “Green Idea House” – Southern California’s first net-zero-energy, zero-combustion home – will host a public dedication ceremony at the Hermosa Beach residence on April 6. The home is a cornerstone case study for Southern California Edison’s Net Zero Energy Initiative, the utility’s program for implementing California Public Utility Commission guidelines that all new residential buildings be net-zero-energy by 2020. With 6.25 kilowatts of high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, and a host of energy-efficiency and sustainable-climate-control technologies, the 2100-sqaure-foot, all-electric house generates more green energy than it consumes on an annual basis and burns no fossil fuels.

    March 22
    SolarWorld delivers multi-partner project to pull plug on water-aid NGO’s electric bill

    100-kilowatt system will enable South Carolina’s Water Missions International each month to supply safe drinking water to 100 additional residents of developing areas

    High Resolution JPEG, 5328 x3552, 4.3 MB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 22, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, today joined Water Missions International (WMI), a host of supply and service donors and dozens of volunteers in celebrating the commissioning of a 100-kilowatt system at the international water-engineering nonprofit’s new headquarters location in North Charleston, S.C. The system is expected to produce $1,000 a month in savings on electrical costs, expanding the organization’s capacity to provide an additional 100 people a month access to safe drinking water for life, often using solar power to pump water through the organization’s patented filtration systems.

    March 13
    SolarWorld introduces glass-glass solar panel featuring 30-year linear guarantee

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 13, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, today introduced its Sunmodule Protect glass-glass solar panel. No heavier than a standard glass-film panel, the innovative new product is protected by one of the industry’s highest-value performance guarantees.

    In Sunmodule Protect solar panels, SolarWorld substitutes a panel’s conventional backsheet with lightweight glass to better shield energy-producing solar cells from the elements. This advance enables SolarWorld to extend its linear performance guarantee to 30 years, up from 25 years, offering only 0.35 percentage points in lower performance protection over each of the 30 years –one of the best performance guarantees available in the world solar market. Sunmodule Protect solar panels debut in the second half of 2013 through SolarWorld’s network of preferred distributors and authorized installers.

    February 20
    Northern California ranch energizes about 1 MW of SolarWorld solar panels

    Commissioning ceremony celebrates the union of American-made solar, agriculture

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 20, 2013 – Strain Ranches, a diversified agricultural operation in Arbuckle, Calif., has commissioned one of the nation’s largest farm-based solar installations to power its commercial rice drying and storage business. The 902-kilowatt array features solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, and Enphase microinverters. Strain Ranches unveiled its solar system this week, highlighting the natural synergy between domestic agricultural and solar production, two iconic American industries.

    February 12
    SolarWorld introduces industry’s first all-American solar financing

    Freedom™ Plan pairs flexible payment options with American-made quality and aesthetics

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 12, 2013 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, has launched the SolarWorld Freedom™ Plan, the solar industry’s first financing program dedicated exclusively to American-made solar products. The program is designed for homeowners seeking freedom from rising utility costs by replacing a portion of their electricity bill with a low monthly solar-power payment. Unlike competitors’ financing programs, the SolarWorld Freedom™ Plan guarantees the use of high-quality American-made solar panels in every installation, responding to American consumers’ recently surveyed strong preference for products made in the USA.

    January 31
    Public-sector group-buy program speeds SolarWorld panels to local governments

    Program eases local and state government access to affordable American-made solar systems

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 31, 2013 – Beginning tomorrow, solar panels and complete solar systems from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will be available through the only group-purchasing program to offer renewable-energy products and services to U.S. state and municipal government agencies.

    SolarWorld was selected as an approved vendor by HGACBuy (Helping Governments across the Country Buy), a 35 year-old cooperative-purchasing program of the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

  • 2012

    December 06
    SolarWorld solar panels power largest array for Nevada school

    Nevada’s largest private school’s 1.11-MW array typifies state’s commercial solar boom

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 6, 2012 – Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School, the largest private school in Nevada, is now home to the state’s largest school-based solar array. The 1.11-megawatt system, unveiled at the school’s 39-acre Las Vegas campus this fall, features more than 4,000 solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. Designed and installed by SolarWorld Authorized Installer Bombard Renewable Energy of Las Vegas, the installation demonstrates growing demand for rooftop and carport solar installations in a state often associated with sprawling, utility-scale desert solar farms.

    November 28
    SolarWorld statement regarding stimulus-funded Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 28, 2012 – SolarWorld today issued the following statement attributable to Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America.

    SolarWorld wishes to clarify that it has received no federal subsidies for developing its solar-manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Ore., the largest and only vertically integrated solar plant in the Western Hemisphere, or for redeveloping its now-closed plant in Camarillo, Calif. SolarWorld has invested more than $600 million of its own money into its Hillsboro campus alone. Although the U.S. Department of Energy in 2010 awarded the company eligibility for $82.2 million in advanced energy manufacturing tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), SolarWorld has never applied for, used, sold or profited from these credits.

    November 26
    SolarWorld pays tribute to Larry Hagman, actor and American solar energy advocate

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 26, 2012 – With deep sadness, SolarWorld mourns the death of Larry Hagman. Hagman was a vocal advocate for solar energy in America and around the globe. Contrary to his popular image as ruthless oil baron J.R. Ewing on TV’s Dallas, Hagman owned one of the biggest private solar energy systems in the United States. He also participated in several philanthropic solar projects, including the electrification of hospitals in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. For SolarWorld, Hagman acted in numerous television advertisements in the U.S. and Europe.

    November 07
    SolarWorld applauds trade panel for vote to counter illegal Chinese trade practices

    Company pledges to continue to fight for fair and legal solar-industry trade

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 7, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar producer for more than 35 years, cheered the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) today for its unanimous final finding that illegally subsidized and dumped Chinese imports of crystalline silicon solar cells and panels have hurt domestic manufacturers. The decision, along with all major preceding rulings, validates the central contention of SolarWorld’s trade cases that the government of China is staging an illegal, anticompetitive export drive at the expense of U.S. manufacturing and jobs, the company said.

    However, the company said in light of China’s apparent determination to prop up its excessive production capacity at any cost, it would continue to pursue all relevant options to address China’s improper trade practices. The goal, according to the company, is to revive the domestic industry, fair competition and economic growth in the U.S. solar-manufacturing market at a time when demand is robustly expanding.

    October 10
    SolarWorld applauds trade remedies, signals plan to block evasive practices

    Commerce Department sharply increases anti-subsidy duties on Chinese imports

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 10, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar technology manufacturer for more than 35 years, today praised the U.S. Department of Commerce for its decision to counter improper Chinese trade practices by imposing significant anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on Chinese imports of crystalline silicon solar technology.

    For the duties to become final, the company will await a Nov. 7 decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on whether the Chinese practices are injuring the U.S. industry. If the ITC votes affirmatively, as it did unanimously in a preliminary ruling in late 2011, Commerce’s final duties will go into effect. The ITC ruling will conclude one of the largest U.S. trade cases brought against China. Supported by the 226-employer Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing, the case aims to stop the Chinese government from investing massive improper subsidies to underwrite its solar industry’s export campaign and dump products, or sell them at artificially low prices, to seize U.S. market share.

    September 25
    SolarWorld Einstein Awards go to founders of Water Missions International and SMA

    Water-engineering ministry will receive up to 100 kilowatts of SolarWorld solar panels

    FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 25, 2012 – The parent company of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, today honored founders of U.S.-based Christian nonprofit Water Missions International and the largest solar inverter manufacturer, Germany-based SMA, in the company’s annual Einstein Awards ceremony here.

    At an event attended by solar researchers and solar-industry leaders, SolarWorld saluted Water Missions founders Molly and George Greene III of Charleston, S.C., for their organization’s use of solar power to operate water pumps in filtrating clean, safe water supplies for communities in developing economies. The Greenes devote their lives to voluntary leadership of an organization that employs 150 people in nine countries to provide clean water supplies and educational and community support for their use. An estimated 1.2 billion people, especially children under 5, suffer – and die – from water-borne parasites and disease. As few as four solar panels can power a pump to supply water to up to 5,000 people.

    September 21
    SolarWorld provides solar panels for POW-MIA kiosk at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    New National Mall display dedicated on National POW-MIA Recognition Day

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 21, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today that it has donated high-performance solar panels to power a new kiosk and display – located at the popular Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. – in support of U.S. military prisoners of war and missing in action (POW-MIA).

    SolarWorld donated the solar panels to Rolling Thunder-Washington D.C. Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the memory of such U.S. military personnel from the Vietnam War. The installation was dedicated today, federally recognized as National POW-MIA Recognition Day.

    September 10
    SolarWorld unveils 270-watt, 60-cell Sunmodule™ solar panel at trade show

    New Sunmodule solar panel features industry-leading power density in 60-cell format

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 10, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will debut its 270-watt-peak Sunmodule solar panel this week at the trade show Solar Power International (SPI) in Orlando, Fla. Made in America, at SolarWorld’s headquarters manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, the 270-watt mono-crystalline solar panel taps advanced light-capture and energy-conversion technologies to achieve industry-leading power density in a 60-cell format.

    “The 270-watt Sunmodule solar panel is the result of our steady investment of time, money and human ingenuity in research, development and capital upgrades, both in Oregon and Europe, and further elevates SolarWorld as a global solar-technology leader,” said Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc. “With its innovative use of new technologies and production-process breakthroughs, our 270-watt module securely positions SolarWorld at the forefront of performance.”

    September 07
    SolarWorld breaks ground on 25-MW Desert Star Solar Projects in California

    Mojave systems showcase SolarWorld’s project, product capabilities

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 7, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today that it has begun construction of its 25-megawatt (DC) Desert Star Solar Projects in California’s Mojave Desert. The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) division of SolarWorld, which owns the land and projects near Twentynine Palms, Calif., is overseeing all phases of the projects, including design, engineering, procurement, permitting and construction. Once completed later this year, Desert Star will rank among California’s largest operating crystalline-silicon solar installations.

    "Desert Star is the latest in a line of utility-scale projects dating to the early 1980s that demonstrates the deep experience and wide-ranging capabilities of SolarWorld’s EPC division," said Kevin Kilkelly, president of SolarWorld Americas, the company’s commercial arm, based in Camarillo, Calif. "The projects spotlight the best of American solar ingenuity, combining our U.S.-manufactured solar panels and single-axis tracker with some of the country’s brightest solar engineering and construction talent."

    August 24
    SolarWorld solar panels poised to power shelters as hurricane season approaches

    Energy security is assured in shelters at 83 schools in Florida

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Aug. 24, 2012 – As Florida braces for hurricane season, an ambitious program to install SolarWorld solar panels on 100 Florida schools by the end of 2012 has better equipped state residents to weather powerful storms. Tapping a $10 million federal stimulus grant, the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) has enabled installation of a 10-kilowatt solar array at each of the schools to provide emergency power for school-based shelters in the event of storms such as the impending Hurricane Isaac.

    The ground-mounted solar systems supplement the schools’ electricity during normal operations while charging a bank of back-up batteries. If schools are put into service as emergency shelters, the solar systems will power their lighting and critical equipment, drawing on the batteries during dark hours.

    August 06
    SolarWorld Initiates Technology Upgrades to Boost Solar Panels’ Performance Edge

    After five years, company again invests in Oregon, topping $600 million in total outlay

    HILLSBORO, Ore., August 6, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere, today celebrated its fifth anniversary of revitalizing, expanding and staffing a formerly idle semiconductor wafer factory here by announcing new investments totaling $27 million to upgrade and replace several factory systems and debut technological advances that will boost the power output of its high-performance solar panels.

    July 23
    Los Angeles utility powers up 11.4-MW (DC) SolarWorld solar system

    Adelanto project leads LADWP’s shift to more renewable power generation

    CAMARILLO, Calif., July 23, 2012 – At an employee recognition and commissioning event near the town of Adelanto in California's Mojave Desert, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) dedicated the Adelanto Solar Power Plant, an 11.4-megawatt DC solar installation designed and supplied by SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The Adelanto project, which features SolarWorld's American-made solar panels and proprietary racking, will harvest the solar energy advantages of clean, renewable power for homes and businesses in Los Angeles.

