Light capture & energy conversion solar technologies

Pushing the limits of solar with technological innovation

Pushing the limits of solar with technological innovation

Always a leader, never a follower, SolarWorld is the recognized solar leader in technological innovation. We continually push the limits to attract, capture and harness every ray of sunlight, then convert this sunlight into sustainable, usable energy.

Some call our commitment to technological advancement an obsession. We think the superior performance of our solar panels speaks for itself. At SolarWorld, good enough is never good enough, which means we never stop innovating — or dreaming.


Light capture technology 
Energy conversion technology 

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More captured sunlight means more converted energy. Period.

Only SolarWorld's  light capture technology attracts and harnesses power from every ray of sun that hits our solar panels. We strive to improve and optimize our spectral response, ensuring that our solar panels will continue to operate at optimal efficiency for decades to come.

From sourcing the highest quality materials and advancing cell architecture to eliminating shading and perfecting anti-reflective coatings, we make sure no photon is left behind.

Cell design

SolarWorld's optimized solar cell design

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Pyramidal surface. We chemically etch our wafers to create the jagged surface of pyramids. This rebounds reflected light back into the solar cells and captures more wavelengths of light.

Grid line printing advancements. Through technological advancements, we have successfully narrowed our grid lines to further expand the cell surface and increase light capture capabilities.

Optical confinement layer. An added layer to the backside of each solar cell rebounds light back into the cell, ultimately generating more electricity.

Module design

SolarWorld light capture technology reduces cell shading

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Layout. Strategic cell spacing and positioning of the mounting hardware prevents shadowing and debris build-up to maximize captured light and solar panel performance.

Anti-reflective coating. Our solar glass is specially engineered to capture and transmit greater levels of light. The glass and its anti-reflective coating withstand environmental testing that is three times above the industry standard, ensuring the transmission of high levels of sunlight for the guaranteed life of the solar panel.

We transform every captured ray of light into sustainable, usable energy

SolarWorld’s energy conversion technology is a beacon of light that is guiding the future of solar. We work tirelessly to increase the amount of light we convert into energy, and decrease the number of electrons that recombine or escape. The result is the highest possible energy conversion rate and maximum solar performance.

From precise lasers and meticulous material selection to custom cell design, we make sure no electron is left behind.

Cells that excel

SolarWorld energy conversion technology

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Selective emitter. Precision lasers create precise grooves under each finger of the cell allowing an extra dose of negative dopant to be applied. This extra doping pulls more electrons to the fingers and bus bars resulting in higher energy output.

Localized rear contacts. Rear contacts are strategically placed on the back of each cell to further prevent recombination losses and increase energy conversion.

Model modules

Superior material selection. The journey is long for electrons traveling from the cell to the junction box and connectors. We select the highest quality materials to minimize losses along the way.

Custom specifications. It’s not easy to be a SolarWorld supplier. Instead of choosing off-the-shelf products, we work side-by-side with our suppliers to painstakingly engineer each component for maximum performance in real-world conditions.