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SolarWorld Americas partners with only the best solar installers to ensure you receive a high-quality installation. Among the most professional and experienced in the industry, SolarWorld Authorized Installers are audited to ensure the meet and exceed our high standards. SolarWorld solar panels are engineered to deliver reliable production for 25 years—which means your solar system is built to last.

Our national network ensures a worry-free installation anywhere in the U.S. Contact our Customer Support team to find a SolarWorld Authorized or Platinum Installer near you. Call us toll-free at +1 855-467-6527 or email customersupport(at)

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Become an Authorized Installer

SolarWorld’s installer community benefits from some of the most supportive long-term growth tools in the solar industry. 

Ready to elevate your business? Join our program and as a SolarWorld Authorized Installer, you’ll benefit immediately from a wide range of complimentary services, cost-saving discounts and preferential status. 

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