    July 09
    SolarWorld debuts next-generation single-axis tracker at Intersolar

    Suntrac® minimizes construction and maintenance costs for utility-scale power plants

    SAN FRANCISCO, July 9, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will launch the next-generation of its single-axis tracker, Suntrac®, this week at the trade show Intersolar North America in San Francisco. Designed to streamline installation costs and improve mechanical reliability for utility-scale solar installations, the solar tracker can boost a system’s electricity production by up to 21 percent, compared with static ground-mount racking. Suntrac has already been specified for 26 megawatts of utility-scale projects in California.

    July 03
    Made in the USA Foundation taps SolarWorld for Hall of Fame honor

    Company’s manufacturing recognized for job creation, competitiveness, standards

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 3, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer for more than 35 years, was inducted Monday, July 2, 2012, into the Made in the USA Foundation’s Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame celebrates businesses that demonstrate excellence in U.S. manufacturing. The foundation recognized SolarWorld for its contribution to American job creation, commitment to high U.S. environmental and labor standards, and leadership in fighting for fair global competition in the solar industry.

    June 25
    CALSTART, U.S. leader in clean transportation, unveils SolarWorld solar panels at head office

    Installation marries solar power with electric vehicle charging

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 25, 2012 – CALSTART, North America’s leading consortium to promote clean transportation technologies, today unveiled an 84.5-kilowatt solar array at its headquarters in Pasadena, Calif. The installation combines high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacture for more than 35 years, with five electric vehicle charging stations. The project demonstrates the marriage of solar power and electric-vehicle charging for CALSTART’s member organizations – hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, vehicle-fleet owners, government agencies and policy-makers working to commercialize clean transportation technology across North America.

    June 14
    Municipal governments harness SolarWorld solar panels to power vital public services

    Cities and counties embrace solar energy, save millions in utility costs

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 14, 2012 – City and county governments across the nation are tapping solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, to power vital public services. At hospitals, administrative buildings, waste-water treatment plants and jails, forward-looking municipalities have installed nearly 2.5 megawatts of the company’s high-performance, American-made solar panels since April, recognizing their ability to save taxpayers millions of dollars in energy costs and make substantial contributions to environmental quality.

    May 17
    Anti-dumping duties against 'Big China Solar' step toward restoring industry competition

    SolarWorld: Retroactive duties could help dampen illegal Chinese export drive

    HILLSBORO, ORE., May 17, 2012 – The U.S. head of SolarWorld voiced confidence that today's announcement of preliminary U.S. anti-dumping duties on imports of solar cells and panels from China’s state-sponsored manufacturers could begin to help restore legal and fair global competition and revive growth in U.S. solar-industry manufacturing and jobs. The duties were calculated to counter the Chinese industry’s illegal practice of dumping products, or selling them at artificially low prices, in the United States to seize market share here.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce issued anti-dumping duties of 31.14 percent on imports of solar cells and panels from Suntech, 31.22 percent from Trina Solar, 31.18 percent from other companies that had requested but not received individual duty determinations and 249.96 percent from all other Chinese producers, including those controlled by the Chinese government.

    May 04
    New Jersey school offsets 90 percent of energy use with 6.1 MW of SolarWorld solar panels

    Lawrenceville School’s array is among largest installed at a U.S. school

    HILLSBORO, ORE., May 4, 2012 – The bucolic campus of the Lawrenceville School, a centuries-old boarding school in Lawrenceville, N.J., is home to 6.1 megawatts of high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The sprawling photovoltaic system, ground-mounted on 30 acres of school-owned farm land, is believed to be the largest installed at a U.S. primary or secondary school. It will generate enough electricity to offset 90 percent of the high school’s annual power needs and provide a centerpiece to the school’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

    May 03
    SolarWorld solar panels power largest solar installation in West Virginia

    Authorized Installer, Mountain View Solar, continues streak of W.V. solar milestones

    HILLSBORO, ORE., May 3, 2012 –American Public University System (APUS), an online higher-education provider focused on the military and public service communities, has christened the largest solar array in West Virginia. The 407-kilowatt system is comprised of 1,671 high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The installation is mounted on a carport structure at APUS’ headquarters in Charles Town, W.V., deep in West Virginia’s panhandle.

    Designed and constructed by SolarWorld Authorized Installer Mountain View Solar (MTVSolar) of Berkeley Springs, W.V., the installation at APUS is the solar contractor’s latest use of SolarWorld solar panels to blaze a solar trail in the Mountain State.

    April 30
    U.S. Labor Department awards aid to SolarWorld workers laid off because of Chinese solar imports

    Company president: How many more factory jobs must U.S. industry lose to ‘Big China Solar’ before remedies are applied to offset illegal trade practices?

    HILLSBORO, ORE., April 30, 2012 – The U.S. Department of Labor has determined that all manufacturing employees laid off from SolarWorld Industries America Inc. as a result of the company’s shutdown of its 35-year-old solar-panel production plant in Camarillo, Calif., in September are eligible for federal trade-adjustment assistance, including grants for education to retrain them for new work.

    The determination that Chinese imports helped cause the shutdown resulted from an investigation earlier this year by the department’s Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance, which announced the decision Friday in the Federal Register. The decision means that many of the 186 laid-off SolarWorld employees can tap federal assistance with job placement; expenses for job searches, relocation and retraining; income support during full-time retraining; and a tax credit on health-insurance premiums.

    April 12
    SolarWorld president pushes ‘Halftime in America’ review of tactics to offset trade predation on U.S. manufacturing

    Gordon Brinser calls for faster, more focused response to illegal trade incursions

    WASHINGTON, D.C., March 27, 2012 – In a speech here today, Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc., recommended revisions in the U.S. government response to incursions of predatory trade aggression from non-market economies such as China, as a move toward rekindling U.S. manufacturing and jobs. The need for policy updates, Brinser said, comes as China amasses a new magnitude of economic might and its central planners increasingly target pivotal U.S. industries.

    March 20
    SolarWorld: U.S. trade ruling will help restore fair competition in solar trade

    Commerce ruling is calibrated to offset effects of China’s subsidized solar exports

    HILLSBORO, ORE., March 20, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, today said the U.S. Department of Commerce’s preliminary trade-remedy ruling against China’s state-sponsored solar industry represents an important step toward restoring fair trade in the critically important U.S. renewable-energy manufacturing industry.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce today issued a preliminary finding that Chinese state sponsorship of its solar industry is anti-competitive under U.S. and international trade law and ordered preliminary duties on the industry’s U.S. exports of crystalline silicon solar cells and panels to offset the effects of China’s illegal subsidies. Commerce will require importers of record to post deposits or bonds toward anti-subsidy margins of 2.9 percent for cells and panels made by Suntech, 4.73 percent Trina Solar and 3.59 percent for all other Chinese manufacturers.

    February 16
    Advanced transportation energy systems chart cleaner future with solar panels from SolarWorld

    Highway, light rail and airport facilities offset energy use with SolarWorld solar panels

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 16, 2012 – Planners of Oregon’s transportation infrastructure are leading the nation in charting a course to a cleaner energy future by selecting SolarWorld solar panels to support their multi-modal services. With unobstructed rights-of-way and heavy energy use, transportation agencies are ideal hosts of photovoltaic systems and consumers of the renewable electricity they produce. SolarWorld’s high-performance solar panels, manufactured in Hillsboro, Ore., now power highway, rail and airport installations in a state renowned for its progressive urban planning.

    February 09
    SolarWorld solar panels power advanced space and military communications center

    Project contractor earns Navy’s top recognition for construction safety, quality

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Feb. 9, 2012 –The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) complex, a headquarters for high-tech military command, communications and surveillance in San Diego, now hosts 1.3 megawatts of solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The system, the Navy’s largest contiguous rooftop solar array, is starting its first full year of generating electricity. Designed and constructed in 2011 by SolarWorld partner Stronghold Engineering Inc., the project earned the Navy’s top commendations for construction quality and safety.

    January 30
    Solar-powered car, SolarWorld GT, sets out on U.S. leg of first round-the-world journey

    Road trip will include university stops in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Jan. 30, 2012 – A solar-powered car sponsored by SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer for more than 35 years, this week begins the U.S. leg of its 21,000-mile quest to circle the globe, propelled only by sun’s rays. The SolarWorld Gran Turismo (GT), a collaboration between SolarWorld and Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany, is a two-seat sports car powered by roof-integrated solar cells. The GT’s circumnavigation of the planet, a first for a sustainable automobile, will set a “Guinness Book of World Records” record for the longest distance covered by a solar car.

    January 09
    SolarWorld showcases more than 1 megawatt of solar projects at U.S. manufacturing hub

    Company’s solar panels demonstrated in roof-mount, ground-mount and carport systems

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 9, 2012 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, has undertaken three on-campus projects to showcase and tap the high-performance solar technology that it manufactures at its U.S. headquarters in Hillsboro, Ore., beginning with raw polysilicon chunks and ending with finished solar panels.

  • 2011

    December 21
    SolarWorld: U.S. customers and market support company during investigations of harmful Chinese trade practices

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 20, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, has been supported by a wide spectrum of installers, distributors and project developers during a turbulent year that led to antidumping and anti-subsidy trade cases that SolarWorld filed against China.

    SolarWorld filed the trade petitions with the U.S. government on Oct. 19 in hopes of restoring robust and fair international competition; in response, the U.S. government issued a unanimous preliminary determination agreeing that Chinese practices are harming the U.S. industry.

    December 19
    Video chronicles hospital projects in Haiti, debuting Solar2World donation program to aid Latin America

    Several new web features highlight SolarWorld’s decades-long commitment to region

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 19, 2011 – A new documentary video fleshes out the impact of SolarWorld’s donation of 100 kilowatts of its high-performance solar panels to power several rural community hospitals in Haiti in systems installed this year. The video, as well as stunning photography, are key features of pages that the company has added to its website. The new pages present a Latin American version of its long-running Solar2World program to donate its solar technology to electrify rural civic projects in communities of the region’s developing economies.

    The video traces Solar2World donations in Haiti, both before and after the devastating earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010, though the Latin American arm of the program also will focus on Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru. The U.S. lineage of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar producer, has grown roots in Latin American for more than three decades. Now, its websites and pages feature its involvement in the region, both in commercial and charitable operations. From other markets, Solar2World has benefited communities on other continents, especially Africa. “The sun knows no borders,” a narrator says in opening the video set in Haiti. “It plays no favorites. It shines on everyone – sometimes where and when it’s needed most. Which brings us – indeed, brought us – to Haiti.”

    December 02
    SolarWorld announces International Trade Commission ruling: Chinese imports are harming U.S. solar manufacturing industry

    Federal investigations into Chinese import practices will now focus on trade remedies

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 2, 2011 – SolarWorld Industries America Inc. commended a key, unanimous U.S. trade determination issued today that Chinese imports of solar cells and panels into the United States have harmed American domestic solar manufacturers. The company said the resounding ruling confirms the position of a manufacturing coalition it leads that China’s systematic and state-sponsored unfair trade practices are anticompetitive.

    The U.S. International Trade Commission ruling advances its investigation, along with a parallel U.S. Department of Commerce investigation, into whether the government should apply remedies to prevent further harm. The investigations began in response to petitions by SolarWorld Industries America Inc., the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, and the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM), which represents more than 150 employers of more 11,000 workers. So far, CASM contends, China’s export drive has cost Americans about 2,000 direct jobs throughout the United States and many more at the subcontractor level.

    November 30
    SolarWorld solar panels, innovative racking rise in L.A. utility’s 11.6-megawatt solar installation

    Robust network of U.S. manufacturers supply project’s electrical gear, balance of systems

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 30 – An 11.6-megawatt DC solar system composed of high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld has begun taking shape at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s high-desert Adelanto Switching and Converter Station. The system features domestically produced solar panels, racking, inverters and other balance-of-system components, showcasing not only American solar technology production but also the industry’s domestic manufacturing supply chain.

    Designed and procured by SolarWorld Power Projects, the company’s engineering, procurement and construction division based in Camarillo, Calif., the project pairs the nation’s largest municipal utility with the largest and most experienced U.S. solar manufacturer. Aside from 46,322 250-watt solar panels manufactured at SolarWorld’s headquarters manufacturing hub for the Americas in Hillsboro, Ore., the LADWP system employs a noteworthy array of American-made electrical components, including 600 amp connectors and surge arresters, and 13 Envirotemp™ FR3™ biodegradable and non-toxic dielectric fluid-filled transformers, engineered-to-order and manufactured by Cooper Power Systems in Waukesha, Wis., and 13 inverters assembled by SMA America in Denver, Colo. The project’s switchboard and 117 combiner boxes also were domestically manufactured.

