Product Safety

Amphenol Connector Recall by SolarWorld

When SolarWorld learned that recent shipments of Amphenol UTX PV connectors – among the most common connectors used in the solar industry – failed to meet quality-control specifications, SolarWorld immediately stopped shipment of its solar modules in order to investigate.

As a result of its investigation, SolarWorld learned that chemical contamination in the supplier’s connector-manufacturing process meant a significant percentage of the recent supply of Amphenol connectors to the PV-manufacturing market could develop microscopic cracks that could allow moisture to leak into the connectors. SolarWorld did the right thing: We reported the issue to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and then worked with the CPSC on a “Fast Track” recall.

SolarWorld quarantined more than 60,000 modules in its stocks and recalled about 30,000 modules that were in distribution. It also contacted its end customers who received modules with these connectors and SolarWorld is replacing those connectors at no cost to those customers.

Bottom line: Though we did not manufacturer the connector, we took immediate action to make sure none of our customers were stuck with potentially defective connectors.

Here’s our recall alert published jointly with the CPSC »