Advantages of Solar Energy for Your Home

Learn how solar investments help your home, earth, save money, add value.

Why consume energy when you can generate energy?

With a SolarWorld solar system, you can:

Homeowners can save and average of 50% on their electric bill with a home solar system

Save money now!

Depending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% on your electric bill or even eliminate it all together.

  • The average American household uses 920 kWh per month.
  • SolarWorld’s average installation accounts for an impressive 840 kWh per month.

Make a smart investment and increase your home's value

Studies performed by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory have shown that adding a solar system increases a home’s resale value by an average of $5.50 per watt, and depending on location, can be as high as $6.40/watt.

  • A 3.1kW system can add $17,000 to your home’s value
  • Studies have also shown that homes with solar sell 15% faster than homes without solar.

SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international testing standards for proven quality