    November 16
    SolarWorld heightens profile in Massachusetts’ rising solar market, with 7 megawatts in projects

    2-MW Berkshire School system is latest in Bay State to host company’s solar panels

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 16, 2011 – An 8-acre solar installation featuring high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, will go online this fall at Berkshire School, a private boarding high school in Sheffield, Mass. The 2-megawatt system is the largest solar installation for a private school in New England. It is also the latest of three significant Massachusetts solar projects totaling more than 7 MW to harness SolarWorld technology in the state’s fast-growing solar market.

    November 14
    SolarWorld solar panels position new Kaiser Permanente hospital for LEED Gold status

    Solar panel delivery by bike highlights companies’ embrace of sustainability, local sourcing

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 14High-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, will grace Kaiser Permanente’s Westside Medical Center, now under construction three miles from the SolarWorld factory, highlighting the low-emission transportation benefit of in-market solar production.

    In fact, Kaiser’s use of SolarWorld’s panels is among sustainable elements that Kaiser hopes will secure Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for the hospital when it is completed in 2013. To underscore the sustainable virtues of local sourcing, leaders and employees of both companies and the city of Hillsboro today will ride bicycles as they accompany some panels from the factory to the rising medical facility.

    November 09
    SolarWorld applauds U.S. government’s decision to investigate Chinese tactics in exporting solar

    Decision validates company’s representation of majority of domestic manufacturing

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 9, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, is gratified that the U.S. government has determined the company and its Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing represent a clear majority of the domestic manufacturing industry and found adequate cause for concern over Chinese solar export practices to initiate an intensive, year-long investigation.

    “We are pleased that the facts have begun to speak for themselves,” said Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc., based in Hillsboro, Ore. “China’s plans for the U.S. market have been clear from its excessive and illegal subsidization of its export-heavy industry, its ever-escalating drive to dump product at artificially low prices on the U.S. marketplace and its contrived public-affairs tactics, including a new coalition for Chinese importers that purports to serve the interests of American consumers.”

    November 07
    Children celebrate SolarWorld ‘Solar2Schools’ project at Arlington, Va., elementary school

    Program promotes solar education and supplies clean power at schools nationwide

    ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 7, 2011 – Students at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, Va., today activated a solar awning system comprised of high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer, that will enable them to learn about renewable energy while providing enough electricity to power a classroom.

    The Solar2Schools program promotes solar energy education by providing sharply discounted, highly visible solar installations to schools across the country. The package includes a SolarWorld Suntrol® monitoring system in the school’s lobby, providing a real-time data report of the system’s energy production.

    October 31
    SolarWorld solar panels ready to power center modeling world advance in sustainable building

    Solar phase finished at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens expansion in Pittsburgh

    HILLSBORO, Ore., October 31, 2011 – High-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will provide electricity for the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden’s Center for Sustainable Landscapes. The project, rising in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park, will drive ingenuity in sustainable architecture and engineering to new heights of achievement.

    October 28
    SolarWorld recognized as renewable-energy industry leader on sustainability, transparency

    Company first in independent rankings of environmental and financial reporting

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 28, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer, has been recognized by three independent rankings as the global renewable-energy industry’s leader in sustainable corporate management, environmentally sound manufacturing and transparent financial reporting.

    The 2011 annual report of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for Germany, released in Frankfurt in mid-October, positions SolarWorld as the “Sector Leader” among its renewable energy peers. The CDP is a cooperative endeavour by more than 551 institutional investors worldwide to improve corporate transparency on greenhouse gas emissions affecting the climate. To this end, participating companies voluntarily report their annual C02 emissions and their strategies and steps toward climate protection. SolarWorld was deemed to most fully disclose its data, placing the company at the top of the CDP’s ranking.

    October 19
    SolarWorld and coalition of U.S. solar manufacturers petition to stop unfair trade by China’s state-sponsored industry

    Group led by SolarWorld aims to stop loss of U.S. manufacturing and jobs

    WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 19, 2011 – Representing a coalition of seven U.S. manufacturers of solar cells and panels, SolarWorld Industries America Inc., the largest domestic producer, today petitioned the federal government to halt what the company describes as an ever-rising tide of heavily subsidized solar cells and panels that China’s state-supported solar industry is illegally dumping into the American market.

    The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing – representing a significant majority of U.S. production of crystalline silicon solar cells and panels – filed complaints today with the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission seeking relief from China’s illegal trade practices. The complaints aim to end China’s decimation of U.S. solar manufacturing and jobs.

    October 14
    Senator Wyden issues policy brief on China's subsidy-driven solar market at SolarWorld event

    Oregon Democratic senator tours SolarWorld with Republican Energy Committee peer

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 14, 2011 – During a visit to the U.S. headquarters of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels for more than 35 years, U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) released a policy brief that highlighted what he described as a troubling development for domestic manufacturing of renewable energy technology: Even as worldwide demand for solar panels has rapidly mounted, a "myriad of subsidies" have enabled China’s solar manufacturers to seize world market share by charging below-market prices.

    October 06
    SolarWorld joins campaign to rebuild flood-damaged Vernonia, Ore., school

    60 kilowatts of SolarWorld solar panels will help power rebuilt school

    HILLSBORO, Ore., October 6, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar technology, today announced it has joined a campaign to rebuild a K-12 school in Vernonia, Ore., that flooding destroyed in 2007. SolarWorld will provide more than 60 kilowatts of reduced-price and donated solar panels to the rebuilding effort that aims to meet LEED platinum standards. In addition to supplying clean, renewable solar power to the school, the solar system will serve as a hands-on tool for educating students about how solar technology works.

    Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc., said a new Vernonia school is critical to the viability of the rugged logging community in Oregon’s coastal range. “Vernonia’s schools have been the linchpin of this special town,” Brinser said. “There was never a question in my mind that SolarWorld needed to play a pivotal role in helping to build a future-oriented, sustainable school for the community.”

    September 14
    SolarWorld solar panels go prime time at 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards show

    Solar canopy covers red carpet at the year’s biggest television awards event

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 14, 2011 – A canopy composed of over 200 high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, will grace the red carpet at the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards, giving solar energy its first starring role in U.S. entertainment culture.

    The 50-kilowatt system goes prime time during the official live pre-show “Countdown To the Emmys,” airing Sunday, Sept. 18 (7:00-8:00 PM ET live/4:00-5:00 PM live PT) on FOX, where the hottest names in American television will strut beneath the solar awning outside the Nokia Theatre at the L.A. Live entertainment center in downtown Los Angeles. Reliably drawing 12-13 million viewers, the awards show acts as a celebration of popular culture. In that light, this year’s show will present solar power as an energy option available to regular homeowners around the country and even the world.

    September 12
    U.S. island territories harness SolarWorld solar panels to tap ample sun, cutting reliance on pricey oil imports
    SolarWorld solar panels paralleling a runway at Cyril E. King Airport on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
    Download JPEG, 667x1000, 600 KB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 12, 2011 – Visitors landing on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands will notice a 1,600-foot-long array of ground-mounted SolarWorld solar panels paralleling a runway at Cyril E. King Airport. The 450-kilowatt system, to be unveiled on Sept. 14, is prominent among a recent series of high-performance SolarWorld solar panel installations to counter high power rates on U.S. island territories.

    These sun-washed islands, heavily reliant on burning imported oil products to generate power, are using SolarWorld technology to tap their own plentiful energy resource to produce clean electricity and avoid power prices ranging around 40 cents a kilowatt-hour, compared with the national average of 9.7 cents. Operations of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar panel producer for more than 35 years, began supplying U.S.-centric islands around 1980.

    “Tropical islands may be the stuff of fantasy,” said Kevin Kilkelly, president of SolarWorld Americas, “but the reality of island electricity rates is driving strong adoption of SolarWorld panels as an effective form of rate relief.”

    September 06
    Back to school: 'Energy for You and Me' booklet illuminates elegant magic of solar electric panels

    Free, all-color download fills void in accessible, visual explanatory publications

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 6, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels for more than 35 years, is offering an explanatory booklet for free download to the nation's schools and schoolteachers to ease the increasingly vital task of plainly, vividly explaining solar energy and its promise.

    Titled "Energy for You and Me," the booklet uses color photography, illustrations and graphics to unlock the science and technology of how crystalline silicon solar panels are produced and deployed and how they generate electricity for decades – with no need for fuels, moving parts, emissions, maintenance or combustion.

    August 18
    SolarWorld solar panels power largest U.S. solar-equipped affordable housing project

    2-MW system for existing homes benefits 1,000-plus low-income residents

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Aug. 18, 2011 – A solar installation believed to be the nation’s largest for a government-sponsored affordable housing project features high-performance photovoltaic panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years. The 2-megawatt project owned and operated by the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara (HACSB) will bring the energy- and cost-saving benefits of solar technology to more than 1,000 low-income families in the California county.

    July 29
    New largest residential solar-electric project features SolarWorld turn-key Sunkits® system

    Installation on Southern California estate showcases Sunkits® adaptability

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 29, 2011 – A 150-kilowatt system featuring high-performance solar panels SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels for more than 35 years, has set a new high-water mark for system size among residential solar power installations in the Americas.

    The owners of the new residential solar milestone system, who have requested anonymity, placed their installation on a craggy slope along their hilltop estate in Southern California, playfully omitting a block of six solar panels to accommodate a protruding boulder.

    July 29
    Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award goes to aircraft system that SolarWorld is co-developing

    System is first Lindbergh designee for solar-enabled, electric-powered aircraft

    OSHKOSH, Wis., July 29, 2011 – Erik Lindbergh, founder of the electric-aviation promotion organization LEAP and grandson of pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh, today announced it has awarded its Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award to PC-Aero for its development, along with SolarWorld, of a solar-enabled electric aircraft system complete with solar-charging hangar.

    Elektra One solar powered electric plane
    High Resolution JPEG, 3600x1277, 918.0 KB

    Linbergh made the announcement at the World Electric Aircraft Symposium, a day-long conference to showcase and advance innovation in electric-powered flight, during the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 air show in Oshkosh, Wis., concluding Saturday. A delighted Calin Gologan of Germany, principal of PC-Aero, accepted the award at the symposium, where he provided a presentation on his aircraft, Elektra One. A representative of SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, also thanked him for his work on emission-free aviation.

    July 27
    Largest solar project in a national park, Yosemite, features SolarWorld solar panels in three formats

    Park project includes roof-mount, parking-canopy and wall-mount systems

    Wall mounted solar panels from SolarWorld at Yosemite National Park
    High Resolution JPEG, 3000x1996, 1.49 MB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 27, 2011 – The new largest solar installation in a U.S. national park features high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. photovoltaic manufacturer for more than 35 years, in roof-mount, parking-canopy and wall-mount systems at Yosemite National Park. The installation, dedicated today in a ceremony at the El Portal Administrative Complex in the 1,189-square-mile park, marks an advance in self-sufficiency and sustainability for the treasured wilderness reserve in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

    Showcasing the work of U.S. tradesmen and factories, the 672-kilowatt project at the park’s administrative and maintenance center comprises a 500-kilowatt parking canopy offering cover for center employees and visitors; a 100-kilowatt roof-mount system atop a warehouse; and a 72-kilowatt system on a sloped wall of an office building. Each is composed of SolarWorld 240-watt mono-crystalline silicon solar panels made in Hillsboro, Ore., site of the company’s U.S. headquarters, and Camarillo, Calif., home of the longest-running U.S. solar factory. The park estimates the solar installation will supply about 12 percent of the park’s total power consumption.

    July 22
    SolarWorld presents electric aircraft, Elektra One, in U.S. debut at huge aviation show in Oshkosh, Wis.

