Solar Systems for Your Home

Power your home with a high quality, long-lasting solar system

Quality Solar Systems for Your Home

Go Solar in 5 Simple Steps

Adding solar panels to your home is simple with SolarWorld Americas' factory trained, state-licensed installers. Get added peace of mind, knowing that no one in the solar industry has more experience than SolarWorld.

Step 1: Request a consultation from your local SolarWorld partner

Step 2: Your installer will design a custom solar system to meet your energy demands

Step 3: Your installer will install your solar system, schedule, and coordinate all necessary inspections required

Step 4: Your installer will work with the utility company to connect your solar system to the grid

Step 5: Start enjoying immediate savings!

Explore our solar solutions for your home

Professional solar installationSolarWorld authorized solar installer

SolarWorld solar panels are engineered to deliver peak power production for at least 25 years—which means our installations need to be designed to last.

Our factory-trained installation partners must meet our exacting standards, and are routinely audited to ensure worry-free, damage-free installations.

Your SolarWorld partner will provide:

Solar power systems for your home or business A full assessment of your home's energy needs
Solar power systems for your home or business A comprehensive energy use analysis
Solar power systems for your home or business A report detailing your projected savings with solar
Solar power systems for your home or business Complete processing of all permits and paperwork required to install your system

SolarWorld authorized solar installerProfessional business practices, background checks and consistent, positive customer reviews are all “must-haves” for SolarWorld installers.

Our network spans the U.S., which means we have an experienced installation partner near you.

Proven quality

SolarWorld technologies are different because we are different. Our commitment to quality powers our success and is why our solar panels consistently produce clean energy for at least 25 years—even in the harshest weather conditions.

Your solar investment is only as good as a solar system’s ability to produce energy. Call us control freaks, but we make achieving maximum energy output through an obsessive attention to detail our top priority.

Every SolarWorld solar panel undergoes stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. We flash-test then plus-sort, which is a fancy way of saying we do everything we can to deliver more power to you.

Here are just a few of the numerous tests that our solar panel testing lab conducts:

  • Salt mist spray for coastal areas
  • Snow and wind load testing
  • Hail impact tests
  • Corrosion tests

We have been ISO 9001 certified for more than 10 years, have never had a product recalled and guarantee the performance of our solar panels for at least 25 years.

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Guaranteed long-term energy production

All solar panels are not created equal. SolarWorld controls every aspect of the manufacturing process to deliver high-quality solar panels that provide long-term energy production for each and every customer. Maximize your return on investment with worry-free performance.

  • We test and retest our solar panels for performance in the real world, not artificial laboratory conditions.

  • Our panels will perform consistently for decades; others put cutting upfront costs ahead of ensuring long-term performance, potentially costing you thousands over the life of the system.

  • With a proven track record that spans more than four decades, we’ll be here to honor warranties and service commitments for years to come.

Solar panel Plus sorting certified

Our plus-sorting and solar panel design ensure you get all the energy you pay for. Only solar panels achieving or exceeding the designated nominal power in performance tests are available to customers. The power tolerance ranges between -0 Wp and +5 W. That equals more savings and greater ROI from your solar system.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus 25 year performance warranty

With real-world performance proving SolarWorld produces the highest quality solar panels, we can guarantee the best performance. That's why SolarWorld offers a 25-year linear performance guarantee on the Sunmodule Plus series and an industry-leading 30-year warranty on the Sunmodule Protect series. A 20-year product workmanship warranty is also standard with every solar panel we sell.

Sunmodule Plus solar panel

Performance guarantee for Sunmodule Plus solar panels

Solar power systems for your home or business 20-year product workmanship warranty
Solar power systems for your home or business 25-year linear performance guarantee
Solar power systems for your home or business At least 97% of nominal power in the first year
Solar power systems for your home or business Guaranteed maximum performance reduction of only 0.7% per year
Solar power systems for your home or business Guaranteed performance of 90% after 11 years
Solar power systems for your home or business Guaranteed performance of 80.2% after 25 years

SolarWorld solar panel plus sorting rating and 25 year performance guarantee