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At "PV America" trade show, SolarWorld will announce product innovation, issue final invitation for submissions in research contest

Hillsboro, Ore., June 5 – The SolarWorld group, the largest North American manufacturer of photovoltaic technology, will showcase a new, 220/230-watt Sunmodule® and make a final call for research submissions in the company's Junior Einstein Award at the PV America trade show in Philadelphia from June 8 to 10.

The SW 220/230 mono Sunmodule® will represent one of the best values in the solar industry. The product will originate from SolarWorld's three factories on the West Coast. Those include the biggest U.S. solar-technology plant in Hillsboro, which the company opened in October 2008.

Fully automated manufacturing produces consistently high-quality modules. Fabricated from monocrystalline silicon, the 60-cell module will measure about 66 inches by 39 inches and weigh 48.5 pounds. The new Sunmodule® will offer a 3 percent power tolerance and SolarWorld's usual 25-year warranty.

Also timed with the Philadelphia trade show, the company will remind prospective contestants in SolarWorld's annual Einstein Awards contest that a June 30 submission deadline approaches. The awards will recognize the most outstanding PV research worldwide that was completed in the year ending by the submission deadline.

The award is named after Albert Einstein, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his revolutionary explanation of the photoelectric effect. SolarWorld has presented the award since 2005. The winner, chosen by the board of SolarWorld, receives 10,000 euro; the winner of the Junior Einstein Award, selected based on research submissions, receives 5,000 euro. An awards ceremony this year will take place Sept. 21 in Hamburg, Germany.

The winner of a SolarWorld Senior Einstein Award for 2008 was Professor Antonio Luque Lopez of the Institute for Solar Energy at Madrid University. The winner of a Junior Einstein Award was Bram Hoex, a physicist at the Technical University of Eindhoven in Holland.

"Just as we continuously reinvent our products and therefore manufacturing processes, we also continue to encourage technological advances outside the industry itself," said Boris Klebensberger, president of SolarWorld in the Americas.

Klebensberger will serve on a June 10 discussion panel titled "Keeping PV Green" in PV America's concurrent conference. Both the conference and trade show take place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. SolarWorld's trade show booth is No. 1409.

SolarWorld is a leader in the sustainable development of photovoltaic technology, the company sparked the European recycling consortium and it operates the only conventional PV recycling site in Europe. The company offers full recycling of its modules in the United States and Europe alike.

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