    Show features World Electric Aircraft Symposium, also backed by SolarWorld

    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011

    Elektra One solar powered electric plane
    High Resolution JPEG, 3600x1277, 918.0 KB

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 22, 2011 – SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar panels for more than 35 years, will showcase the maiden U.S. appearance of a zero-emissions electric aircraft at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 in Oshkosh, Wis., starting Monday. SolarWorld and Germany's PC Aero are working together to pioneer the world's first comparatively affordable electric aircraft system complete with solar-equipped aircraft and solar-charging hangar.

    of electric flight, including a talk as part of the SolarWorld-sponsored World Electric Aircraft Symposium on Friday, July 29. Elektra One will be on display in AirVenture's Innovation Hangar, except at midday Wednesday, July 27, when it is expected to fly.

    July 21
    SolarWorld solar panels to power new head office of leading U.S. wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas

    112-kilowatt system will push historical building in Portland, Ore., towards LEED Platinum

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 21, 2011 – Portland Mayor Sam Adams has announced that high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar technology for more than 35 years, have been selected to power the North American headquarters of Vestas, a leader in providing high-tech wind power systems. The move links two of the top U.S. producers of renewable energy systems and underscores the companies' confidence in the vitality of American manufacturing and the value of sustainability.

    July 13
    Film star Geraldine Chaplin to sponsor SolarWorld gift to power waterborne aid center in Peruvian Amazon

    Complete solar panel system will drive health-care, telecom and business center

    Film star Geraldine Chaplin to sponsor SolarWorld gift to power waterborne aid center in Peruvian Amazon
    High Resolution JPEG, 3532x2412, 4.69 M

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 13, 2011 – With the patronage of movie star Geraldine Chaplin, SolarWorld today announced its intention to donate a complete system of solar panels to power the pilot version of a waterborne telecommunications, health-care and business center that will elevate health care and commercial opportunities for residents of villages along Peru’s navigable rivers within the Amazon Rainforest.

    The largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, SolarWorld made the announcement on the occasion of Chaplin’s visit to its European manufacturing hub in Freiberg, Germany, along with her daughter, movie actress Oona Chaplin, and husband, Chilian cinematographer Patricio Castilla. Company officials presented Geraldine Chaplin with a ceremonial first solar panel of the donation to Peru. Chaplin is known for starring roles in such film roles as “Doctor Zhivago” and as the daughter of great silent-era comic film actor and director Charlie Chaplin. The company’s U.S. operations have operated in Latin America since the early 1980s. In Peru, distributor-installer CIME Comercial, based in the capital city of Lima, has represented SolarWorld for 17 years and will play a key role in the pilot project. During a visit to Lima in August, Chaplin plans to work to help coordinate the donation.

    June 30
    SolarWorld further concentrates production in Western markets with major sales growth

    Largest U.S. solar manufacturer sells stake in production joint venture in South Korea

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 30, 2011 – This week’s profitable sale of SolarWorld’s shares in a joint-venture solar-panel factory in South Korea highlights the company’s increasing commitment to production within its major sales markets in the West, including the fast-growing U.S. market. SolarWorld is dramatically increasing production at its hub of factory sites in and near Freiberg, Germany. In the United States, where the company has been the largest solar technology producer for more than 35 years, SolarWorld has exceeded the 1,250-employee mark that it reached upon completing its expansion and modernization programs for its sites in Hillsboro, Ore., and Camarillo, Calif., in December. This month, combined employment has exceeded 1,300. By the end of the year, combined module production across SolarWorld’s U.S. and European sites will ramp up to a total annual production capacity of more than one gigawatt.

    June 27
    Denver Federal Center solar work will exceed original production expectations

    Turning a vision of becoming the greenest campus in the U.S. by 2020 into reality

    LAKEWOOD, Colo., June 27, 2011 – The U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Denver Federal Center (DFC) campus is nearing the completion of its nearly 7 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) project. This project combined, with an existing 1.2 MW solar park, will provide more than 15% of the DFC’s electrical needs annually. The combined capacity of all of the solar arrays is enough to power 1,064 residential homes for one year. The project’s final phase, originally scheduled for 3.45 MW, has been increased to 3.5 MW. All told, the project is GSA’s largest solar installation across the United States, and all campus PV is expected to be online by the end of 2011.

    June 14
    Extended Workmanship Warranty again boosts product protection for SolarWorld solar panels

    Warranty covers silver and black Next Generation Sunmodule™ Plus solar panels as well as all SolarWorld’s high-performance panels delivered since Jan. 1, 2011

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 14, 2011 – Already a world solar-industry leader in product protections, SolarWorld has once again increased the value of its warranty coverage as it introduces a new, more powerful lineup of silver as well as black Next Generation Sunmodule™ Plus solar panels.

    The largest U.S. solar manufacturer since 1975, SolarWorld now offers an Extended Workmanship Warranty, which covers the workmanship of its high-performance solar panels for 10 years, up from the previous five years. The Extended Workmanship Warranty retroactively covers all panels delivered since Jan. 1, 2011.

    June 02
    Key buildings of historic Pearl Harbor naval base host 2.4 megawatts of SolarWorld solar panels

    Roofs of an admiral’s office, central barracks, shopping center among five sites

    HILLSBORO, Ore., June 2, 2011 – A combined 2.4 megawatts in arrays of high-performance SolarWorld solar panels cover the roof of five important buildings at the historic U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, now known as Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

    The $15 million project, funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, comprises an important stride in the U.S. military’s intensive base improvements to increase its energy independence using a renewable energy technology that requires no fuel, parts, maintenance, emissions or noise. The largest U.S. solar technology manufacturer for more than 35 years, SolarWorld supplied the solar panels from its factories in Hillsboro, Ore., and Camarillo, Calif., the latter of which has produced crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology since the late 1970s.

    May 25
    SolarWorld solar panels begin shipping to supply 33 MW ground-mount plant in southeast Ontario

    U.S. production enables sustainable cross-border transport by railway

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 25, 2011 – SolarWorld’s high-performance solar panels have begun moving in rail containers from near the company’s U.S. headquarters plant in Hillsboro, Ore., on their way to supply a 33-megawatt installation on land totaling 300 acres in southeast Ontario, Canada.

    Rail shipment is possible because SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar technology manufacturer for more than 35 years, manufactures its crystalline silicon solar electric panels in the major market geographies where the company sells them. The practice minimizes shipping costs, fuel consumption and noxious emissions. Every week, an average of 30 trucks each laden with 540 SolarWorld panels – about 3.75 megawatts total – leave the Hillsboro plant for the Port of Portland’s nearby intermodal facility, where they transfer to rail for their trip to Ontario.

    May 24
    SolarWorld solar panels will supply 1 MW system in trail-blazing 5 MW project at college in Arizona

    Installations at Arizona Western College will generate power, education, jobs

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 24, 2011 – One megawatt of high-performance solar panels from SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar technology manufacturer since 1975, has been selected to represent mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic technology in an innovative, multi-technology series of utility-scale, tracker-mounted solar power systems totaling 5 MW at Arizona Western College in Yuma.

    The AWC project, to be dedicated today in a ceremony in Yuma, will employ 1 MW each of five types of solar power technology. SolarWorld has produced mono-crystalline solar panels at its factory in Camarillo, Calif., since the late 1970s; the company has manufactured them at its U.S. headquarters plant in Hillsboro, Ore., since opening the site in 2008. SolarWorld also produces poly-crystalline solar photovoltaic panels.

    May 12
    SolarWorld seeks 'Junior Einstein' in photovoltaics to accept acclaim, cash and early career 'pinnacle'

    Young researcher who wins will claim prize in Hamburg, Germany, this fall

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 12, 2011 – At an elegant, port-side venue in Valencia, Spain, in September, Christian Reimann received heady honors for a young scientist: the SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award, a cash prize and a standing ovation from a room full of leading scientists and industrialists working on solar photovoltaic technology.

    "The award was the pinnacle of my career so far," said Reimann, now manager of a group researching silicon crystallization at the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Building Element Technology in Erlangen, Germany. Reimann won the award for his work developing a process to reduce impurities in silicon melted for crystallization and thereby elevate the efficiency of resulting solar cells and lower the costs of solar power. The process later was patented.

    May 09
    SolarWorld solar panels form huge parking canopy, providing electricity and shelter at Cincinnati Zoo

    Zoo’s 1.56-megawatt system is considered largest publicly accessible urban array

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 9, 2011 – Families visiting a most mainstream community, educational and recreational center in America’s heartland, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, are enjoying protection from the weather elements from beneath parking-lot canopy systems composed of 6,400 high-performance solar panels made by SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar technology for more than 35 years.

    The 1.56-megawatt system, considered the largest publicly accessible solar array in an urban setting, provides a prominent example of a parking-lot canopy solar system far to the east of California, where such applications are more common. Canopy systems tap unobstructed air space to generate clean power from the sun while providing shelter from all types of weather. This spring, the company is completing a 30-kilowatt canopy system for its visitor parking lot in front of its recently expanded and modernized U.S. headquarters building in Hillsboro, Ore.

    April 29
    SolarWorld sponsors world-class big-wave surfer Kohl Christensen on eve of paddle-in surf circuit

    Hawaiian surfer installs high-performance SolarWorld solar panels as authorized installer

    HILLSBORO, Ore., April 29, 2010 SolarWorld has sponsored Hawaiian big-wave surfer Kohl Christensen, a SolarWorld authorized installer, in time for the Big Wave World Tour, an all-paddle-in series of four contests ranging from Chile to Oregon that effectively opens after a pair of big-wave awards events today and tomorrow.

    SolarWorld, America’s largest solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, has operated in Hawaii for 30 years, beginning with a state-federal demonstration project of grid-connected residential systems on Oahu and Molokai in 1980. SolarWorld’s solar panels have shown extraordinary reliability in the tropical island state.

    April 27
    SolarWorld Backs Solar Decathlon Team Encompassing Four Florida Universities

    Home boasting 5-kilowatt solar panel array will go up in time for autumn contest

    Hillsboro, Ore., April 27, 2011 -- SolarWorld has provided 5 kilowatts-peak of high-performance Sunmodule™ solar panels and related solar technology to power the ingeniously innovative FLeX House, a fully operational home that a team representing four Florida universities will enter into the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 this fall in Washington, D.C.

    SolarWorld, the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar technology for more than 35 years, has operated in Florida more than 15 years and holds an advisory board seat with the University of Central Florida’s Florida Solar Energy Center in Orlando. Its donation to Team Florida delivers 22 Sunmodules as well as Enphase Energy micro-inverters to generate just enough solar energy to offset the home's power use. Aside from UCF, the team comprises Florida State University (Tallahassee), University of Florida (Gainesville) and University of South Florida (Tampa). Twenty teams worldwide will compete from Sept. 23 to Oct. 2 in the event at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park.

    April 21
    SolarWorld Solar Panels Power Net-Zero Homes in Hawaiian Home Land's Pilot Community Project

    Array of high-performance solar panels come standard on all 19 homes in Kaupuni

    Hillsboro, Ore., April 21, 2011 -- SolarWorld’s high- performance solar panels are powering an advance in sustainable home development in the heart of Hawaii: They are generating electric power atop 19 homes and a community center for low-income residents of indigenous backgrounds in a nationally trailblazing pilot community development realized by the state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in Kaupuni Village on Oahu’s western edge. The state of Hawaii hopes to spread the project concept, considered the nation’s first LEED Platinum single-family subdivision, in developing 1,000 home statewide.

    SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of solar technology, has provided its solar technology to the Hawaii market for 30 years, beginning with a state-federal demonstration project of grid-connected residential systems in 1980. In that project, a total of 10 kilowatts of panels were installed atop homes in three settings: urban (Honolulu), suburban (Pearl City, Oahu) and rural (Molokai). Since then, SolarWorld’s solar panels have demonstrated extraordinary reliability in the tropical climes of the Pacific island state. Moreover, the company offers an industry-leading 25-year linear performance guarantee.

    April 19
    Avidan Management Commissions Nation’s Largest Rooftop Solar System in New Jersey, Using High-performance SolarWorld Panels

    4.26-megawatt Solar Panel Installation Will Hold Down Energy Costs for Distribution Facility Tenants

    EDISON, N.J., April 19, 2011 -- Avidan Management, one of the Northeast’s foremost owners and managers of industrial and commercial real estate, joined with regional officials today to announce completion of the nation’s largest roof-mounted solar panel system. The 4.26-megawatt system, employing 17,745 high-performance SolarWorld solar panels, will generate clean, renewable energy for tenants located at a company-owned distribution facility in Edison.

    The project not only places Avidan Management at the forefront of a new, clean-energy economy in the United States, but also establishes the firm as a leader in the industrial real estate industry that will show how savings from renewable energy can attract and retain high-value commercial tenants. The installation also marks yet another solar-industry record involving SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years.

    March 15
    SolarWorld Taps Polycrystalline Technology to Expand U.S. Output of Industry-Leading Sunmodule™ Solar Panels

    Sunmodule™ Plus poly solar panels ranging to 240-watt-peak are available now

    HILLSBORO, Ore. – SolarWorld's premium-quality Sunmodule™ solar panels, manufactured in the USA using monocrystalline technology for more than 35 years, now also incorporate high-performance polycrystalline technology. SolarWorld factories in Oregon and California are producing polycrystalline solar panels featuring power densities of 230 and 240 watts peak.

    The largest and most experienced U.S. producer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, SolarWorld is dramatically expanding supplies of high-performance silicon solar panels of both crystal types at a time of heightened worldwide demand. The company's U.S. facilities have reached a national leadership capacity of 500 MW. The move further demonstrates SolarWorld's bold commitment to developing and serving solar market segments in the Americas, even amid diminishing industry output there.

    March 02
    LADWP and SolarWorld Partner to Develop 11.6 MW Solar Power System for Los Angeles

    Project Will Power 85,850 Homes and Replace 290,000 Metric Tons of CO2 Over 25 Years

    LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2011 – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has joined forces with SolarWorld to develop an 11.6-megawatt (MW) DC solar system that will generate clean, renewable solar energy to power homes in Los Angeles.

    The project pairs the nation's largest municipal utility with the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of crystalline solar power technology. LADWP will install, own and operate the system while SolarWorld will supply complete system engineering and high-performance solar panels and procure balance-of-system components, including advanced SMA America inverters to convert power from the system to 10 MW AC power for transmission to Los Angeles.

    February 03
    Town billed as 'Heart of the Billion Dollar Coalfield' Welcomes Region's Largest Renewable Energy Project
    Installer carrying a solar panel in Williamson, W.Va.
    Photo by Fred Joe.

    WILLIAMSON, W.Va., Feb. 3, 2011 -- A crew of electricians and construction workers, several with experience in the coal mines, worked through this week to install 46 high-performance SolarWorld solar panels on the roof of the Williamson Family Care Center, ushering renewable energy into a town long known as the "Heart of the Billion Dollar Coalfield."

    Christened in a ceremony today, the 11-kilowatt installation on the roof of the clinic building owned by Dr. Dino Beckett highlighted Williamson's "Solar Week." The four-day event convened Mayor Darrin McCormick, representatives from the region's community and technical colleges, electricians, contractors, business owners and residents for on-the-job trainings, energy audits, solar site assessments and related workshops, including one by Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy.

    January 11
    SolarWorld lauds U.S. embrace of domestic production of solar technology as advance in national self-reliance

    Defense purchases of photovoltaic devices must comply with Buy American Act

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 11, 2011 – The $725 billion Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2011, signed into law by President Obama on Jan. 7, contains a provision that is sure to promote the self-reliance of the United States and its special trading partners: The provision requires the Department of Defense to comply with the Buy American Act in purchasing photovoltaic solar-power technology and, in that way, reduce its dependence on energy technology and fuels from overseas.

    SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar panels, has long championed the energy and economic self-sufficiency that comes with domestic production of solar technologies requiring no fuels or emissions. The company's corporate vision statement expressly asserts that by promoting independence from fossil fuels and protecting the Earth’s resources, solar energy "makes a contribution to avoiding military conflicts."

  • 2010

    December 16
    SolarWorld fulfills 1,000-worker commitment in Oregon and ramps one of world’s most advanced panel plants

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 16, 2010 – SolarWorld has culminated its five-year drive to integrate, revitalize and expand U.S. operations by adding its 1,000th worker in Hillsboro, establishing the equivalent of four factories there and overhauling operations in Camarillo, Calif., all on schedule.

    The biggest and most experienced U.S. crystalline silicon solar technology manufacturer has achieved extraordinary economies of scale on domestic soil by building out the four factory steps in Hillsboro – most recently including a highly automated panel-assembly factory in a new building – and modernizing solar power panel assembly in its more than 30-year-old factory in Camarillo. A host of allies, including the state of Oregon and its higher-education centers, have helped the company transform the former semiconductor plant site in Hillsboro into the largest solar manufacturing plant in the Americas.

    November 01
    SolarWorld Campus in Oregon Showcases Nissan LEAF, the Nation’s First Mass-Produced, 100% Electric Vehicle

    Choice of tour site highlights mutual aims of electric vehicles and solar power

    SolarWorld USA Headquarters in Hillsboro, Ore.HILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 1, 2010 – SolarWorld's manufacturing campus in Hillsboro – the largest crystalline silicon solar production facility in the Americas – will serve as the sole Oregon host site of the "drive electric tour" sponsored by Nissan LEAF on Nov. 5, 6 and 7, giving the region's many electric-vehicle enthusiasts a long-awaited chance to get behind the wheel of a zero-emission Nissan LEAF family sedan.

    The unusual tour stop on SolarWorld's busy campus points to the advances of two industry pioneers in promoting technologies that affordably curb the need for fossil-based fuels and emissions of carbon and other environmentally noxious gases. Nissan is presenting its LEAF sedan as the first mass-produced, affordable 100%-electric-with-zero-emissions vehicle. SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of its kind, has spearheaded solar technology development since the mid-1970s.

    October 07
    SolarLab Debuts at German American School of Portland, Providing Unique Learning Center for Youth of Region

    SolarWorld-sponsored interactive exhibit opens for classroom and other groups

    HILLSBORO, Ore., Oct. 7, 2010 – Today, the German American School of Portland opened the doors of SolarLab, a one-of-a-kind interpretive and interactive educational exhibit for classroom and youth groups. The new option for local educational field trips is presented by SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar power technology.

    The laboratory, unveiled at an open house for media representatives and special guests, will enable kids to explore the environmental urgency of harnessing the sun's clean, inexhaustible energy as well as the history, physics and applications of solar technology. Featuring interactive, graphic and light-activated elements, SolarLab will be available to youth at the German American School, 3900 S.W. Murray Blvd. in Beaverton, as well as schools and other organizations elsewhere in the region.

    October 06
    Reigning 'Project Runway' Champion Will Showcase Solar-inspired Collection as Part of LA Fashion Week

    Designer brings fashion lineup to hub of national solar-technology hotbed

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Oct. 6 – "Project Runway" winner Seth Aaron Henderson will stage a pioneering high-fashion runway collection inspired by solar technology at the very epicenter of U.S. solar power adoption – Southern California – in a showing as part of LA Fashion Week at the biggest solar-industry trade show in the Americas.

    Models posing atop all-black SolarWorld Sunmodule® solar panels will show off designs in the "Seth Aaron SolarWorld Collection Presented by Portland Fashion Week" at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 13, at the SolarWorld booth at Solar Power International, a photovoltaic technology trade show expected to attract more than 25,000 people. SolarWorld's Booth 3708 is located in Los Angeles Convention Center’s South Hall H. LA Fashion Week runs from Oct. 13 to 20, Solar Power International from Oct. 12 to 14.

    September 30
    SolarWorld partners with Renewable Social Benefits Funds to jumpstart solar power projects for educational institutions

    Strategic alliance equips schools with no-money-down access to solar power

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 30, 2010 – SolarWorld Americas, the sales and marketing arm of the largest and most experienced U.S. solar electric panel manufacturer, today announced a strategic alliance with Renewable Social Benefit Funds (RSB Funds) to offer no-money-down financial arrangements to educational institutions so that they can immediately tap plentiful and clean energy from the sun and accrue financial savings to stretch their budgets.

    SolarWorld and RSB Funds – a renewable energy company that serves only not-for-profit, tax-exempt schools and other organizations – have agreed to jointly market solar projects featuring SolarWorld solar systems, RSB Funds financial mechanisms and SolarWorld’s authorized installer network. Participating educational institutions will be able to buy electricity generated by solar systems on their property at rates lower than they currently pay to utilities, re-investing the savings into their school programs.

    September 23
    SolarWorld launches SolarWorld Financial Solutions, pioneering suite of no-money-down options for installers and their customers

    Portfolio features options tailored to residential, commercial and nonprofit segments

    CAMARILLO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2010 – SolarWorld Americas, the sales and marketing arm of the largest and most experienced U.S. solar electric panel manufacturer, today unveiled a pioneering suite of no-money-down financing options that the company’s authorized installers and their customers can seize to speed their solar projects over initial cost hurdles and onto economic and environmental savings.

    The SolarWorld Financial Solutions program delivers financing options from outside financial-service partners to empower the company’s authorized installers to further differentiate their businesses and close more sales. With SolarWorld, customers of those installers now can tap not only high-performance crystalline silicon solar panels but also those financing solutions that work best for them in immediately capturing power from the sun without staking significant upfront system costs.

    September 08
    Seth Aaron, 'Project Runway' Winner, Offers Peek at High-Fashion Collection Inspired by SolarWorld

    Designer uses fashion to express appeal of 'our future solar power'

    Solar is the new black first lookPORTLAND, Ore., Sept., 8 – In a solar spin on a fashion staple, television's 'Project Runway' Season 7 winner Seth Aaron Henderson today unveiled an angular, highly structured evocation of the little black dress. Seth Aaron's design provides a glimpse of a ground-breaking, high-fashion runway collection that will embody his interpretation of solar energy, technology and industry. The collection, featuring designs inspired by U.S. solar manufacturing pioneer SolarWorld, will debut at the world’s leading sustainable fashion event, Portland Fashion Week, running from Oct. 6 through 10.

    In recent photography sessions in Portland, Seth Aaron directed modeling and photography of the all-black dress, paying tribute to SolarWorld's new, sleek, black high-performance solar panel. The outfit highlights the 'Solar Is the New Black' theme of this year's Portland Fashion Week, which will feature a runway composed of SolarWorld's black solar panels and the 'Seth Aaron SolarWorld Collection Presented by Portland Fashion Week.' Seth Aaron took inspiration from the Hillsboro, Ore., operations of SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. solar manufacturer.

    Seth Aaron believes his designs are the first to go far beyond literal interpretations of solar power that have incorporated actual technology elements for show or use and artistically embrace what he called "our future solar power." By combining fashion with solar-technology design influences, Seth Aaron joins SolarWorld and Portland Fashion Week in making a statement that sustainability is fashionable.

    July 28
    SolarWorld sponsors LA project to demonstrate powers of disabled veterans, temporary housing, solar energy

    City, nonprofit Prevent Hate, veterans erect ADA-compliant home in one day

    Veterans lift a SOlarWorld solar panel onto a home built in one day. LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2010 – Veterans with disabilities resulting from military conflicts such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated their abilities in rapidly erecting a temporary home featuring high-performance SolarWorld solar panels this week on Los Angeles City Hall's south lawn.

    The project to build a universally accessible house in a matter of hours was one element of a 20th anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which recognizes and protects the rights of Americans with disabilities to participate in U.S. work, commerce and community life.

    July 26
    'Project Runway' winner to offer SolarWorld-inspired runway collection at Portland Fashion Week in October

    Seth Aaron Henderson's work will highlight sustainable show to be staged Oct. 6-10

    PORTLAND, Ore., July 23, 2010 – Seth Aaron Henderson, the latest winning designer in hit reality TV fashion show "Project Runway," has agreed to develop the "Seth Aaron SolarWorld Collection Presented by Portland Fashion Week" to be unveiled Oct. 9 in the sustainable fashion showcase in Portland.

    In designing the collection, Mr. Henderson will draw on his passion for a domestically manufactured solar solution to pressing energy, environmental and economic challenges facing the country and his interest in exploring the technology's aesthetic possibilities.

    July 07
    SolarWorld to showcase innovation, future and past, at Intersolar

    In San Francisco next week, the U.S. solar-industry pioneer unveils digital monitoring and 240-watt panel, while celebrating leadership of 30-year factory and industry veteran

    HILLSBORO, Ore., July 7, 2010 – SolarWorld will show off its contributions to the next advances and historical development of U.S. solar-panel manufacturing – on the rooftop, in the factory and now on the Internet – at the Intersolar trade show in San Francisco beginning Tuesday.

    The company, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of solar technology, will unveil its Suntrol digital system to collect, log and display the power-generation performance of a Sunmodule solar panel system. The technologies will enable buyers of SolarWorld’s highly rated solar technology to closely watch current and total electricity yields and CO2 savings by tying together a data logger, monitor and Internet portal. Using a free software application, owners can even keep track from a PC, cell phone or iPod.

    June 29
    Portland Fashion Week, SolarWorld join in green fashion showcase

    PORTLAND, Ore., June 29, 2010 – Models in the 2010 Portland Fashion Week in October will walk a runway composed of SolarWorld's chic, new, black high-performance solar panels, spotlighting sustainable development of two of the world's biggest industries – fashion and energy.

    Portland Fashion Week, the nation's leading showcase of sustainable fashion designs and practices, will feature the solar runway in launching spring-summer 2011 collections of internationally known designers during its seventh annual event from Oct. 6 to 10, 2010, in Portland.

    June 28
    SolarWorld exceeds 1 MW in Oregon's group-buy innovation

    Portland's grass-roots volume-discount program jumpstarts neighborhood solar

    Hillsboro, Ore., June 28, 2010 – SolarWorld is on track to supply about 1 MW of high-performance solar panels this year through a nation-leading, volunteer-driven, low-cost program that enables Oregon residents to more easily and affordably put solar power systems on their rooftops.

    Under the Solarize program, Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, support groups of residents as they join together to secure volume pricing for buying and installing solar power systems.

    June 18
    SolarWorld's Sun-Fueled Vehicle to Race in Tulsa-Chicago Run

    Hillsboro, Ore., June 18, 2010 - The SolarWorld No. 1 solar-powered racecar takes off Sunday along a course from Tulsa to Chicago in the 2010 American Solar Challenge, representing the largest U.S. solar manufacturer in the best-established event of its kind in North America.

    "Our solar racer will model the clean power from the sun across an expanse of the U.S. landscape, where SolarWorld has pioneered solar technology since the mid-1970s"

    Future engineers studying at Hochschule Bochum – the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany – form the SolarWorld No. 1 team. Similar to a road rally, the event tests engineering know-how, teamwork and endurance.

    June 17
    SolarWorld Brings World Cup to African Villages Without Electricity

    Bonn, Germany, June 17, 2010 - As excitement mounts over the ongoing World Cup in Johannesburg, more than 2,000 residents formerly without access to electricity can plug into the soccer competition at 36 solar-operated television viewing points that SolarWorld has installed in remote African villages.

    "For many people in Africa, it is the first real opportunity to participate. For us in the industrialized world, clean solar energy from our own roofs will be a natural part of our overall energy supply in the future."

    May 05
    SolarWorld to culminate expansion, adding 350 workers in five months

    HILLSBORO, Ore., May 5, 2010 – This week, the SolarWorld group is launching the culminating phase of its employment, equipment and manufacturing ramp in Hillsboro. The company plans to add a total of 350 workers for two factory buildings here by Sept. 30.

    The largest and oldest U.S. solar manufacturer, SolarWorld expects to interview many hundreds of job seekers, including soldiers returning from the Mideast, to supply production operators, administrators and engineers at its Hillsboro site. The site will swell from about 650 people now to about 1,000. In all, it will employ about 1,250 people at its U.S. sites, including its plant in Camarillo, Calif.

    April 22
    Ex-Im Bank announces new "Solar Express" product to expedite financing of U.S. exports to small solar projects

    April 14
    SolarWorld calls for research award entries from junior ‘Einsteins’

    Hillsboro, Ore., April 14, 2010 – The SolarWorld group has issued its annual invitation for young scientists to enter their photovoltaic research to compete for the company’s Junior Einstein Award, which comes with a prize of 5,000 euros (about $6,800). The deadline is June 30.

    Each year, SolarWorld, the largest and most experienced U.S. manufacturer of solar technology, bestows its Einstein Award to a figure who has earned significant merit in the field of PV technology, making an important contribution to developing solar power. It also honors thesis work by a young scientist.

    April 07
    SolarWorld hones sales advantages ahead of production ramp

    Camarillo, Calif., April 7, 2010 – The SolarWorld group has installed new sales leadership and staff and implemented the market’s most robust performance assurances to position the sales operation for the company’s steep rise in U.S. manufacturing.

    Kevin Kilkelly has rounded out his first quarter as president of the group’s sales and marketing operation for the Americas by creating additional green sales and sales-support jobs, enabling the company to further segment the U.S. market to speed growth of installation and distribution networks. Mr. Kilkelly also has adopted the strongest U.S. product protections.

    March 23
    SolarWorld earns top score among conventional module makers in tech watchdog group’s sustainability ‘scorecard’

    SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 23, 2010 – SolarWorld Industries America Inc. performed best among makers of conventional solar modules in an independent survey of photovoltaic manufacturing companies’ performance on environmental and social responsibilities, according to a new report from the high-technology watchdog group Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

    SolarWorld, the nation’s largest and most experienced solar manufacturer, earned a “sunny” ranking, a gold star and the top numerical rating among crystalline photovoltaic manufacturers in a report that the SVTC released today. The tech-industry environmental-advocacy group, which authored the report “Toward a Just and Sustainable Solar Industry” in 2009 and previously spearheaded initiatives to curb computer waste, has stirred national discussion about the solar industry’s responsible, clean development.

    March 01
    SolarWorld concludes joint venture with Qatar Foundation

    First silicon production on the Arabian Peninsula

    BONN, Germany, and DOHA, Qatar, March 1, 2010 – SolarWorld is acquiring a 29 percent stake in the newly founded Joint Venture Qatar Solar Technologies headquartered in the Emirate of Qatar. The joint venture will establish the first production facility for polysilicon on the Arabian Peninsula. Partners are the Qatar Foundation (70 percent) and the Qatar Development Bank (1 percent).

    Qatar Solar Technologies will invest a total of more than $500 millions in construction of the production facility with a planned annual capacity of around 3,600 tons of high-purity polysilicon in its first stage of expansion. Start of production is planned for the third quarter of 2012. At the Ras Laffan Industrial City location in the northeast of Qatar, the joint venture has access to an excellent chemicals infrastructure with favorable energy prices. Here, a forward integration along the entire solar value chain all the way to the finished solar power module could be implemented. A change of thinking is taking place on the Arabian Peninsula from which a larger and larger market for solar power systems is developing.

    February 24
    Timbers, SolarWorld form Landmark Jersey Partnership
    Portland Timbers logoSolarWorld becomes Timbers’ official jersey sponsor for 2010

    PORTLAND, Ore. (Feb. 24, 2010) – The Portland Timbers and SolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in America, today announced a new landmark partnership, making SolarWorld the team’s official jersey sponsor for the 2010 season and the first renewable-energy company to become a jersey partner of a professional soccer franchise in the United States.

    SolarWorld, which is connected to the game of soccer on three continents, is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of solar technology in the world. It has three plants on the West Coast, including a vertically integrated 500 MW manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Ore.

    February 18
    Senator spotlights SolarWorld as California renewable-energy past — and future

    Camarillo, Calif. (Feb. 18, 2010) – California State Senator Tony Strickland returned to the California roots of the U.S. solar industry to cite the SolarWorld group as a state manufacturing mainstay that he envisions leading a state resurgence in green-technology jobs and energy self-reliance.

    Speaking after a visit to SolarWorld’s 30-year-old solar power technology plant in Camarillo this month, the Republican from Simi Valley highlighted his co-authored bill (SBX8 22) to stimulate employment at green-technology companies by exempting their equipment products from sales tax.

    February 10
    SolarWorld finishes No. 1 – again – in energy-productivity test
    Photon test winner 2008 and 2009Hillsboro, Ore., Feb. 10, 2010 – For the second year in a row, SolarWorld’s solar power technology has demonstrated the highest electricity production performance in the world’s only independent, industrywide test, staged annually by Photon magazine.

    SolarWorld’s modules have generated more electricity than all competitive products for each watt of capacity installed in Photon tests in both 2009 and 2008. In comparison with other modules, the SolarWorld products produced up to 12 percent more power in 2009.

    Only Photon, which is releasing its results in its February edition, conducts such yield tests under scientifically controlled conditions. The test results offer an objective basis for selection to renewable-energy consumers who must choose among a wide variety of modules available in the marketplace.

    January 19
    SolarWorld donates solar panels to pump water in earthquake-ravaged Haiti

    Camarillo, Calif., Jan. 19, 2010 – The SolarWorld group is donating solar modules to power 10 pump stations to provide clean, safe water for up to 175,000 earthquake survivors in Haiti.

    SolarWorld is donating modules to the nonprofit Water Missions International (WMI) for use in water-pumping stations in the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince. At a discount, the company also has shipped modules to operate about 25 additional WMI water stations. The company could speed product to Haiti because, from its U.S. sales hub in Camarillo, Calif., SolarWorld has been active in the Latin American market about 30 years. The company is the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the United States.

  • 2009

    November 20
    SolarWorld honors Chilean solar-industry veteran for pioneering in Latin America

    Christof HornHILLSBORO, Ore., Nov. 20, 2009 – SolarWorld recently celebrated a quarter-century of successful solar power technology distribution in Latin America and honored a Chilean solar-industry veteran for his 25 years of partnership with the company in that regional market.

    At the company’s recent Latin American distributor conference, Raju Yenamandra, U.S. head of sales for SolarWorld, extolled the visionary work of Christof Horn, founder of Chile-based photovoltaic distributor and integrator Heliplast. Christof has installed PV systems for remote homes and communication sites throughout Chile, even on mountain peaks miles from the nearest conveniences.

    “Senor Horn is one of the earliest adopters of PV technology and one of the most committed people I’ve met to bringing renewable electricity to the most remote places in the world,” Yenamandra said.

    October 23
    Solar Racer SolarWorld No.1 to Race in Australia

    Bonn, 10/23/2009

    3,000 Kilometers Across the Desert Without a Filling Station

    The award-winning solar racer SolarWorld No.1 will start in the "Global Green Challenge" race in Australia at the coming weekend. Exclusively driven by the power of the sun the solar racer will cover 3,000 kilometers across the desert of the Australian continent – silently and with a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The budding engineers of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences who developed the solar racer will drive SolarWorld No. 1 in an exciting 7-day race from Darwin to the finish line in Adelaide.

    October 04
    SolarWorld to add module assembly in Hillsboro

    Hillsboro, ORE., Oct. 4, 2009 – SolarWorld's manufacturing operation here will become the first fully integrated monocrystalline photovoltaic plant in the Americas – starting with polysilicon rock and ending with finished Sunmodules – when the plant adds module assembly in mid-2009, the company announced today.

    The factory addition to crystal growing, wafer making and cell production already occurring at the Hillsboro site will round out SolarWorld's commitment to Oregon manufacturing and the U.S. market. A new, 210,000-square-foot building nearing completion next to SolarWorld's 480,000-square-foot main U.S. factory will house 350 megawatts of annual module-manufacturing capacity. Combined with 150 MW in Camarillo, Calif., the company's capacity will total 500 MW in the United States and 1.15 gigawatts worldwide by 2011. Module assembly will occupy half of the new building, logistics the other half. Construction of the new building, which employed up to 180 construction workers, has added 44 percent more space to the site just a year after it opened on Oct. 17, 2008. The addition of module assembly is coming sooner and in greater capacity than the company initially planned.

    August 24
    Public projects, including system for U.S. Air Force base in Colorado, help power SolarWorld growth in the rising U.S. market

    Hillsboro, Ore., Aug. 24, 2009 – The SolarWorld group has been expanding its business with new military, school and other public projects in the United States, the important market of the future.

    SolarWorld is working with project manager AMEC and partner SolSource Inc. on a new contract to supply Sunmodules to the U.S. Department of Defense for construction of a 1.2 MW solar power plant at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colo. AMEC is an international engineering and project management company; SolSource is a Denver-based solar engineering, procurement and installation firm. More than 5,000 of SolarWorld's new 220/230-watt modules are to be installed in the Buckley project.

    August 11
    SolarWorld expands its US business / New projects realized with Chevron

    SolarWorld AG has been expanding its business with an array of public projects in the USA, the important market of the future. Working with Chevron Energy Solutions, SolarWorld has installed civic projects in California with total output capacity of more than 15 MW. An example of a project recently implemented with Chevron Energy Solutions is a solar power system at Butte Community College in Oroville, California. The Chevron-SolarWorld business has helped SolarWorld expand its market share in California - by far the largest U.S. state solar-energy market.

    June 05
    At "PV America" trade show, SolarWorld will announce product innovation, issue final invitation for submissions in research contest

    Hillsboro, Ore., June 5 – The SolarWorld group, the largest North American manufacturer of photovoltaic technology, will showcase a new, 220/230-watt Sunmodule® and make a final call for research submissions in the company's Junior Einstein Award at the PV America trade show in Philadelphia from June 8 to 10.

    The SW 220/230 mono Sunmodule® will represent one of the best values in the solar industry. The product will originate from SolarWorld's three factories on the West Coast. Those include the biggest U.S. solar-technology plant in Hillsboro, which the company opened in October 2008.

    May 28
    SolarWorld Sunmodules fuel landmark systems in Southeast and Southwest, spurring U.S. growth and hiring

    Hillsboro, Ore., May 28, 2009 – A total of nearly 12,000 Sunmodules from SolarWorld, the largest North American manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules, have gone to work producing energy in rooftop projects at important civic facilities in Florida and Southern California, marking solar-energy milestones in both regions.

    The groundbreaking projects comprise:

    • 5,000 175-watt Sunmodules on the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., the nation's second biggest facility of its kind. The 1-megawatt system is the largest roof-mounted installation in the Southeast. A shimmering facility of buttressed glass walls and soaring arches, the center attracts an estimated 1.4 million visitors a year. The county and the Orlando Utilities Commission partnered on the project, which the U.S. Department of Energy designated a Solar America Showcase.
    • 6,720 Sunmodules on the central bus maintenance facility of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in downtown Los Angeles. The 1.2 megawatt system is the largest solar-panel installation both in the nation's second largest city and at a U.S. transit facility. The 175-watt Sunmodules atop the transit agency's Support Services Center are expected to slash the facility's annual $1.1 million energy bill in half.
    May 05
    Q1 results: SolarWorld group balances module price decreases with cost reduction plus growth in sales to boost operational profit
    Bonn, Germany / Hillsboro, Ore., May 5, 2009 – The SolarWorld group got 2009 off to a successful start with its sales campaigns for a "Rooftop Piggy Bank" (Germany) and "Do the Bright Thing" (U.S.), highlighting photovoltaic systems as secure investments amid uncertain times.
    March 26
    SolarWorld with leap in operating profits in 2008

    Bonn, Germany, March 26, 2009 - In fiscal year 2008, the SolarWorld group (SolarWorld AG) achieved a group-wide increase in profit and sales according to plan. Due to an expansion of production capacity and strong demand both in Germany and abroad, group sales rose by 30.6 percent or 210.7 million euro to 900.3 (previous year: 689.6) million euro.

    Operating earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) climbed by 31.1 percent or 61.9 million euro to 260.8 (previous year: 198.9) million euro. Group profit grew by 31.3 percent or 35.4 million euro to 148.7 (previous year: 113.3) million euro. This increase was primarily driven by the positive development of business operations, a lower tax burden due to the 2008 corporate tax reform in Germany and the proceeds from the disposal of the 65 percent stake in Gällivare PhotoVoltaic AB (GPV) of 13.4 million euro.

    March 19
    SolarWorld to expand largest solar manufacturing site in North America

    HILLSBORO, Ore. - March 19, 2009 - Five months after the grand opening of North America's biggest solar manufacturing plant here in October, the SolarWorld group today announced it will begin construction of a new, adjacent facility.

    The building, dedicated to logistics, distribution and production, will measure about 210,000 square feet, increasing the site’s plant space by 44 percent. By comparison, SolarWorld's main building -- formerly a semiconductor factory built but never put into full production in the late 1990s -- measures about 480,000 square feet.

    The new construction demonstrates that despite a world economic downturn, the SolarWorld group is forging ahead with aggressive plans to build U.S. manufacturing capacity in step with the long-term deployment of solar technology.

    February 13
    SolarWorld presents good 2008 results

    Bonn, Germany / Hillsboro, Ore., February 13, 2009 – In fiscal 2008, the SolarWorld group generated sustainable growth of its national and international solar business. Against the backdrop of vigorous demand, group sales precisely hit forecast by achieving a 30 percent increase over the previous year, with 900 million EUR (about $1.2 billion US), up from 690 million EUR. Operating results before taxes and interest (EBIT) also grew by more than 30 percent to 260 (previous year: 199) million EUR reflecting the growth of the group along the entire value chain. By the same token net income for the year went up by 33 percent to 150 (previous year: 113) million EUR. Setting aside onetime accounting charges, the group increased its EBIT by 49 percent to 254 (previous year: 171) million EUR and its results from continued activities by 39 percent to 132 (previous year: 95) million EUR

  • 2008

    November 26
    SolarWorld Group: Solar Power for the Vatican / Inauguration of the First Solar Power Plant for the Papal State

    Bonn, November 26, 2008 - SolarWorld AG has completed the first solar power plant for the Vatican right next to St. Peter's Cathedral. As from today some 2,394 solar modules will generate electricity on the roof of the Papal audience hall. Today's audience of Pope Benedict XVI for more than 10,000 believers will already take place under the roof bedecked with solar modules. "This solar plant is designed to send out a visible signal for climate-friendly energy supply and the preservation of creation," said Frank H. Asbeck, Cha irman and CEO of SolarWorld AG.

    The solar power plant on the roof of the Paolo VI audience hall has a peak total output of 221.59 Kilowatt (KW), enough to generate some 300,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity. This is equivalent to the annual needs of more than 100 households. The generation of this volume of clean energy is designed to avoid the emission of 225,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The aesthetically sophisticated plant was blended into the historical ensemble of Vatican City with a great deal of technical and architectural effort. It is a gift from SolarWorld AG. The solar modules were manufactured at the SolarWorld facility in Freiberg/Saxony. The inverters were donated by SMA Solar Technology and the grid connection was planned by the Italian company Tecno Spot.

    November 03
    SolarWorld increases operating result by 51.8 % in the first nine months

    Bonn - SolarWorld AG further expanded sales and earnings by double digit percentage amounts in the 3rd quarter of 2008. In 3Q group sales grew by 47.2 percent to 238.3 (previous year: 161.9) million EUR and in the first nine months by 41.5 percent to 665.4 (previous year : 470.1) million EUR.

    The operating result before interest and tax (EBIT) went up from July through September by 67.3 percent to 90.7 (previous year: 54.2) million EUR and cumulatively as per September by 51.8 percent to 209.3 (previous year: 137.9) million EUR.

    October 22
    Columbia Sportswear installs Sunmodules

    Portland, OR, October 22, 2008 - Columbia Sportswear Company (NASDAQ: COLM), a global leader in the outdoor apparel and footwear industries, and Tanner Creek Energy today announced that the companies have begun installation of a 100 KW grid-tied solar electric system at Columbia's Portland, Oregon headquarters.

    When completed, the system will consist of a total of 570 photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof of two of Columbia's buildings. Power generated by the system will be fed back into the power grid through a meter and credited to Columbia's account. Tanner Creek Energy, an Oregon-based developer of commercial and industrial scale solar electric systems, designed the solar system for Columbia and is acting as the project's general contractor.

    October 17
    SolarWorld Opens North America’s Largest Solar Cell Manufacturing Facility

    Hillsboro, Ore., October 17, 2008 – SolarWorld, a world leader in high quality solar power technology, today opens North America's largest solar cell manufacturing facility. The new plant is located in Hillsboro, Oregon and is expected to reach a capacity of 500 megawatts (MW) by 2011.

    Solar power is increasingly considered the most promising energy alternative because of advances in technology and high-volume manufacturing. Facilities like the one SolarWorld is pioneering will reduce the costs of solar power and increase the number of green jobs, accelerating commercial and residential installations of solar panels and overall economic growth.

    October 13
    SolarWorld to Showcase High-Capacity Technologies at Solar Power International

    San Diego, Calif., October 13, 2008 – SolarWorld, a world leader in high quality solar power technology, today announced it will exhibit at this year's Solar Power International event – the United States' largest and most prestigious solar conference and exhibition. SolarWorld is located in booth #1613 and will be sharing information on its expansions in production, green jobs and safe investments in solar installations here in the Americas.

    The show takes place in San Diego, California October 13 – 16, 2008.

    July 23
    SolarWorld No.1 with Top Ranking in North America Race

    Bonn/Hillsboro, Wednesday July 23rd, 2008 - The SolarWorld No.1 racer crossed the finishing line as the third of a total of 24 teams in the North American Solar Challenge, the major event in the solar motor racing calendar in North America, on Tuesday. The solar racing car sponsored by SolarWorld AG and developed by the University of Bochum has thus been able to improve on the excellent result (fourth place) of the last big race in Australia. The solar racing cars covered the roughly 4,000 kilometers across the North American continent from Dallas/Texas to Calgary/Canada in just over eight days. On the way they were exclusively propelled by the power of the sun.

    July 15
    Module production expanded to 100 MW for booming US market

    SolarWorld AG consistently strengthens its business with solar modules and complete systems. At the Intersolar North America taking place in San Francisco from 15 to 17 July 2008 the company announced the completion of its new fully automatic production line for mono-crystalline solar modules in Camarillo with an output capacity of 100 MW. "With this we will meet the booming demand for high-quality solar systems in the USA", explained Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG, when he visited the exhibition. "Especially in California the solar market is growing rapidly. Solar power from the roof will be cheaper than conventional peak-load power in a few years time". The Intersolar North America is part of the leading US semiconductor fair Semicon West and is the largest US solar show next to the "Solarpower" exhibition.

    April 29
    SolarWorld receives awards for sustainability and marketing

    Bonn / Hillsboro, April 29, 2008 - Sustainability and climate protection are elementary components of SolarWorld's corporate development. Among 200 stock-listed public limited companies, SolarWorld was awarded by the University of Münster, Germany, and the Deloitte management consulting firm for its sustainability reporting with the first place. A current study on the integration of non-financial performance indicators in the financial reporting of the 2006 fiscal year (the so-called Sustainable Development Key Performance Indicators / SD-KPIs) assessed SolarWorld AG as the best German company when it came to the reporting of these indicators. In the Management Report subject to statutory audit the company had primarily emphasized the importance of the sparing use of resources, energy efficiency and fair employee relations as the crucial criteria of successful company-wide economic management.

    April 19
    SolarWorld introduces solar PV kits for Oregon at the Northwest Solar Expo

    Hillsboro, OR, April 19, 2008 - SolarWorld, the largest maker of solar PV products in the USA, is presenting specially designed Sunkits® for Oregon homeowners during this weekend's Northwest Solar Expo at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Widely used throughout Europe and California, SolarWorld's Sunkit product is a factory-designed solar PV system that electrical contractors can install as an appliance. The Sunkit designs have been optimized for Oregon's unique incentive and regulatory requirements. Dozens of electrical contractors in Oregon have already been trained to install Sunkits and are getting registered with the incentive programs during the Expo. Contractor trainings have been held, additional events are being planned for Salem and Eugene this summer.

    April 17
    SolarWorld No.1 Racer to Start in the Long Beach Grand Prix

    Camarillo, April 17th, 2008 - The solar racer SolarWorld No.1 increasingly attracts attention at international motor racing events. Committed to the slogan "No fuel, no noise, just speed" the solar-powered racing car sponsored by SolarWorld AG will take to the race track this coming weekend at the 34th Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach/California. Just before the start of the main race the solar racer will do one round on the racing track to give the 180,000 or so spectators an insight into the future of motor racing. "The solar racer is a symbol of climate-friendly mobility which becomes more and more important," says Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG. "At the same time‚ SolarWorld No.1 shows the versatility of modern solar technology." At this traditional motor sports event in which Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet were winners in the past the solar racer will be presented in the context of an exhibition for drive systems based on renewable energies (Green Exhibition).

    March 13
    SolarWorld AG confirms leap in 2007 operating profit

    Bonn, March 13th, 2008 - SolarWorld AG increased profits and sales group-wide in double digits in fiscal year 2007. In the presentation of its Group Management Report the group confirms the results announced by way of the ad hoc announcements. Accordingly, group sales went up by 35.6 percent over the previous year to 698.8 (previous year: 515.2) million EUR. The operating result before interest and tax (EBIT) climbed by 48.6 percent to 174.5 (previous year: 117.4) million EUR while the operating profit before tax rose by 27.8 percent to 151.6 (previous year: 118.6) million EUR. The net operating profit rose by 33.7 percent to 97.3 (previous year 72.8) million EUR. All figures include discontinued operations (Gällivare PhotoVoltaic AB) and exclude special effects. If the special effects are included the group reached a net profit for the year of 113.3 (previous year: 130.6) million EUR.

    February 17
    Prince Albert II of Monaco to Visit SolarWorld Group

    Bonn, February 17, 2008 - Prince Albert II of Monaco will visit SolarWorld AG on Thursday as part of his state visit to Germany. Accompanied by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Georg Milbradt, the Monegasque Head of State will view the modern manufacturing facilities of the SolarWorld Group in Freiberg at his explicit request. "We are looking forward to making Prince Albert of Monaco familiar with the shine of advanced solar power technology," elaborates Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG.

    Prince Albert and SolarWorld to Discuss Development Cooperation between Monaco and the SolarWorld Group

    February 14
    SolarWorld AG: Group sales and operating result 2007 boosted by more than 30 percent

    Bonn, February 14th, 2008 - In fiscal year 2007 SolarWorld AG consistently expanded the national and the international solar business. Against the background of a strong demand group sales increased by more than 35 percent to 699 (previous year: 515) million EUR in comparison with the previous year. The operating result before interest and taxes (EBIT) grew by 48 percent to 175 (previous year: 118) million EUR thus reflecting the growth of the group along the entire value chain. The annual surplus went up by 33 percent to 97 (previous year: 73) million EUR. These operating results do not include special effects. With special effects the group achieved an EBIT of 202 (previous year: 181) million EUR and an annual surplus of 113 (previous year: 131) million EUR.

    February 01
    SolarWorld hosts renewable energy discussions with visiting Prime Minister of North Rhine Westphalia

    Camarillo, February 1, 2008 - SolarWorld's Camarillo solar photovoltaic (PV) factory hosted a roundtable discussion about energy conservation and renewable energy yesterday between City of Camarillo, Ventura County, and University of California representatives with Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers, Prime Minister of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

    Following the discussion, all of the guests were treated to a tour of SolarWorld's factory, which has been manufacturing PV modules since 1977. SolarWorld is investing over $30 million this year to double the production capacity to 100 MW by the end of 2008. Guests were also introduced to SolarWorld's student intern Roland Libor, who told them about Bochum University's SolarWorld-sponsored solar racing team, which won the design award at last year's World Solar Challenge in Australia and is also entered in this year’s North American Solar Challenge in July.

    January 04
    The Fourth Gift of the Three Kings: "A Solar Cell"

    Corporate News SolarWorld AG
    (Securities Code No.: WKN 510 840)
    (International Securities Identification Number: ISIN DE0005108401)

    SolarWorld AG gives Pope Benedict XVI a solar system as a gift for Epiphany Solar power annually avoids 315 tons of CO2

    SolarWorld AG is making a gift in the form of a solar power system to Pope Benedict XVI. This was announced by Frank Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG, in Bonn. "If the Three Wise Men from the East came to Bethlehem today they would in all probability bring a solar cell in addition to gold, frankincense and myrrh. It is the symbol for the preservation of creation and for the energy supply of the future." That is how Frank Asbeck explains this gift on the occasion of the forthcoming Epiphany Day. In Southern countries this day is marked by the giving of gifts to commemorate the Three Holy Kings.

  • 2007

    September 24
    SolarWorld Group presents the proven Sunmodule™ product line and a solar racer at Solar Power 2007 in Long Beach

    Camarillo, CA, September 24th, 2007 - SolarWorld Group will present itself at the Solar Power 2007 conference and trade show in Long Beach, California from September 24th to 27th. Solar Power is the biggest solar show in the Americas and brings people from science and industry together. "The American market, particularly in California, is one of the fastest growing the in the world and SolarWorld's operations here are a big part of our strategy for continued growth world-wide," says CSO Frank Henn. SolarWorld's Camarillo, CA factory has been the largest US producer of high quality PV modules for 30 years. The recent addition of SolarWorld's 500 MW Hillsboro, OR factory means that a significant portion of the world's PV cells and modules will be made in the USA.

    August 02
    SolarWorld Group again reports double digit growth in second quarter/EBIT climbs by 32 percent to $68 million

    Bonn/Camarillo, August 2, 2007 - In the second quarter of 2007, the German-American solar technology company SolarWorld Group increased sales and earnings in the double digit range. Group sales rose to $247 (previous year: $138.5) million in the second quarter and to $428.6 (previous year: $252.3) million in the first half of the year. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) went up by 32 percent to $67.9 (previous year: $51.5) million from April through June and to $115.9 (previous year: $88.2) million in the first half of the year.

    July 09
    SolarWorld Group expands silicon business and technology development/Sunicon AG and SolarWorld Innovations founded

    Bonn. In parallel to the expansion of its solar wafer capacities the SolarWorld Group will also consistently enhance the areas of silicon supply and technology development. Both these business activities will in future be managed by wholly owned subsidiaries located in Freiberg/Saxony. Sunicon AG will be responsible for securing raw material supplies to the Group and will manage and further develop the silicon projects of SolarWorld AG. These include Joint Solar Silicon GmbH & Co. KG (JSSI) which will start the industrial-scale generation of solar silicon in the year 2008. The Board of Management of Sunicon AG will consist of Prof. Dr. Peter Woditsch, CEO of the worldwide leader in solar wafer production and SolarWorld AG subsidiary Deutsche Solar AG, and Dr. Armin Müller, so far responsible for Group research at SolarWorld AG. Armin Müller who holds a PhD in Chemistry has been in charge of Deutsche Solar AG since 1996, has headed the Research & Development Division of SolarWorld AG since 2001 and assumed the management of JSSI in 2002. In addition, Dr. Müller is a part-time lecturer at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg since 2004.

    July 06
    SolarWorld sponsors "Live Earth" broadcast

    Bonn - SolarWorld AG is committing itself as a sponsor to the broadcast of the "Live Earth" concerts on German television on the 7th July, 2007. "The concert initiated by the former US Vice President Al Gore is an excellent opportunity to raise worldwide attention for the need of global climate protection.", says Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG. "With our sponsoring we want to make a contribution to enabling German television viewers to watch this so far biggest public event in support of the protection of the climate." The charity concerts in which 100 artists and groups will participate without a fee in major cities around the world on Saturday will be shown on German television by ProSieben (starting at 5.00 p.m.) and N 24 (starting at 5.00 a.m.).

    July 01
    SolarWorld Group invests $26 million for new module line in Camarillo

    Bonn - Against the background of the booming export business the SolarWorld Group will be building another integrated solar factory (GigaFab) in Freiberg thus increasing the capacity of wafer production in Saxony by 500 MW to 1.0 Gigawatt (1,000 Megawatt). At the new location 1,000 new jobs will be created on an area of 20 acres starting in the year 2008. The doubling of the previous expansion target is due to the high international demand for the silicon wafers of the SolarWorld AG subsidiary Deutsche Solar AG, one of the world leaders in the production of the super-thin silicon wafers.

    Deutsche Solar AG – in addition to the contracts agreed upon and reported so far – has entered into further long-term agreements with customers from the international solar cell and solar module industry worth 500 million EUR. All in all, therefore, the order book volume adds up to 5 billion EUR until the year 2020. 90 percent of the orders come from abroad, 43 percent from Asia alone. Some 40 percent of the total volume are shipped to Europe (excluding Germany). Customers from Germany account for 10 percent of the orders and North American customers for 7 percent.

    June 25
    SolarWorld Group invests $26 million for new module line in Camarillo

    Camarillo, June 25, 2007 - After the acquisition of Shell Solar one year ago, the expansion of the SolarWorld production site in Camarillo is taking shape: In the last few weeks the first machines for the new higher speed solar module line were installed, including automated precision robots. Various suppliers were on-site to perform these installations.

    The manufacturing will be transferred from the old machines to the new production plant step-by-step over the coming months. The installation of the new higher performance machines will increase the module production capacity in Camarillo from 35 to 100 megawatts per year. SolarWorld will invest about $26 million in the Camarillo site by the end of this year. The building that previously housed the module assembly line will be used for expanding the warehouse capabilities, which will allow for faster shipping of customer orders.

    March 01
    SolarWorld Group to Build America’s Largest Solar Factory

    Camarillo, March 1, 2007 - In Hillsboro, Oregon, SolarWorld AG will establish an integrated solar silicon wafer and solar cell production which will reach a capacity of 500 MW by the year 2009 which would become the largest solar factory on the American continent. At a price of only $40 million, the solar technology group succeeded in taking over the silicon wafer production of the Japanese Komatsu Group which had invested some $500 million (in these days 600 million EUR) at the Hillsboro location – in the immediate vicinity of the world's largest factory of the chip manufacturer Intel – but had never gone into production with the new facility due to a weak demand situation in the chip industry. The SolarWorld Group will further develop the new site with an investment of about $400 million. Oregon will support these investments with property and business energy tax credits. "This is a major step forward – not only for our environment, but also Oregon's economy," said Governor Kulongoski. "SolarWorld AG will become a major partner in our state’s move towards energy independence. I appreciate their commitment and dedication to achieving a clean energy future."

    February 19
    SolarWorld California debuts Sunkits at Electric West Expo and Conference

    Camarillo, February 19, 2007 - SolarWorld California will present their solar electric Sunkits® at Electric West, February 21 to 23 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Sunkits were developed in response to the demand for customizable solar energy solutions for the residential market.

    "Unique to the industry, the Sunkits provide the flexibility that has been lacking in the residential market," says Raju Yenamandra, SolarWorld Sales Manager for North America. "Homeowners will now have the freedom and power to choose the optimal size of a solar electric system to fill their energy needs." SolarWorld California partners with the wholesaler Rexel to supply electrical contractors in California with the customized solar electric systems. For contractors new to the solar business, SolarWorld will be offering training classes.

  • 2006

    October 13
    SolarWorld on Display at Solar Power 2006

    Camarillo, October 13 - SolarWorld, the third largest solar company worldwide, will present itself at the annual SEIA/SEPA solar industry trade conference, Solar Power 2006, from October 16 to 18. It will be held this year in San Jose, with over 130 exhibitors and an expected attendance of over 4,000 which includes channel partners, residential and commercial customers. The show is the premier conference for the Photovoltaics business. With a 20x30 booth, the company is one of the largest exhibitors at the show.

    October 11
    Cucamonga Valley Water District Goes Solar and Smart

    Camarillo, October 11 - Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) joins with SolarWorld California to dedicate a new ground-mounted solar energy system and Environmental Learning Center on October 11. Designed to augment the energy needs of the district particularly during peak summer demand periods, the system will also serve as an on-site example of clean energy production for the students who visit the Environmental Learning Center. It is innovatively designed to teach children from grades K-12 about their role to preserve the environment.

    August 23
    SolarWorld AG keeps up rate of expansion Logistics capacities to be doubled

    SolarWorld AG (ISIN: DE0005108401) is continuing its group-wide expansion after the take-over of the Shell Group's crystalline solar silicon activities with undiminished vigour. Thus, the topping-out ceremony for the enhanced logistics centre is due to take place on 23 August 2006 at the production site in Freiberg/Saxony. As a result the group will be more than doubling its local logistics capacities. "With the expansion of our 'SolarLogs' we are providing logistics support to the advancing expansion of our production capacities along the entire solar value chain," explains Prof. Dr. Peter Woditsch, spokesman of the board of Deutsche Solar AG.

    August 08
    SolarWorld Expands Presence and Product Availability

    Camarillo/Bonn, August 8 - SolarWorld AG today announced a doubling of cell-level thru-put at its main U.S. production facility in Camarillo, CA, starting in August and continuing through the end of the year.

    "We are pleased to announce this expanded and firm availability of product through year's end," said Raju Yenamandra, Sales Manager America of SolarWorld California. The company is a 100-percent-subsidiary of SolarWorld AG, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. "We are committed to satisfying the product needs and requirements of our channel partners where and when it is needed starting now."